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Can you believe Applebee’s was almost called Cinnamon’s?! Then it was almost called Pepper’s. Then Appleby’s, but still pronounced how it is today.

applebees outside

We’re all pretty happy they ditched the other strange names and chose the Applebee’s name we know and love today.

applebees to go

Now there are 1,900 and counting locations in the world, and the Applebee’s restaurant is owned by another great chain, iHop. The iHop brand is owned by a company called DineEquity, and they purchased Applebees back in 2007.

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Just like Applebees, iHop also has a survey. The only difference is the iHop survey offers a free $4 coupon or pancake stack, while the Applebees survey offers a sweepstakes entry, so check out the TalktoIhop survey if you’re interested in the free pancake stack or $4 coupon iHop prize as well as your Applebee’s sweepstakes entry.

applebees survey

TalkToApplebees Prizes

There are a ton of weekly and monthly prizes awarded, so everyone gets a chance to win, not just one grand prize winner.

Weekly Prizes

  • 39 weekly winners of $100 cash prize awarded to the winners as checks

Monthly Prizes

  • 9 monthly winners of $1,000 cash prize awarded to the winners as checks

Applebee’s Survey Details

(39) Weekly Prizes$100
(9) Monthly Prizes$1,000
Purchase Required?Yes
How To EnterOnline
Can EnterUnlimited Times Homepage

Here’s what to expect when you see the survey homepage:

talktoapplebees survey

How To Enter

Enter Online

  1. First you must have a valid receipt from eating a meal at any Applebee’s location
  2. Next make sure you save your receipt and locate the survey code
  3. Then go to and use the code on your receipt to gain access to the survey.
  4. Complete the survey and give your Applebee’s experience feedback which they will use to improve future experiences

Congratulations, you are now entered!

You may do this as many times a month as you would like, as long as you have a valid receipt and survey code each time.

Secret Survey Hack – No Purchase Needed For Unlimited Mail-In Entries

How To Enter With NO Purchase

Enter By Mail

In contrast to the online method, you do not need any purchase or receipt in order to enter the contest by mail.

  1. Write your first and last name, street address, city, state zip code, email address, and birthdate mm/dd/yyyy on a 3″X5″ piece of paper
  2. Mail the entry in a business size envelope to Applebee’s Survey Sweepestakes PO Box 6047 Dept. 39638, Douglas, AZ 85655.

Only one entry is allowed per mailing envelope. Mechanically reproduced entries do not count.

May enter as many times as you like using separate envelopes and non-mechanically reproduced entries.

TalkToApplebees Rules & Eligibility

  • Open to US and District of Columbia residents
  • Must be 18 or older to enter
  • Must have no affiliation including immediate family members with the Applebees employees, the sponsor, sponsor affiliates or any of their marketing and promotion agencies
  • Only 1 weekly drawing and 1 monthly drawing prize may be awarded per household
  • Drawings are conducted once a month and winners are randomly selected then
  • Winners are notified by email or mail
  • A winners list will be posted on

For complete rules and eligibility see the official rules page here

Contact Applebees

contact applebees

Phone: 888-592-7753

Mailing Address:

Applebee’s Guest Relations
8140 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64114

Contact Applebee’s Online

25 thoughts on “TalkToApplebees ― Official Applebee’s® Survey, Win $1K

  1. My wife and I went to Redlands, California Applebees to celibrate our 44th wedding annaversary and enjoy your $2 Dos Equees beer and 2 for $22 meai. We were told they did not have the $2 Dos Equees(ran out) and when we were brought house salads took 10mins. to get table settings. We both ordered steaks medium. One steak was red and inside the other was done (no red). We enjoyed the service and food was dis appointed with problems(spoiled celibration).

  2. Stop at Winchester Ky. 40391 for lunch and appetizers (34.53) total, with my wife and order a tall draft BEER ($4.75@) , the first one I thought was a mistake the 2nd one, I told server LORI F. I was going to fire her about pouring beer (foam) and her comment was the MANGER direct us to 1 inch foam. If I want to drink foam I would ask for it!! No wonder so many locations are closing.

