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Panda Express is a family owned and started business that has grown to epic proportion. The married couple Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng started the first Panda Express in 1983 at the Glendale Galleria in California.

The happy couple is now worth over $3 billion due to their amazingly successful restaurant chain.

andrew and peggy cherng

You probably know the chain by its signature “Orange Chicken” dish, however this dish wasn’t even in existence until the chef Andy Kao created it in 1987, 4 years after the chain had already started. Imagine if he hadn’t had this incredible breakthrough. Panda Express wouldn’t have served the 80 million pounds of orange chicken it did in 2016.

panda express orange chicken

Wow. 80 million pounds. I can’t help but imagine how much lighter America would be today if it hadn’t eaten the 80 million pounds of Panda Express orange chicken in 2018. Maybe the obesity epidemic would be a little lighter if everyone could just go a little lighter on their orange chicken consumption.

panda express survey

It wasn’t until 1997 the chain opened its first Drive-thru location, but we are all glad they did, especially those of us who have consumed so much orange chicken that its hard for us to leave our cars to walk into restaurants anymore.

Panda Express Feedback

inside panda express

In 2005 the founders were actually inducted into the California Restaurant Hall of Fame, a pretty cool and significant accomplishment.

Now the chain has over 2,000 locations and is the biggest Asian chain in the US.

As it continues to grow, prosper and feed America orange chicken, it looks for feedback from its customers in its survey.

You can take the survey, and then use your validation code to get a free entree as long as you also purchase 2 other entrees at the time you’re using your coupon. Keep reading to learn how you can take the Panda Express survey and get your free entree coupon!

Panda Express Survey Prizes

Prize: Free Entree Item with purchase of any 2 entree plate, or other current offer printed on your receipt Survey Details

You must make a purchase in order to be eligible for any of the Panda Express survey entry methods, which are online and by phone.

Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline, Phone
Receipt Valid For2 Days
PrizeFree Entree with 2 Entree Purchase
Entry LimitUnlimited

How To Take The Panda Express Survey

Enter Online

To enter online:

  1. Buy a meal or item at a local Panda Express
  2. Keep your receipt on hand
  3. At your convenience, within 2 days of making your purchase, go online to to take the survey
  4. Complete all survey questions
  5. At the end of the survey, write the validation code on your receipt
  6. Bring the receipt + validation code to your next Panda Express visit to redeem your free entree prize as long as you also purchase 2 other entree items.

Enter by Phone

  1. Buy something at a Panda Express restaurant
  2. Don’t lose your receipt before calling the survey hotline
  3. Call the survey hotline at 888-51-PANDA
  4. Answer all questions by phone
  5. At the end of the survey you can make a note of the survey completed code they will give you over the phone – write this on your receipt
  6. Now you can bring your receipt along with the survey completion code along on your next visit. When you use that coupon and purchase 2 entree items, you will get a free entree item.

Panda Express Feedback Homepage

The survey homepage is set on a yummy orange chicken image background with white and red accents. It asks you to enter the 4 or 5 digit store number that can be found on the top of your receipt in order to begin the survey:

panda express survey homepage Rules & Eligibility

  • Receipt valid for 2 days AKA must take survey within 2 days of getting your receipt
  • Can take survey unlimited times
  • Must make a purchase to enter
  • Must save your receipt to enter & to redeem your coupon prize

Contact Panda Express

Mailing Address:
Panda Express Guest Care, P.O. Box 1159 Rosemead, CA 91770

Contact Online

15 thoughts on “ | Take Panda Express® Survey | Free Meal

  1. This store seriously needs someone to care and do some maintenance. On attempting to enter, one door remained locked while the other had a large allen hex wrench sticking out of the center of the door for everyone to run into on the way in. No warning sign or anything…dangerous the way it was. Also no ice for the ice machine. No apologies or credits given. Warm soft drinks really make the meal…yech. It doesn’t appear anyone cares very much. I assume food quality will soon follow as attempts to save money follow poor maintenance. These events occured 9.30.2018 12.25pm.

    1. ave been to many many Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese restaurants , I would say the Panda Express foods taste better. Me and my wife will keep eating at Panda Express.

  2. I have taken the quick survey many times to get free entree. However, this week I can’t get past the Shoppers Survey that takes over everything I try to get to your survey. Is this what you have intended, or are they overriding your site? I’ve tried numerous times and it doesn’t work like it used to.

  3. whats with the non user friendly free entree site . used to be real easy , now you have to be a computer wizard to get there. I’m not. I guess there is no more freebee for me

  4. Feedback with receipt is not working! The 2 day requirement is not applicable unless the survey/feedback site works!~!

  5. I enjoy honey walnut shrimp which is a premium cost item. 9 times out of 10 this is a ball of loose breading dough when I get home to eat. I live less than 5 minutes away from the resturant. Also, the chef’s special shrimp is not listed as a premium item when ordering. Only when paying do you find this out. This has been a battle each time I order this item.

  6. Cant take the survey It always says time has expired think its just away to get money and never give anything for free. I got what was supposed to be KP chicken so little of it and no chicken to be found but alot of rice for $8 .16 it was a rip off not going there if this is the way they treat you

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