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We all call it Sears, however did you know its actual name is Sears, Roebuck and Company?

In 1886 Richard W. Sears founded the R.W. Sears Watch Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he sold watches you could order via the mail.

Richard was born in MN in 1863 to a wealthy family located in Stewartville, so it makes since he founded his first company in the Minnesota area.

Sears is not the only famous department store with a feedback survey started in Minnesota. Target, with its informtarget feedback survey, was also started in Minnesota.

There must be something in the frigid Minnesotan air that encourages such amazing companies to blossom.

frigid temperatures

Only 1 year later Richard Sears moved his business to Chicago in 1887 and added jewelry to the catalogue. Again, only 1 year later he made another huge change by selling his business.

However, he had the entrepreneurial bug and founded another mail order company in 1983 called Sears, Roebuck and Company. His partner’s name was Roebuck, hence the inclusion in the name.

inside sears

The name the company still holds today, however poor little Roebuck, as nobody knows his name, or even knows his name is part of the famous company name, while everyone knows Sears as a household name.

sears shoes

Many changes have ensued since the beginning, and now the store we all know and love as Sears is the 23rd biggest retailer in the US, as of 2017.

Give Sears the boost it needs by taking its SearsFeedback survey at, and in return you will get an entry into the Sears sweepstakes. Prize

Prize: $500 worth of Shop Your Way Points, which the winner is able to redeem at Sears of Kmart, awarded every survey period

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Sears Survey Details

Purchase Required?Yes
Entry Method
Survey PrizeEntry into Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes Prize$500 Points Voucher For Sears / Kmart
Entry LimitUnlimited

How To Take The SearsFeedback Survey

sears mattresses

A purchase is needed in order to take this survey and enter the sweepstakes.

  1. First buy an item(s) at a Sears
  2. Take your receipt home with you
  3. Go online to
  4. Fill out the survey in completion
  5. At the end, indicate you would like to be entered into the sweepstakes, and give your contact information

Congrats, you are now entered into the Searsfeedback sweepstakes with a chance to win $500 worth of Shop Your Way points Homepage

SearsFeedback Rules

  • Purchase is required to enter the searsfeedback sweepstakes
  • It’s also required to keep your receipt, and to go online to take the survey
  • You must take the survey within 2 weeks of receiving your receipt
  • See your receipt for more survey details and rules

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Contact Sears

contact sears

Phone: 1 (800) 349-4358

Contact Online

Contact via Email:

12 thoughts on “searsfeedback ― Take Official Sears® Survey ― Win $500

  1. My sales lady; #2642 was unbelievably kind, pleasant & extremely helpful with clarifying the understanding & having my reward points recovered. No one took the time; each visit I’d previously came into the store to explain the importance of the limited time till the points disappeared. I truely appreciate the time & effort that she took to rectify this for me. The world needs more sales people of her stature.

  2. I took my watches to Searswatch repair,near back entrance. I can’t say enough about the service,quality, and Pricing there!.He did in 20 minutes, what another watch repair store told me would need to be sent out ,aND wait 7-10 to get it back..He charged $15.for what other place said would be $49.99, for the same crystal. .He charged $9.99 for batteries that other place said would cost $19.99… Go To Sears,watch repair ! I am a forever repeat customer. What an eye opener!

    1. Mi Esperiencia personal fue muy Buena.. La cajera muy muy amable y muy tranquila en el local me senti demaciado bien , hasta volvi en la semana como 2 veces jajajja gracias!

  3. I bought a car seat and pillows on 2/08/19. I was looking around on the second floor at the bedding/mattress and a gentleman asked if he could help me. I told him I was interested in some pillows that were on the mattresses and he said I could pick any pillow that was on display for $25 each. When I went down to the first floor to check out, the liquidator came down the elevator and the cashier asked if he was the one that told me about the pillows and he wasn’t. When the cashier asked him about it, he said “NO” that they are not for sale. I got upset because it was a worker that told me that and when I told “Mike” that I was going upstairs and tell the gentleman that he wasn’t telling right, Mike said, “go a head and let her have them”. He was very rude and it was like he was talking down to me as well as the cashier. I almost walked out without purchasing anything but I know it wasn’t the cashier’s fault.

  4. El señor Gerardo Vázquez nos vendió un televisor Samsung de 72 pulgadas fue muy cordial nos explicó todo sobre el tv y sus seguros. Estamos muy complacidos por su atención .

  5. 2/23/2019 I went to sears to check out Sketches shoes.I was helped by Melissa So Much & encouraged for she took lots of time to help,plus put different color shoe strings in. I have physical challenge & she helped others & always helped me!I will let tell others of your great service ! !!

  6. The manager and my friend went to load it into the truck I had the receipt there I wanted to ask her more questions she put her marker down and looked at me and turned around and walked away this will be the last time that we shop at Sears and I says:

    We spent over $400.00 this weekend the service was really bad I had to track down an associate to help me she seen us several times she was busy visiting I think with a friend we asked to try out and exercise equipment she wasn’t willing to go find the plug-in for it so we could test it out then she said she would go find a plug-in left to go up to the front and waited on two customers before she looked for the plug-in then she said she couldn’t find one she says if you purchase it I’m sure it will come with one very disturbing we were asking questions she had no answers finally her manager came out they took the plug-in off from one of the other equipment the floor display was not working at all we were asking both of them questions neither one of them had answers she was very rude after purchasing it The manager and my friend went to load it into the truck I had the receipt there I wanted to ask her more questions she put her marker down and looked at me and turned around and walked away this will be the last time that we shop at Sears and I think this needs to be looked into she needs to know how to take care of customers not just certain ones

  7. My wife and I went to the Chula Vista, CA Sears to look at refrigerators. We were greeted right away by Sales Associate Angel Ramirez and he immediately helped us make a very difficult decision on which refrigerator would best meet our needs. He was very well informed and made the buying process easy and comfortable. It also didn’t hurt that Sears was having a great sale at the time. Thank you again Angel!

  8. today I purchased a Kenmore a/c mode l77157. Sally (36293) was very knowledgeable and helpful with my decision yesterday. Today I came back to purchase but Sally was off so Christian (281) rang up the sale for Sally….great team work!! I returned to the PICK UP place and waited ___less than 1 minute___when a gentleman appeared with my a/c (which weighs over 100 lbs) and put it in my car. He was great…and strong! Want him to get recognition…Arden Fair Sears in Sacramento, ca. about 11:00 a.m. Aug. 1, 2019

  9. December 1, 2019 went to Antelope Valley Mall Sears 01068 Palmdale, CA 93551 . I had very good experience , the
    cashier was very nice help me , she didn’t make me feel back because I was old and didn’t know how to use my phone. So I receive my coupon and use some of my point. Her name was Pilar.

  10. Hi my name is Juan l bay two set of Nicole ,chair and sofa by Marsha Santiago ,,,,,,,,thank you for your time. 10 points you have

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