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Nowadays, when you walk into a Starbucks, you’ll see millenials with their phones out, craning their necks backward and desperately trying to get the best angle for the photograph they’re taking of the pretty Starbucks drink in their hand.

It’s called a “Starbucks Selfie”. In this new age, coffee, and selfies, are apparently the new Michelangelo and official works of art.

Starbucks Selfie example by me:

starbucks survey

People post their selfies, or the pictures of the drinks alone, on their Instagram accounts, taking minutes to find the perfect filter before finally sitting down to sip their drink.

DISCLAIMER: I did not post this to Instagram. I sent it as a snap to my sister because it is both of our favorite Starbucks drink. However, I am posting it online here, so I suppose that makes me even more guilty of a Starbucks Selfie, but hey, I’m only human.

If they came with a friend, of course, neither will talk to the other the entire time. They will stay glued to their phones, maybe liking the other’s Starbucks Selfie on Instagram, or even commenting, “BABE. YOU & THAT DRINK LOOK SO GOOD. ILY”, pretending they weren’t actually present while the photo was being taken, or that they didn’t help their friend choose that exact filter.

They’ll both laugh for a second after the one gets the comment notification from the other, and maybe look up to meet each other’s eyes. Then, of course, they will go back on their phones, not talk for the next 30 minutes, down their drinks and then head on their separate merry ways.

The Starbucks Selfie has become more than just an art form, for the millenial generation it is now a way of life. However, I see the appeal. I have been guilty of a Starbucks Selfie. I have also been guilty of staring at my phone while out with friends. Lastly, I am guilty mostly because I also follow @Starbucks on Instagram for the gorgeous, stunning, photos of coffee in pretty Starbucks cups.

starbucks instagram

16.7 million people agree with me that the Starbucks Selfie is art, as they also follow the company on Instagram.

Instagram is not the only place the company is successful. However it was not always that way, and here is how the company has evolved over the years.

By 1985 Starbucks was a small 6 store operation, headquartered in Seattle. The Director of retail operations and marketing Howard Schultz visited Europe and was enchanted by the Italian Espresso bars.

He wanted to make the US Starbucks similar to them in that the baristas knew your name and the whole experience was based on a personal relationship. The European coffee stores also served fancy drinks including Cappuccinos and Lattes, something he thought Starbucks should bring back to their US stores.

His vision was rejected by the Starbucks owners, and by 217 of the 242 investors he spoke with. Schultz finally broke from the Starbucks company opening his “II Giornale” Italian coffee stores in the US, trying to replicate the Italian espresso bar experience he had found so memorable when visiting Italy.

By 1987 he felt ready to purchase the existing 6 store Starbucks company for only $3.8 million. He became the CEO and under his leadership the company quickly grew and became the omnipresent mega-coffee store chain we know today.

By 2000 the chain has grown to over 3,500 stores globally. You’d be remiss if you didn’t go almost anywhere in the world and not see a Starbucks store on every corner. It’s $2.2 billion yearly revenue doesn’t hurt either.

Schultz drinks around 5 cups the beverage every single day, and it’s safe to say many Americans do as well.

Starbucks is so successful already they don’t feel the need to give every single customer a chance to take their survey for feedback. They only offer it to a very small percentage of customers.

If you were lucky enough to get a MyStarbucksVisit survey code invitation on your receipt, keep reading so you can take the famous survey and get a free Tall Starbucks beverage.

Starbucks Survey

Many people are already in the Starbucks reward program, but did you know you can also take a survey after your visit to receive a free drink?

Purchase Required?Yes
Is Everyone Who Makes A Purchase Invited To Take The Survey?No
Survey MethodOnline

MyStarbucksVisit Prize

Prize: Free Tall Starbucks beverage

How To Take The MyStarbucksVisit Survey

Only around 1 of every 500 Starbucks receipts has an invitation to take the survey on the receipt. So if you’re chosen you are certainly a lucky one! You’ll have to check if your receipt has the code. If it does, congrats, you can take the survey! Keep reading to find out details how:

  1. Make a purchase at Starbucks and check if your receipt has a survey invitation code. Only about 1/500 receipts do, so don’t be broken hearted if you do not have the option to take the survey
  2. For EU users, go to the Starbucks Survey site and choose your language

    You may have to try several survey sites to find your correct country. Try the url printed on your receipt first. For example, here is the Philippines site

    starbucks survey homepage

  3. Answer the survey questions
  4. Save the validation code given at the end of the survey for your free tall beverage at your next Starbucks visit

survey for free starbucks drink

MyStarbucksVisit Survey Rules

  • You have to make a purchase at a Starbucks
  • You must receive a survey code on your receipt
  • You must go online to take the survey
  • You must save your survey validation code to receive your free Tall beverage on your next visit

Get Bonus Reward Stars With Grocery Purchases

Did you know you can get bonus reward stars for your Starbucks reward program by making grocery store purchases?

More Grocery Star information here

Contact Starbucks

Phone: 1 (800) 782-7282

Contact Online

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