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MyWegmansConnect | Need Help Logging In? | Login Now


Logging into MyWegmansConnect can be a frustrating experience for employees.

What makes it confusing is the main URL actually redirects to a Microsoft login page (

Login Details

Login URL
You'll NeedYour Wegman's Email
You'll NeedYour Wegman's Password

How To Login to MyWegmansConnect

  1. Visit which will redirect to a Microsoft login page
  2. To login and get past the main Microsoft login page, you’ll need to enter the email given to you by Wegmans and then hit enter. No need to enter the password just yet.

    Your username will be your username with after it. For example

  3. MyWegmansConnect login screen

  4. Next you’ll be taken to the specific Wegmans login screen where your username will auto-fill and you’ll just have to enter your password to finish logging in.
  5. MyWegmansConnect login homepage

  6. If you don’t know your email and password, you’ll have to ask your manager or supervisor for more detail.

What you can do once you’re logged in

Once logged in you can view and manage many details related to your employment including payment details, hours worked, health benefits, company rules, 401K details and more.

Good luck, let me know when you’re logged in, in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “MyWegmansConnect | Need Help Logging In? | Login Now

  1. Despite doing all this, I am not able to access my account and see my schedule or payslip. In part, am today that despite my successful sign in, it does not meet the criteria to access this resource.

  2. I am a new employee and I was trying to access my account but it keeps redirecting me to some sort of Microsoft procedures.

  3. I have never been so frustrated with a site. I have tried everything for the last three days…….nothing works.

    I have a MAC and I cannot access mywegmansconnect.

    1. I have been trying to log in on my new MAC for so long I’ve about given up. I have set up my in store # now if I am correct I have to marry it with my home computer but I can’t get it to take

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