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Sometimes the truth will surprise you. Like the fact that Fridays started as a hopping ’70’s cocktail bar on the Upper East Side.

The founder, Stillman, decided he wanted to meet girls and was having trouble doing so. He thought opening a bar would be the best way to do that, and so TGI Friday’s began in 1965 in New York.

it's always friday

He served burgers on a toasted bun and made the experience as special as possible. His idea was to make people feel as though they had simply gone to a friend’s house for a cocktail party, where they also had the chance to meet and mingle with other single people.

Stillman’s original intention was never to grow or franchise. The first one happened by accident when someone in Tennessee asked him if they could open a second location down there.

He was surprised but said, sure if you pay for it, and then if we split everything 50/50, I’ll do it.

People kept asking to franchise, and that’s how it has grown to where it is today.

As it kept franchising in the South, it turned into more of a family restaurant than the original cocktail bar it started out as.

Fridays inside Survey Prize

Prize: Coupon offer to be redeemed at a Friday’s that is given when you complete the survey Survey Details

Purchase Required?Yes
Survey PrizeFriday's Coupon
Receipt Valid For48 Hours
Survey Limit1 Per Table

How To Take The TalkToFridays Survey

  1. You’ll need to eat at a Friday’s location
  2. Take your receipt home until you have a chance to do the survey
  3. Go to the site
  4. Complete all questions online
  5. At the end of the survey, you’ll get a coupon you can redeem on your next Friday’s visit Homepage

The talktofridays homepage asks you to enter your survey code as well as the time of your visit, both of which can be found on your receipt:

TalkToFridays Rules

  • Purchase is required
  • Must take survey within 48 hours of receiving receipt
  • Valid at participating Friday’s locations
  • Not valid with any other offer
  • 1 per table

See your receipt for full terms and conditions. Also look at the survey page online when you finish to see the coupon and the rest of the terms and conditions as well as your specific coupon offer.

Contact Fridays About Survey

Phone Number: 1 (800) 374-3297

Contact Online

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7 thoughts on “talktofridays — Take Official TGI Fridays® Survey — Get Coupon

  1. We go to Friday’s a few times a week. We go to the one off Colerain avenue at stone creek.The food and service are wonderful a lot of good people there.But the bathrooms are terrible the floor is sticky and urine on the floor. The knobs on the sink doesn’t work very well.Last night this poor guy had his 2little boys in there and the place was a dirty mess.If some how the bathrooms could get cleaned once in while it sure would be nice.Thank you very much. Don Niemann

  2. Your talktofridays survey is NOT WORKING! I have try IED several times to go to this site and keep getting the same message!

  3. I am entitled to two 20% discounts based on the information printed on your receipts. I say two because the each time I try to access your website to take the survey I receive the following message, “Thank you for your interest: however, this survey is no longer available. We appreciate your willingness to provide feedback and hope you will visit us again very soon.” My first visit to TGIF #2668 (153 E. Erie, Chgo) was on 4/19/20 and when I returned yesterday on 4/24/20 and explained the website issue — with my receipt, instead of apologizing and honoring YOUR printed word and extending the 20% discount, the manager chose to just print out a new receipt. WELL, I received the same message today 4/25/20. This pretty much amounts to “false adverting” and staff unwilling to accommodate customers. Not Good…

  4. How strange THE site does not work anymore

    We received a check on 25 april 19
    We are on holiday and i love fridays but we had to wait a long time before being welcomed.

    We felt a little bit awkward everybody staring at us and lots of tables free. This was is lake buena Vista , Disney. They forgot The avocado and wrong dressing on the salad. Our waitress was ok.

  5. Same experience – “Thank you for your interest – this survey is no longer available…” Tried from two different IP addresses – never had the opportunity to enter the survey code, etc. Like the other person said, “FALSE ADVERTISING”.

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