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Perkins Experience Survey

The first Perkins was actually called “Pancake House”.

You know the saying, “In a gold rush, don’t compete with everyone looking for gold, instead stand at the side of the road and sell shovels?”

Well, Matt and Ivan Perkins made the mistake of actually trying to dig in the gold rush in Alaska and, surprise, they didn’t find any gold.

However, they found a different kind of gold, literal pancake batter gold when they were visiting Mississipi and saw an out the door line to a restaurant called Smitty’s pancake house.

perkins pancake gold

Matt talked to Smitty and made a deal to get his secret pancake recipe so he could use it to open restaurants East of the Mississipi.

The Perkins brothers opened their first restaurant using Smitty’s golden pancake recipe in Cincinatti, Ohio in 1958.

eat at perkins

In 1978 the chain starts a marketing campaign where they actually changed the chain’s name to Perkins Cake & Steak Inc. to highlight they offered more than just pancakes.

This is when they started converting Smittys into Perkins and expanding all over the US.

Then in 1981-82 they changed the name again to Perkins, Inc., then again to Perkins Restaurants, Inc. Much better than the Cake & Steak name in my opinion.

perkins experience survey

Today Perkins has over 400 restaurants in 33 US states and as it continues to add new restaurants it wants to hear form you in its Perkins Experience Survey online at

You won’t leave empty handed. After taking the survey you’ll receive a 10% off coupon.

perkins survey easy to take

The survey is actually very easy to take, as the little pup above is demonstrating you can even take it on your phone, and you can find the survey url below.

Perkins Survey Prize

Prize: 10% off coupon

The 10% off coupon can be used at your next Perkin’s visit at participating locations

The coupon cannot be used on the following items: Bakery to go, 55+ menu, Great Plates, or Kid’s Menu

You are limited to 1 coupon per month

Survey Prize10% Coupon
Survey Limit1 Per Customer Per Month
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline
Coupon ExcludesBakery to go items, 55+ menu, Great Plates, and Kid’s Menu items

How To Take The Perkins Experience Survey

You are limited to taking 1 survey per month!

  1. First you need to buy something at a Perkins and make sure not to throw your receipt away
  2. Then, within 3 days of your purchase, you need to go online to
  3. Finally, you can answer all survey questions
  4. At the end of the survey, you will receive your 10% off coupon that you can use on your next Perkins visit to save.

Note: You can’t use your coupon on the following items: bakery to go items, 55+ menu, Great Plates, or Kid’s Menu Homepage

The Perkins survey homepage is set on a black background. The instructions are in a small white box, and they prompt you to enter your 15 digit survey code in order to start the survey: Survey Rules

  • You must make a purchase to be eligible for the survey
  • You must take the survey within 3 days of receiving your receipt to be eligible for the coupon
  • Your survey coupon does not include bakery to go items, 55+ menu, Great Plates, or Kid’s Menu
  • Valid at participating locations only
  • Limit of 1 survey per guest per month
  • Must present your receipt and the survey validation code in order to get your coupon discount applied to your order
  • Void if copied or transferred
  • Can’t be combined with any other offers
  • Coupon not valid for employees

See the Perkins official site for full rules

See your receipt for more rules.

Contact Perkins

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6 thoughts on “Perkins® Experience Survey ― Official Perkins Survey ― Start

  1. Had a great hot meal will definitely will go back. Our service Jamie was excellent. They were very busy and she was very attentive to us at all times. A pleasure to go there.

  2. A friend and I went to Perkins on Main St in Longmont, Colo and I had soup but ordered a French Dip to go. When I got it home after two bites, my third bite had several hairs in it that were actually melted into the cheese, disgusted, I threw the rest away. I called the Perkins where this happened and was told to do the on=line survey, so when I tried to do that, a note popped up that they were no longer accepting on=line surveys, bad enough that this happened, but worse that nobody seems to care, think I’ll go back there to eat? Not likely.

  3. The cashier didn’t give me the correct part of my receipt, do I can’t get the code for the 20% of code

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