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Oreo Mystery


Oreos are an American diet staple, much to the chagrin of health experts, as the food Oreo is both heavily processed and contains lots of sugar, both no-no’s in the health world or for anyone worried about their figure.

However, Oreo has taken a few steps to remedy this with a slightly healthier version of the cookie, if you can say that, by replacing the trans-fat with hydrogenated vegetable oil in January 2006.

Nabisco created and owns the Oreo company which they created in 1912.

Did you participate Oreo’s Oreo Mystery contest?


The grand prize winner received $50K and the five first prize winners received $10K each.

oreo mystery

Contest Details

Oreo put a “mystery” flavor in one of its cookies and anyone who guessed the flavor correctly was entered into their sweepstakes to win a prize.

This was a fun interactive way to encourage purchases from customers, and to make the sweepstakes a fun game that people wanted to participate in.

Here are the official rules for more detail

To see the expired contest page, you can look here at oreomystery.com which they redirected the new URL as the contest is no longer active, but kept the page up for fun.

What was the mystery flavor?

The mystery flavor was FRUITY PEBBLES.

I never tried the cookie but I don’t think I would have enjoyed that flavor, ick. Apparently it tasted like actual fruity pebbles with a citrusy very fruity flavor…

Love the regular Oreo flavor however.

Contest Dates

Unfortunately, the contest ended November 30th of 2017, but if you’re itching for another contest or survey, check out our site survey page here.

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