    1. I had the same thought – didn’t request any pertinent info about being able to contact me – but directed me to write down the validation code

  3. We had an excellent meal on Thursday 1/10/19 at Applebees, Pottstown, PA. Kim G was out server, she was the key. The mid-server that brings out your entree…seemed to be in a hurry. We were not finished with our appetizer and I mentioned, “oh great our dinner will be cold!” the server said, “oh well, the 2nd helping will be hot!” and left! The Host got Kimberly G for us, she took our meal back to keep warm until we finished our appetizer without RUSHING!!! Thanks Kim G! Just awesome!

  4. I was told that I can win giftcards for Applebees & then I was told by a manager that I cant even after the survey I was given a 5 digit code to enter I just want to know what its all about

  5. Pueblo Northside. Took a couple of buddies out to dinner and a birthday celebration! I had a hair in my food. Very gross! The waiter did not take it off my bill, wow I did not eat anything off the plate. He did apologize, however I was disappointed that the manager did not offer anything or apologize for issue.

  6. I take surveys after going to Applebees & I enter 5 digit codes on the receipt & I just want to know about the 5 digit codes what I have to do afterwards

  7. We were there in Monday, my girl friend order after 10 minutes, because that the person came until we go to the hostess and nobody was there. That happened in Jamaica (162 street & Jamaica Ave.) I think that was because they were almost close 1045. But when you have a guest and is open, you must be attending him as a king. Good food, attention


  9. I dont understand why people enjoy this place. I try to avoid it. Never have had a good meal there. Was visiting my sister in Indiana and took her there cuz she likes it. Eck! And of course my food wasnt good. Couple years back I took my handicap daughter at the local one and the food she got was nasty. This is the reason I avoid the place. When i complained was promised a gift card. Yea, that never happened. What a waste of money.

  10. all i wanted to do was take the survey not do a big download website game thing. i ordered the 2 for 22 thinking i would get the appetizer, 2 sides and two main entrees but what i got was the app, burger with onion rings and riblets with fries. very disappointing. wont be doing that again. this was at napa, ca

  11. Very disappointed in a recent visit to Applebee’s in Charlotte, Mi. 4 adults and 1 child. We were seated and our waitress Danielle K took our drink orders, it seemed to be a little bit of a wait but not too bad. Then a very long time before she came back and took our food orders. Also an extremely long wait for the food to arrive, I got her attention and ask if we could get some chips and salsa while waiting for our food. Never received the chips and salsa. But our food came shortly thereafter so that was OK. Our waitress was so distracted it was ALMOST funny. I asked for a small box for my leftovers, she said sure, then I watched her walk to all the tables and play with the black boxes on the tables! The restaurant was NOT busy at all. It took at least 10 min. For my box to come! Never again!

  12. Upper Front St. Binghamton, NY – had a bad experience with this restaurant. We had an hour wait after we placed our order for the food to come. My son and my husband and I ordered the Bourbon St. Steak, my Son ordered rare, my husband ordered medium rare and I ordered medium. They were all over done, the steak was very thin like shoe leather and spicy, not a thick piece of steak like we had ordered in the past, and didn’t have the Bourbon flavor. Oh, they were suppose to come with onions and mushrooms, which my son didn’t have and had to ask for it after his meal was finished. My Son’s Girlfriend ordered the Bourbon St. Chicken and she said, it didn’t have the Bourbon flavor either.

  13. Had a great lunch with friends. Dianna was our server and she made to total experience worthy of the $$$.
    We eat at this Applebees frequently

  14. Ate at the McMurray, PA 8/26/20.Service and food was great. Thought food was a little pricey. Ask for bread, and was told they don’t have any. This is a no-no with me. Won’t be back

  15. Another great meal prepared by Alex at Wyomissing Pa Our server Maria R was on top of everything she couldn’t do enough to make you a very satisfied customer It is worth driving a hour to come to this Applebee’s Thank you both

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