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Starbucks Boardwalk Game

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The 2019 Starbucks Boardwalk game began August 6th of this year and ends September 10th, in a few weeks.

The prizes are truly mind-blowing, and I think we all want a chance to win.

Starbucks Boardwalk Game Prizes

You can win a trip for 2 to Costa Rica, free 90 days of Nitro Cold Brew (one of my all-time Starbucks’ coffee favs), or different amounts of free stars to add to your account.

All amazing prizes, see details here:

PrizeNumber of Prizes Awarded
Grand Prize - All-Expense paid Costa Rica Trip3
First Prize - 90 Days Free Nitro Cold Brew250
Second Prize - 2,500 Free Stars1,500
Third Prize - 1,000 Free Stars3,000
Fourth Prize - 500 Stars25,000

Additionally, you have the chance to win 1,310,201 prize pieces in the mini-game, so don’t lose hope if you don’t think you’ll win the grand prize or any of the bigger prizes.

A Costa Rica Trip is The Grand Prize, and some of its benefits are:

  • A paid for round trip for two people to the destination of San Jose, Costa Rica including a basic coach flight and transport from your house to the airport of Starbucks’ choosing
  • 5 nights total at hotels, paid for, including 2 at a Marriott with a view of the mountains and free breakfast and 3 in a suite with an ocean view and plunge pool
  • A tour of the Costa Rica Starbucks Coffee Farm
  • Some more activities and fun specified on the rules page

*For the details you can look at the official rules page

Win The Starbucks Boardwalk Game

You don’t actually have to pay to play.

Everyone has a max of 2 entries per day no matter how they enter, paid play or free play.

Everyone gets 2 free plays a day, so you can enter the same amount of times as anyone paying to play by entering for free instead.

Get free plays

  1. Go to Starbucks Summer Game Homepage,and click:
    *To enter without making a purchase, click here
  2. win the starbucks summer game

  3. Now you have one free play to use, simply do it again to get another

Winning is based on playing at the randomly generated time the “rare” gamepiece appears, which is randomly determined by Starbucks.

To win you simply have to play the game at the exact right time, which is definitely harder than it sounds.

Play The Starbucks Boardwalk Game

Starbucks App

  1. First you need to make sure you’re signed up for Starbucks Rewards
  2. Then go to the Starbucks Summer Game homepage and sign in to play

Starbucks Boardwalk Game Terms

You can see some of the rules on the game landing page.

Starbucks Summer Game Rules

Read the full rules here

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