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Starbucks For Life

starbucks for life

Every year, or many years at least, Starbucks likes to get into the spirit of Holiday fun and good cheer with their 30 days of Starbucks game called Starbucks For Life.

Interestingly enough, the game is called Starbucks For Life, but winning the “Life” prize means winning a free drink or food item every single day for only 30 years. So either they don’t really know the average age of their customers, or they are somehow able to legally use 30 years as synonymous with life in their marketing.

Because, I am 27 for example, and in 30 years I will be 57, not anywhere close to dead, or even really retirement age, unless something out of the ordinary happens.


Even those who may be 57 reading this now, many will live well past 87, when their prize would run out.

Still, we can argue semantics and the true meaning of “Lifetime” all we want, but I am not complaining.

The ARV of the 30 years prize is $56,575, and 30 years is a crazy long time.

I think the Starbucks For Life promotion and contest is one of the coolest promotions out there because it incentivizes people to play with a game, doesn’t require a purchase to enter up to 2 times a day (!), and has such amazing free Starbucks prizes for the winners.

starbucks store

Free Starbucks Prizes

Starbucks For Life Prizes:

PrizesPrize DescriptionNumber of PrizesTotal Prize ARV
Grand PrizeStarbucks For Life5$56,575
First PrizeStarbucks For Year15$1,825
Second PrizeStarbucks For 6 Months75$900
Third PrizeStarbucks For 3 Months50$450
Fourth PrizeStarbucks For a Month75$155
Fifth Prize1,000 Stars100$38
Sixth Prize500 Stars125$19
Seventh Prize250 Stars2,000$9.50
Eighth Prize125 Stars25,000$4.75
Ninth PrizeStarbucks For Life Coffee Set2,000$94.85

See prize gameboard image depictions below:

starbucks for life prizes

starbucks for life prizes 2

NOTE: The Starbucks For Life coffee set includes a Starbucks for Life Tumbler, Starbucks Coffee Press, Starbucks for Life Lapel Pin Set, and 8.8 oz. Starbucks Reserve Coffee, with a value of $94.85.

Starbucks For Life Game Dates

  • Game starts November 26, 2018 8 am PST
  • Game Ends December 31, 2018 11:59 pm PST

How To Play Starbucks For Life

  1. During the game dates, go online to https://www.starbucksforlife.com and sign into your Starbucks Rewards account
  2. If you don’t have a Starbucks Rewards account, create one here first, since you need one to play the game: https://www.starbucks.com/account/
  3. Just for signing up and viewing the game rules, you will receive one free game play entry
  4. Then you have several options to get more entries, but beware, it’s addicting…

**NOTE there is a maximum of 2 regular entries per day, no matter if you get them with a purchase or with the free daily entry.

**NOTE 2 you can still get more bonus entries by doing the challenges and multiple entry bonus, see details below.

Get 2 Free Daily Entries (Super Easy)

You get 2 free entries every single day, and it is very easy to get them.

I use these everyday, and it’s great because you get a gameplay each time without having to make any type of purchase.

  1. First, go to the main menu and select “How To Play”
  2. starbucks for life free entry step 1

  3. Next, scroll down until you see the fine print with the words “**NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A purchase of any kind will not increase your chances of winning. To enter without making a purchase, click here”
  4. starbucks for life free entry step 2

  5. Click the “click here” link and then wait a few minutes and check your email (I have found there to be a few minute delay from when you click the link to when you get the email)
  6. Check your email after clicking the link. Once you get the “Free Play” email, click the link in that email and it will redirect you to the Starbucks For Life gameboard and you’ll get your free play to use when you please

Keep in mind you can get 2 free Gameplays every day, so make sure to log back in each day and follow these steps to get your 2 free daily entries.

Get More Entries With a Purchase

  • Every time you make a qualifying purchase you will receive a game entry upon your next login to the Starbucks For Life site
  • Buying alcohol does not qualify you for a game entry and neither do gift cards or card reloads

NOTE: You get a maximum of 2 regular entries per day, so if you’ve already claimed your two free entries online, then you won’t be able to get any more entries for that day by making a purchase.

Get Bonus Entries

Duplicate Bonus

  • When you get a duplicate token, the website keeps track, and once you have 3 duplicate tokens you get 1 bonus entry.
  • Getting 3 duplicate tokens also “unlocks” the 9th prize column, which is the Starbucks For Life coffee collection, so once it is unlocked you can now play for that prize as well.

