New Surveys For Free Stuff!

Check out these hot new, straight-off-the-press surveys you can take for free stuff!


Buffalo Wild Wings offers a free $5 coupon when you take their online survey. Their wings are stellar and a couple free wings you can get for $5 are definitely worth taking their short feedback survey., dollartreefeedback,

The Dollar tree has a survey where you can earn a sweepstakes entry to win the $1,000 prize. It’s a great way to have a chance to earn some cash and give the store some feedback. The Dollar Tree has great prices as well, so shopping there is always a good idea!

mycfavisit,,, chick-fil-a survey

Who doesn’t love a good Chick-fil-A? I for sure love getting their tender chicken meal and a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie during my lunch break from work. Anyone else relate?

The best part is if you take their survey after, the next time you go you can get a free chicken sandwich. Worth it? Um. I think yes.


If you are a frequent Subway eater, you should consider grabbing a MySubwayCard. It gives you surprise rewards when you least expect it, as well as a free $2 coupon after you spend enough to get 200 points.

If you’re a freebie lover make sure to check out the card. You can register online or ask at your local Subway., burlingtonfeedback,

The next time you stop at the Burlington coat factory, consider saving your receipt so you can enter their survey.

When you do you’ll be entered into their sweepstakes with a chance to win $1,000 gift card. Your next shopping trip, or trip(s) could easily be on the house if you win!, kohlslistens,

Shopping at Kohls is usually easy and fun, plus they tend to have some great prices.

If you take the Kohl’s survey, you’ll get a 10% off coupon plus they offer other deals on their website they will feature after you fill out the survey as well., publixsurvey,

Is Publix your go-to grocery store of choice? For those who go to Publix for their grocery needs, they should consider using the code on their receipt to take the feedback survey each time. When you do this, you’ll be entered into the $1,000 Publix giftcard drawing.

Who doesn’t need another $1,000 for groceries? Everyone would enjoy that, I think.


You could win $1,000 or $1,500 cash prize just for taking a minute of your time to fill out your thoughts on your Zaxbys visit experience.

They enter those who take their survey into their cash prize drawings which happen daily/weekly.


If you are a Michael’s shopper, you are probably thrifty and used to cutting and using coupons. Here’s another to add to your stash. If you take the Michael’s survey, you’ll get a coupon that is printed on your original receipt.

Great deal if you frequent a Micahael’s!, safeway survey

Safeway values feedback from its valued customers. Take the safeway survey and you could win a $100 giftcard prize.

Great idea to take the survey as long as you’re already shopping there! I mean, why not lol?


The only thing better than a noodles entree? A free appetizer with an entree purchase! This reality can be yours as long as you take the survey after each Noodle’s purchase. You’ll get a coupon for a free app when you buy an entree on your next visit.

All I can say about that is, yum!, talktobo

When you’re craving some chicken and home-cooked goodness but are feeling too lazy to cook something for yourself you’ll likely find yourself heading out to Bojangles.

Once you’re there, make sure to take your receipt home and fill out their feedback survey since you’ll get a free sausage biscuit coupon you can use on your next visit.

The only thing better than free movies for a year?

Yikes, you got me. There really is nothing better. Take the cinemark online feedback survey after you watch one movie you had to pay for. Then you have a chance to win free movies for the whole year after. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

little caesars listens,

One of the highest value cash prizes I’ve ever seen for a survey contest, Little Caesars actually offers a $15,000 prize to the winner of its survey feedback sweepstakes.

If you’re looking to hit the jackpot, then the Little Caesar’s survey might be for you.


If you want a free $2 off coupon on your next Moe’s Southwest grill visit, do the restaurant a favor and take their lovely little feedback survey.

They give you a coupon code you can use for $2 off your next visit!


I personally love shopping at the Jewel near my house. I never had one near me in Boston but the one in Chicago is perfect.

Did you know you can be entered to win $100 Jewel giftcard after you take their online feedback survey? Yep, now stop what you’re doing and go do that. You do need a purchase receipt in order to enter however.

p&g everyday

The lovely p&g everyday site is a great resource for everyday household item coupons and sales. I would recommend going to their site at least once a week to make sure you don’t miss any of the great new coupons or deals they post. You can use their coupons to end up saving a lot of money!

Value Village Listens,

Value Village has some great clothing deals. When you give them your honest opinion in their online feedback survey, you’ll get an even better deal on your next visit in the form of a $2 off your next $5 or more purchase at the chain.


Payless is one of my favorite places to shop for shoes.

One reason I love it so much is it really lives up to its “Pay Less” name.

If you shop their often, make sure not to miss their feedback survey, since you’ll get a free $5 coupon you can use on your next visit to “Pay Even Less” at the store with Payless in their name., pollolistens,

Pollo listens is a great place to eat some chicken. It’s also a great place to keep your receipt so you can go online after to fill out their survey questions. Then you’ll get a $2 coupon you can use on your next visit to get even more chicken.

