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Rite Aid was founded by Alex Grass in 1962 with its first-ever store in Pennsylvania. It’s the most prominent drug-store on the US East coast and the third biggest in the entire US.

Many people do not know that Walgreens tried to buy out Rite Aid in 2015 for $9.6 billion, but was stopped by the US government with an anti-trust law.

Rite Aid offers its customers a survey so they can get feedback they use to improve the overall experience, and in return customers get a chance to be entered in the sweepstakes for cash prizes. Survey Prizes

The grand prize is $1,000 check, one of which is awarded each ~ one month survey period

The first prize is a $100 check, ten of which are awarded each ~ one month survey period Details

Grand Prize$1,000 Check
First Prize$100 Check
Entry TypeOnline or Mail-in
Online Entry Limit3X / month
Mail-In Entry LimitUnlimited Entries
Purchase Needed To Enter?No

Rite Aid Survey Dates

Rite Aid Survey DatesSurvey DatesSurvey DatesMail-In DatesWinner Drawing Date:
12:00:00 AM CT on11:59:59 PM CTReceived By:On or around

Take The Rite Aid Survey

There is no need to make a purchase to enter the survey, however you must enter online if you made a purchase and use your receipt to enter. To enter without a purchase, use the mail-in option.

How To Enter Online

  1. Make a purchase at a Rite-Aid store and save your receipt
  2. Go online to the Rite Aid online survey page and fill out the online customer experience survey

Congrats, you’re entered!

You can only do the online entry a max of 3 times a month however

How To Enter By Mail

  1. Write your full name, address, your age and phone # on a postcard
  2. First-class mail the postcard to:
    Rite Aid “Voice of the Customer” Sweepstakes, PO Box 16440, Rochester, NY 14616

    You may enter an unlimited # of times per month via this method, just be aware you may only enter once per postcard. This means if you want to enter by postcard 4 times a month, you would need to fill out and send 4 separate post cards.

Rite Aid Survey Homepage

Here’s what the homepage looks like: homepage Survey Rules

  • No purchase is needed to enter
  • Not available for Florida residents
  • Not available for anyone affiliated with Rite Aid including employees and employee family members
  • Max 3 online entries/ month but unlimited mail-in entries allowed

For the complete survey rules, see the following link

How To Request a Winner’s List

April 12th to March 15th 2019 you may request a winners list by writing to the following address: Rite Aid “Voice of the Customer” Sweepstakes Winners List, PO Box 16350, Rochester, NY 14616

Contact Rite Aid

Phone: 1 (800) 748-3243

Online contact form + live chat

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61 thoughts on “ ― Take Rite Aid® Survey ― Win $1,000

  1. Taco on 59th Taco Bell on 59th and Penn in the greatest Taco Bell that I’ve ever been at everybody’s so nice make sure that your food is on time and hot and they’re always concerned about their customers and the place is so clean and taking care of I would heat here every day if I could

  2. well I mad a visit this day and the 6/26/2018 purchase being sold .. were beginning to ring up 75% off. Well .. ever heard the saying.. treat everything as a blessing?? Well it looked as if I was shoplifting lol. That’s how good the deals are here at
    rite aid . I guess a few of the sales associates caught wind of the deals I began racking up.. and became bothered. Lol well these deals became my blessings.. I was able to save. And get more than expected.. ……… one made a grunting noise as she walked out by my way… to my shock .. lol my friends were visiting the same day. Overheard sales associate gossips . Acussing me.. lol I I informed them of there sales. Treat others….. well I also overheard some of the same ones giving advice and being very inquisitive of other customers and fellow workers.. maybe take some of that advice perhaps and make better work ethics.? Just a suggestion. No offense… I’m just enjoying these deals.
    Lol livv

  3. I tried to enter into this contest or do this survey it said i have already use up all my entries. Which is a lie i just did it today. I dont know if it is because the store is going out of business or what but that dont have nothing to do with me. I feel that if we the customers cant participate in the game then the receipts should tell us that or even the employee or have a sign posted in the store saying so. Thanks for your time.