Challenge Bonuses

  • When you complete the challenge for the specific time period of the game play you’ll get a game entry bonus token.
  • Challenges involve making specific purchases at Starbucks, see specific challenges on the site for details.
  • If you don’t want to make a purchase, just go onto the Starbucks For Life website, select the “challenge” instead of the “regular play” option when following the steps for a free entry, and you can get free challenge bonuses with just a few clicks online. Much easier than making a purchase in my opinion!
  • These challenge tokens can be in addition to the 2 token limit from the free entry and purchase methods outlined above.

*The official rules state you can get the challenge bonus tokens for free by clicking a link on the site, which is true. You don’t need to make a purchase to get the challenge bonus points, just click as you would to get a free entry and then select the “challenge” instead!

Starbucksforlife.com Homepage

The Starbucksforlife homepage is artfully designed, set on a black background, with artsy white snowflakes falling from the sky.

A cute smiling, scarf-wearing, polar bear is happily holding a snow globe that contains a Starbucks cup, and underneath the bear the site asks you to sign in and play, meaning sign in via your Starbucks reward account to play.


StarbucksForLife Rules

  • No purchase necessary
  • Purchase will not increase your odds of winning
  • Only open to legal residents of the 50 US states and District of Columbia
  • Must be over 18 to participate
  • Must be a member of the Starbucks Reward program at the time of entry
  • Employees of Starbucks, HelloWorld, Inc., and any of their direct
    or indirect parent and affiliate companies are not able to participate and neither are any of their direct housemates or family members
  • Limit of 2 regular entries per day regardless of method of entry – PLUS bonus entry methods
  • Limit of 20 bonus game plays throughout entire competition
  • 1 Starbucks Reward account per user limit
  • For winners, food and beverage credits expire daily
  • For winners, Starbucks may choose to pay them in cash value of prize at any time to forgo daily prize redemption thereafter

How To Play Game 2, 30 Days of Starbucks

PRO TIP: If you don’t have a Starbucks Rewards account, you can play the 30 Days of Starbucks game instead. Go here to play.

See 30 days of Starbucks official rules here for more detail

I would recommend creating an account and playing both games, because why not, double the fun, and there are a lot better prizes in the Starbucks for Life Game, with the Lifetime Starbucks prize equating to 30 years of free Starbucks which is worth over $50K.

30 Days Of Starbucks Prizes:

Grand Prizes: 1 free food or standard menu beverage coupon
5 Grand prizes total, 1 awarded each week entry period

LIMIT 1 grand prize per person

LIMIT 1 entry per day per person

ALL Grand prize winners must create a Starbucks Rewards account by February 6, 2019 in order to claim their reward.

In 30 Days of Starbucks, you also have the chance to win one of 4 INSTANT WIN coupons each day, all laid out below:

First Prize: 50% off breakfast sandwich or Sous Vide Egg Bites coupon
40,000 coupons available

Second Prize: Buy one get one free on any grande or bigger holiday drink coupon
76,000 coupons available

Third Prize: 50% off a grande or bigger handcrafted espresso when you order 2pm or later in your local timezone coupon
90,000 coupons available

Fourth Prize: Buy any espresso drink and get a bakery food item for $1 coupon
50,000 coupons available

Total 30 days of Starbucks Prize ARV = $750

30 Days of Starbucks coupon daily prize example:

30 days of starbucks coupon prize

Contact Starbucks

Phone: 1 (800) 782-7282

Contact Starbucks Rewards

2 thoughts on “Starbucks® For Life — Get Free Entries — Win 1 Year of Coffee

  1. I would rather cut my wrists than have Starbucks for life. There is no comparison. Worst coffee ever! Tried it in Europe thinking it would be better, and was obviously extremely disappointed. When I saw a Starbucks in Madrid near the LOCAL coffee shops which are equal or better than the ones in Parma, Milan, or Rome, then I knew that this was a bad investment on my part. I quickly sold all my Starbucks stock, and now I feel whole.

  2. Way back when we had to give out receipts with a code on it for people to redeem their play, a person won Starbucks for Life at the store I was managing. As well, a barista in my city won Starbucks for life in the partner game a few years later. I didn’t win much, but at least I know it’s possible and have hope lol

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