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Sobey’s was started in 1907 by John William Sobey.

It began in the town of Nova Scotia as a small meat delivery business.

John Sobey started out delivering the meat using a horse drawn cart, as it was still 1907.

He didn’t even raise the meat himself, how entrepreneurial of him.

All he did was use his handy horse drawn carriage to buy and pick up meat and deliver it to customers.

In 1924 Sobey’s 16 year old son, Frank, convinced his dad to start selling a full line of groceries to add to the meat and few veggies he was already selling.

Finally in 1939, Sobey’s started building multiple stores and growing into the supermarket giant we know it as today.

Currently Sobey’s has more than 1,500 stores throughout Canada and is the second largest food store in all of Canada.

It is not all happy stars and dancing for the chain however, with CEO Marc Poulin commenting that as a grocery store, “we’ve got to fight for every single customer, every single day.”

Reflecting this sentiment of hard times and change, Sobeys had to choose to focus on its most profitable stores and closed 50 of its underperforming grocery locations in 2014.

sobeys contest

Support your local Sobey’s by taking the online survey, and get entered into the sweepstakes as well.

Sobeys Survey Prize

Prize: $1,000 Sobey’s Gift Card

Sobeys Survey Contest Details

Survey PrizeSweepstakes Entry
Sweepstakes Prize$1,000 Sobey's Gift Card
Purchase RequiredNo
Entry MethodsOnline, Phone, In-Store

Take The Sobeys Survey

Enter online with a purchase

  1. Buy something at a Sobeys near you
  2. Keep your receipt with you and do not throw it away
  3. Go online to
  4. Try this Sobey Survey link if the above one does not work or you!

  5. Finish all survey questions
  6. Great job, now you are entered into the sweepstakes

Enter in-store or by phone with no purchase

  1. Call 1-866-215-9006 to enter by phone with no purchase
  2. OR

  3. Ask an in-store associate for help entering in store without a purchase Homepage

The Sobey’s homepage is plain white with a small image on the top, and it asks you to pick your language of choice, either English or French in order to start the survey:

MySobeys Survey Rules

  • No purchase required
  • Take survey online with a purchase to enter, or enter with no purchase through phone or help by a store associate
  • Sweepstakes prize is $1,000 Sobey’s giftcard

See your receipt and ask in-store to see the full rules

Contact Sobeys

Sobey’s Survey Email:

Contact Online

Phone: 1-888-944-0442
M-F 8am to 5pm AST


Phone: 1-888-821-5557
M-F 8am to 4:30pm EST


Phone: 1-800-723-3929
M-F 8am to 5pm MST


Private Brands
Phone: 1-866-672-0061
M-F 8am to 5pm EST


24 thoughts on “ ― Take Sobeys® Survey ― Win $1K

  1. Went to enter your survey with out a purchase. The phone number has a message that says it is not in service. What gives? Is this just another fraudulent survey.Like the bread scandal?

  2. I don’t know anything about your store because we, in Houston , Texas don’t have your store. So thanks for inviting me to take the survey.

  3. I brought a receit back to Sobeys because I did not get the sale price and one of the workers embarissed me in front of people today about the sale items! I want an apoligy from Sobeys and she said this happens a lot and I said, yes, because Iam one of the customers who always check my receits that’s why !! I told her next time I don’t care if there are a hundred people behind me, I will watch every item that will be rung in! We have the worst Sobeys in Nova Scotia for business! Please look into this matter!

  4. I always have great experience when a shop at sobeys . Every thing is easy to find, the staff are helpful and friendly.

  5. I did a survey on my phone online for Walmart I believe it was through Walmart can’t even recall but it was for the advertisement of receiving coupons and things and at the end of the survey you order things either a free credit check box a flashlight I ordered a flashlight put it on my credit card charged it for $9.99 and never received it I don’t know who to get in touch with to find this information out because I didn’t even recall because how fast you do things online I should have never had purchased anything I don’t normally do it it was a gift for my niece I don’t know who to contact and I would appreciate the help of someone please help me

  6. I was part way through the survey & it then entered a long list of information, but did not go back to the survey, which I wanted to complete.
    I shop at your Orangeville store here in Ontario.

  7. I hate it when stores use those self checkout machines. You can’t ask a machine for help! I used to to Wyse Road store sometimes until they went to machines. If my store does that i’m Going to Costco more often. Otherwise Sobey’s has the best prices and quality

  8. I love Sobeys , I have been shopping with Sobeys since it was IGA and I am always happy with their service over 22 years

  9. I love shopping at sobeys and collect airmiles. You advertise 1 reward mile for every $20 but I spent $108.53 and received 4 airmiles. Store # 594, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  10. we were at Moncton Sobeys last night and found out you no longer stock RobinHood oatmeal, Imperial hard margine, or Barbours peanut butter, we will be shopping some where else !

  11. Not sure if this all I do , I shop at least 2-3 times a week there didn’t get what I went in for the last couple of times looking for Udi gluten free hamburger buns in the frozen section of the Bakery department your the only store in Digby that carries them

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