Selfie Drone

What is the Fly Selfie Drone?

  • The perfect selfie drone that lifts your iPhone or Android into the air to capture the perfect group or single person selfie.
  • Controlled by a mini drone hand controller that lets you fly the drone and press a button to take the selfie.
  • Controller includes image so you can see what you’re snapping before you click to take the picture.

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Fly Selfie Drone Prototype

selfie drone

*Fly Selfie drone prototype, final may look / function in different manner. Updates will be disclosed via emails leading up to release.

Whyy on earth would anyone ever want a selfie drone? #selfiedroneproblems

Welll let me explain chica,

You know how with a selfie stick you can never quite get everyone in the picture, or you the person holding it still has a really big head, and it’s a weird angle, andd you as the holder’s arm is never in the picture, or in the picture as an accidental unwanted sidebar. Gahh. Well consider your selfie woes solved. #firstworldproblems #selfiesolutions.

Fly literally flies where you want it to go, and takes your individual or group picture at the perfect angle, at the perfect time, with all limbs included, WITH everyone’s head, and body, the same size.

It looks like any normal picture that another human would take of you, BUT with even better angle options than any human is capable of giving (picture can be from above, higher up or farther back, you control it).

Now instead of getting only part of the Greek mediterranean sunset in the pic when on your once in a lifetime vacation, because the person taking it physically can’t back up anymore, you can use Fly to back up and angle up and get the entire golden sunset in the background. #instaready.

With Fly, you and your friends will always get that insta- perfect night out shot with everyone in it, including the entire sparkling sunset, looking like a professional photographer took it from his personal helicopter.

Best part is you don’t even have to look vain by asking a professional photographer to shadow you while you’re out there livin’ your best life.

You also don’t even have to drop the dough to rent out a photographer who owns a helicopter to follow you around on the reg, because you can just use Fly to get the same result.

People looking at your picture won’t know you used a selfie drone to take it (unlike when you’re looking at a selfie stick pic it’s usually pretty obvious the stick was involved lololok you know what I mean;).

Unless you want them to know of course, and all your bffs will be jealous and of course immediately get one too. #trendsetter. Is using hashtags as a complete sentence a thing? Because if not I just made it one. Just like Fly is making selfie sticks and asking strangers to take an awkward picture obsolete.

Now you and your bffs get the power to take hundreds of snaps to get the perfect group pic (full group ladies, no more odd lady out- who dreads the awkward conversation asking “who will take the pic this time?” Nope nope, everyone gets to be included).

No more person who is not included grabbing the phone or selfie stick and taking a group pic that gets their huge head in the front and everyone else as tiny ants in the background. Yepp who has not done this with a large group before. *no one raises hand*.

You can adjust poses, lighting, distance, angle and make sure everyone looks good and no one has her eyes closed *not looking at you Becky* **cough cough** except we are totally all staring right at Becky.

Now even Becky gets to look good in the group photo, since you can take 10 pics every time without having to rely on perhaps by chance getting lucky and asking a stranger girl who actually knows what she’s doing to snap all the candid pics your heart truly desires.

Also for the insta models and hopefuls out there (you know who you are girl), ok ok every girl secretly fits this, I know girl, but you know it’s true. If you’re reading this still I can literally guarantee it’s true for you bb.

Fly lets you effortlessly take the literal Instagram model photographer shot of yourself even when hiking alone, or when you have that perfect room lighting are alone and want that full body shot without the awkward too closeness of the selfie stick or half arm picture you’d get using a stick shot. No more balancing the camera with a timer on your bedroom dresser.

Girl, can you say new prof pic, no awkward pose or asking your mom to take a picture of you for the gram? Yass. Designed with your life in mind.

Ok I lied. Designed with my life in mind but we’re pretty much two peas in a pod if you love getting that perfect group photo that includes everyone and all the candids your heart desires, plus snagging the 1 out of 10 group shot where Becky manages to keep her eyes open so you can all update your Facebook cover photo without feeling awkward for poor Becks.

Plus 10 other amazing shots from the perfect angle that captures all your group candidness AND you didn’t even have to beg some stranger to take a picture and then laugh and say can you take a few more tho pls, we’re doing a laughing pic this time.

And your new insta feed and fb profile pic will be insta model worthy even if you just walk down to your kitchen and get that perfect cereal pour shot, (with the good kitchen window lighting, of course). Now when your crush,(or ex, #thankyounext), stalks your page it’ll look like you’re a model with a team of photographers that follow you around. Yass girl I’m so excited for you.

Pls take some pics and tag me so I can like it and make it even more popular for when your crush is stalking your page. Ahh let me know when he asks you out. Ok ok I’ve got to go take some perfect selfies but you know I’ll be back soon.

So go ahead and post those explore page worthy pics, like you’re just lucky enough to have friends who take soo many perfect candids of you at every moment of every day. but we all know it has nothing to do luck;) only with the luck you create.

And with taking advantage of that perfect lighting in your bathroom window. Because, hey, you only live once, and you only get one chance to get a picture for each perfect moment.


Fly girl