Albertsons survey,,

Albertson’s offers an online survey where you will be entered to win $100 gift card. If you’re already shopping there it makes sense to do the survey after each visit so you have a chance to win some extra grocery money for your next visit., deltaco survey, myopinion deltaco

With a name that literally means “The Taco” in Spanish, who couldn’t love the Del Taco chain. One reason to love it even more is you can get $1 off $3 or more purchase every single time you go. All you need to do is take their feedback survey after each visit.,, dennyslistens

You should take the Denny’s Listens survey after each visit, since you’ll get a free stack of pancakes coupon on your next visit.

Who doesn’t love free pancakes and Denny’s? I sure do love both.,, ratefd

If you are one of the many Family Dollar shoppers, then you may already know about the survey printed on your receipt.

Go online and take it to be entered into their $1,000 sweepstakes for a chance to win.


Say you want two pairs of cool Converse sneakers. I would recommend buying one pair in-store, taking the Converse online survey, then using your $5 coupon you’ll get at the end of the survey to buy your second pair in store.

This way you save $5 and get to give Converse the feedback it so ardently desires., advance auto parts survey, survey

If you have a car and like to go to Advance Auto Parts, then you should know about their online survey. When you take it you’ll be entered into their $2,500 sweepstakes. Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind winning!, papasurvey

Papa Murphy’s gives all customers who take their online survey a coupon printed on the receipt. Usually it is the choice of a free little snack such as cookie dough or something equally as delicious. I would recommend always taking their survey because who doesn’t want some free cookie dough? Not me, that’s for sure!, talktohannaford,

So many grocery stores with survey and sweepstakes options, so little time! If you want to participate in the Hannaford $500 sweepstakes, you better rush over there, buy something and use their receipt to take the online survey asap. Don’t miss out on this great grocery store sweepstakes!

qdobalistens,,, qdoba survey

Free chips and salsa! Ole! Take the qdoba online survey and this dream could be yours. I mean, it will be yours since Qdoba gives everyone who takes their feedback survey a coupon to redeem for a free chips and salsa as long as you also purchase an entree on your next visit.

talktomcalisters,,, mcalisters survey

Mcalisters has good food but you know what it has that is even better? A free cookie coupon when you fill out their online question survey.

Great deal since I always want a cookie, especially a free cookie, and I imagine you feel the same way., tellanf,, abercrombie survey

Abercrombie clothes can be pricey, but sometimes they have something that fits you just right and you know you have to splurge to get it.

In this case, you don’t have to sell your house or kids to get the perfect AnF item. All you have to do is take their feedback survey and you’ll get a free $10 coupon to use on your next visit.


Another grocery store jumping on the sweepstakes bandwagon – you could win a $500 giftcard from The Fresh Market after you take their survey.

Why not make the grocery store shopping rounds so you can enter a bunch of cool giftcard sweepstakes with the chance to get some extra grocery money or cash in your pocket.,

Everyone has to do their taxes so why not enter a sweepstakes at the same time? Jackson Hewitt makes this a reality and offers a $500 prize to a lucky winner who gives them online feedback.

Taxes made more enjoyable in a minute.


Eat some seafood or a hamburger, then stroll over to your computer and take the Captain D’s online survey. You could be the winner of their $1,000 DAILY prize. So go there everyday if you want more chances to win., tellcdntire,

Here’s a shoutout to my Canadian sweepstakes lovers and friends. If this sounds like you, you may want to pay a visit to your nearest CDN Tire where you can fill out a survey afterward to enter to win $1,000 sweepstakes prize.

smoothie king feedback,,

Anyone else frustrated by the rising prices of smoothies these days? This girl sure is.

Try going to Smoothie King, taking their online survey after, and you’ll get a coupon for a $1 off your next smoothie. If that’s not worth smiling about, I don’t know what is., survey, myexpressfeedback, express survey

Express already has great deals on cute and fashionable clothing. If you take a few minutes after shopping there, you can get an even better deal on your next visit, in the form a 15% off coupon.

Just say yes to Express and its 15% coupon!

tellprimark,,, primark survey

Primark is one of the cheapest yet best quality clothing stores I’ve ever been to. Not saying their quality is amazing, but for the price it definitely is.

When you shop at a Primark, you can use your receipt to take their online survey and be entered in their sweepstakes to win the £1,000 Daily or £500 Weekly Prize offered in your country’s currency with slight value differences.

Great prices + great sweepstakes = great shopping experience


Lastly, not a coupon, but a great place to order very cheap plain t-shirts, apparel and products, or to order very cheap custom t-shirts and other products.

You can literally design your own shirt that says anything you want or has a picture of anything you want on it, and you’ll be able to order it for a great price using the Printful or Printify print-on-demand platform.

I hope you enjoyed these surveys, coupons and sweepstakes tips! Let me know in the comments if you frequent any of these stores and take the survey often.

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