  4. Getting to the survey is impossible. Each time that I go there I get a” page timed out” message. Today I bought two packages of intertdental picks. I told the young man cashier that they were marked “buy on and get the second 50% off.” Now that I am home I realize that I was charged $5.49 each. No 50% off of the second.
    Register #3; Transaction #802617; Cashier #110874518. I was overcharged $5.49 plus $0.32 tax. NOT GOOD!

  5. I have visited my local Rite Aid store a few times recently located at 11321 National Blvd in L.A. and was treated very badly and wondered why my favorite drugstore would hire and then maintain their employment. I had another unfortunate experience with an employee working at their pharmacy who seemed to me either he was just new to that type of work or he thought it was acceptable to come accross as argumentative because I have Extra Help with my Humana drug coverage. He insisted that I couldnt have both for my co-pay and it began there. I was dismayed when I called later to inform the pharmacy that there was an error with my medication and I recognized his voice. Come on Rite Aid! Tell me it isnt going to be your standard for employment. Thank you…I think…

  6. The RIte Aid on Elm St. in Pittsfield, MA has or had two fabulous young people at the checkout register, they were Madison and I think his name was Jacob. Shawn, the older gentleman is very pleasant and helpful, too. The older lady with short gray hair, must have some personal problems as she is not nearly as pleasant, helpful or friendly. Oh, you can get her to give a slight smile but customers have to work at getting a smile out of her. Madison and the other young man must have found better employment and moved on as I have not seen them lately. This does not surprise me, as I have a feeling that you do not either pay a decent salary or treat your employees well, as the younger good employees move on to better positions. The older employees must be supplementing SS and have to work, but only Shawn appears to enjoy customer contact and being helpful as the gray haired lady obviously has to work but does not enjoy being pleasant to the customers.

  7. Rite Aid is #2 behind Ohio’s own Kroger the great…!!
    followed by Walgreen…. CVS… #5 Sam’s crew from Arkansas…!!
    I’m 81 years old and love to Rate the BIG BOYS….!

  8. I was at rite aid at Glendale Ave ca. 019190553710762
    Anna has served with customer obsessed extent service handeling long line working fine r 2 I would say 3 workers on register by herself great job she’s a credit to RITEAID for 110 %

  9. I love my rite aid store so much I shop there three to four times a day the workers are like family they are definitely my friends

  10. our store on Western Avenue in San Pedro CA has the old fashioned friendliness and cleanliness and ease of shopping that Rite Aid (and Thrifty) were known for when I was a kid. I especially appreciate being greeted and served by Mohamed, who sees that every customer is welcomed and well treated.

  11. The Rite Aid in Shasta Lake California has the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE- the associates here are really friendly and helpful and go ABOVE AND BEYOND to make you feel special!

  12. Excelente servicio, me saludan al entrar y salir de la tienda, las personas que atienden son muy decentes. Rite Aid Kearny 07032. Gracias.

  13. Excelente servicio, me saludan al entrar y salir de la tienda, las personas que atienden son muy decentes. Rite Aid Kearny 07032. Gracias. 0628 1810 3960 2297

  14. Here is my code. 0914 0904 3300 4096. About my Rite Aid. I like my Pharmacist and his assistant. Khafagi, Ayman M MD. And Anthony knows how to work with the Public. Extremely satisfied. Thank you Rite Aid.

  15. The Rite Aid at Brookfield Place is my first stop before I start work at 300 Vesey, I love Kelly, Bisnu and all the other great workers who service me everyday!! I also miss Donna who recently retired in October. THANK YOU RITE AID!!

  16. I too have tried to enter the survey and failed twice. One of two reasons occur to me– either your programmer doesn’t know how to set it up, or, your survey is not working. Looking at previous comments I think it’s not working

  17. Me gusta mucho Rite-Aid por que son muy amables y te explican muy bien lo de tu medicame y también siempre la tienen a tiempo no tengo que estar esperando como en otras farmacias se las recomiendo

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