Starbucks® Summer Game — Enter To Win — Trick To Get Free Plays

Starbucks Summer Game

Starbucks Summer Game

The game started August 6th, 2019 and lasts until September 10th, 2019.

You have a few weeks to play, and hopefully win, some amazing prizes.

Starbucks Summer Boardwalk Game Prizes

PrizeNumber of Prizes Awarded
Grand Prize - All-Expense paid Costa Rica Trip3
First Prize - 90 Days Free Nitro Cold Brew250
Second Prize - 2,500 Free Stars1,500
Third Prize - 1,000 Free Stars3,000
Fourth Prize - 500 Stars25,000

There are also 1,310,201 mini-game piece prizes, so everyone really does have a chance to win at least a mini-game small prize.

The Grand Prize Costa Rica trip sounds incredible and includes:

  • Trip for 2 to San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Round trip transportation from the winner’s home to the destination including transport to the airport and a coach level flight
  • 2 nights at the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen with a mountain view and includes breakfast
  • 3 nights at the West Costa Rica Reserva Conchal with a one bedroom suite, ocean view, balcony and plunge pool
  • A tour of the Hacienda Alsacia, the Starbucks Coffee farm in Costa Rica
  • $1,000 activity of winner’s choice out of list of activities in specified area

*See the official rules page for the full and complete/correct details for all prizes and more information

How To Win The Starbucks Boardwalk Game

A little known trick about the game is, you really don’t have to buy extra Starbucks to play or win.

Sure, you can buy Starbucks to get extra plays, but every single person actually has 2 free plays per day to use, which is more than enough to play and win.

There’s also a limit of 2 plays per day, no matter which method you use, so someone playing for free has as many chances to play as someone paying to play.

So why pay? I personally just use the free plays.

To claim your two free plays each day:

  1. To get your two free plays every single day simply go to the Starbucks Summer Game Homepage, scroll to the bottom and click where it says:
    *To enter without making a purchase, click here
  2. win the starbucks summer game

  3. You’ll have to fill out a small form that includes your name and address
  4. Then you have to go to your email and open the new Starbucks Summer game free play emails
  5. Then click the link in the emails which will lead you to the gameboard with a loaded free play, which you can do twice per day to get the two free plays per day
  6. Then play the game as directed using your two free plays

To win you’ll have to be lucky enough to play at the exact time the rare gamepiece is given out, a time which is randomly generated by the Starbuck game system.

The first person to play right after the randomly generated winning time wins the rare piece, which is all of our goals.

Good luck!

How To Play The Starbucks Boardwalk Game

  1. To play you need to be a Starbucks Rewards member, so if you’re not already one, sign up here
  2. Once you’re a member, go to the Starbucks Summer Game Landing page to start playing
  3. OR, simply download the app and login to your Starbucks Rewards account in the app to start playing

StarbucksSummerGame Homepage

The games’s homepage is a mint green and features a snippet of the Starbucks Summer Boardwalk gameboard:

Starbucks Summer Game

Starbucks Summer Game 2019 Rules

The partial rules as shown on the game homepage are shown below:

Starbucks Summer Game Rules

You can also read the full Starbucks Summer Game Official Rules here

Contact Starbucks Summer Game

Contact your local Starbucks for details and to find out if your local store is participating in the game.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks® Summer Game — Enter To Win — Trick To Get Free Plays

  1. If you are a frequent Starbucks-goer, you might have heard of the coffee chain’s Summer Game which gives Starbucks fans a chance to play for and win some seriously great prizes. To play, all you have to do is create a free Starbucks Reward account — and if you already have one, you can get right into it! Because summer is approaching its final few weeks, you may be wondering: how long does Starbucks’ Summer Game last? You still have plenty of time to play and score some sweet prizes.

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