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In 1981, “Papa Murphy’s” was just starting out as “Papa Aldo’s”. It would later merge with “Murphy’s Pizza”, which was founded a few years later in 1984. The two appropriately combined their names to come up with “Papa Murphy’s”, which in my opinion is much catchier than either name on its own.

It is now the 5th biggest pizza chain in the US with over 1,300 stores nationwide including franchisees.

Papa Murphy’s is unique in the fact it is a “take and bake” model, where customers pick the pizza up and actually bake it in their own homes. Papa Murphy’s does not have a steaming hot pizza ready to go when a customer walks in, they supply a cold pizza the customer heats up in the comfort of their own home. This allows the “take and bake” chains to undercut the larger suppliers and provide better prices for customers. take n bake pizza

In addition to pizza the chain serves salad, cookie dough, cheesy bread, cinnamon wheels, dessert pizzas and sodas.

Papa Survey

To keep bettering its products and service, Papa Murphy’s offers a feedback survey for customers, where you get to choose a reward to redeem while you’re in store. This varies by store but often it can be a free cookie dough, cheesy bread or even some type of free pizza. Keep reading to learn how to enter.

Papa Survey Survey Prizes

Prize: Choose your reward / See your store for details

Examples of reward options: Free cookie dough, free cheesy bread, free pizza cookie dough prize Survey Details

Can EnterUnlimited Times
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline

Take The Papa Survey

  1. To take the Papa Survey, you’ll need to eat something at a Papa Murphy’s Pizza restaurant and hold onto your receipt
  2. You’ll need to take the survey within 3 days of getting your receipt
  3. To take the survey, go online to
  4. Answer all survey questions
  5. Write down the validation code at the end of the survey on your receipt
  6. Bring your receipt with the validation code to your next visit to redeem your free item Homepage

The Papa Murphy’s feedback page is appropriately set on a delicious pizza image background. It offers the option to start the survey by entering your store number or searching by city and state:

Papa Survey Rules

  • Must make a purchase at a Papa Murphy’s
  • Must save your receipt
  • Must take survey within 3 days of getting your receipt
  • Must go online to take the survey
  • Must bring the survey validation code + your receipt to redeem your free item on your next visit

Contact Papa Murphy’s

Phone: 877-547-7272

Send Mail To:

Papa John’s International, Inc.
P.O. Box 99900
Louisville, KY 40269-9990

Contact Online

38 thoughts on “ ― Take Official Papa Murphy’s® Survey ― Free Item

      1. Have a suggestion – when the customer asks for “light sauce”, tell the manager to instruct her employees to read the ticket. Store # 43057 needs some training skills. Won’t be back for awhile; my stomach won’t take it!

    1. I tried to find survey that offers $2 off next pizza. That does not seem to be possible. The only offer is for a product other than pizza. I always buy only pizza.

  1. .I went to store 37025 and ordered to large thin crust pizzas. 1 beef with less pizza sauce and 1 chicken garlic. When get home and cook them I realize they put green bell peppers on my chicken garlic instead of green onions, it was awful I ate two pieces and threw the rest out. The beef pizza with less sauce, no way it was loaded with sauce, did not eat it either. I go to one of your stores every week, never again will I go to 37025. I was there today 9/20/18 at 4:28 PM ticket number 20023.

  2. Just had two of your pizzas! Have enjoyed papas pizzas for years But! I must say was truly disappointed. The aperant new bottom sheets you are using douse Not! Aliw bittom crust to cook almost raw dowe after almost 20 minets and outer crust almost non edable

  3. I couldn’t get the survey to come up. I keep getting message that it was “timed out”, even though I Sent right to the survey. I do this survey and know how to do this. I tried three times…to no avail

  4. Oh wow really! Time out screen as soon as you click the link for your survey. Not looking so good for your online customers. Too bad I love your pizza.

  5. We love your pizza and purchase it a lot. However, your survey page says it has timed out. So I have not been able to take it.

  6. Unable to do survey, page is not available states “timed out”. It’s too bad because now I missed out on my coupon. This pizza is very good, I recommend it.

  7. Several months ago I purchased our first PapaMurphey’s pizza and it was wonderful. However, the one I purchased and cooked tonight was awful. It had pretty much no taste, except for the black olives and we threw out the last half of it. We were very disappointed since the first one had been so very good. Don’t know if we will try another, have to think about it. Gave up on the survey.

  8. its the first time i got a pizza that wasnt great. sauce was to the side not uniform, cheese was light. I dont have code. Payed buy check Lon J, Hoy on 11-2-18.

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