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The first day Del Taco opened, it did $169 in sales, huge for a food restaurant of its time in 1964.

Crazy to think about, as the tacos were only 19 cents and the cheeseburgers a mere 24 cents. This wildly successful first day foreshadowed the restaurant’s future success.


Take me back to 1964 with my current paycheck, and I’ll spend $169 by myself at a Del Taco, and that’s just for breakfast.

Are you in as well?

Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson opened the very first Del Taco in California in 1964.

del taco survey

Del Taco’s specialty is American-style Mexican food.

Founded by Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson in California in 1964, Del Taco has been around long enough to be considered an American fast food Mexican staple.


In 1967 the iconic sun logo we all know and love today was created, and shortly after they started franchising the successful restaurant.

By 1981 the chain grew to 350 restaurants, almost all still in the Cali area.

taco sign

In the early 2000s the store signed a deal that enabled them to operate on Military bases.

Although they only had 372 total stores at this time, a slower rate of growth than their earlier years, this was a great move forward.

take the del taco survey

In 2015 Del Taco was purchased by Levy Acquisition Corporation and is now a public company with over 500 open stores in the US.

Del Taco offers a customer opinion survey available for all customers to take as the chain continues to strive and improve their service.

Now the survey prize coupon is something to celebrate about every day of the week, even if it’s not an official “Taco Tuesday”.

taco tuesday

Take their customer feedback survey, they’ll get the feedback they desire, and you’ll get a coupon for a $1 off your next $3 Del Taco purchase. Keep reading to find out how. Survey Prizes

After you complete the Del Taco survey, you’ll get a validation code you can use at any Del Taco restaurant to get $1 off your next $3 or more purchase.

Prize: $1 off $3 or more purchase coupon

Del Taco Survey

Here are some survey details. Note that you can take the survey unlimited times and the coupon does not expire:

Purchase Required?Yes
Prize$1 off $3 coupon
Coupon Expiry Date?None
Entry LimitNone

How To Take The Del Taco Survey

  1. Buy a food item or more at a Del Taco location
  2. Keep your receipt so you can use it to take the survey online later
  3. Go online to
  4. Enter your survey code in the entry field on the survey homepage
  5. Complete all survey questions
  6. At the end you’ll be awarded with your validation code which you can exchange for a $1 off your next $3 or more purchase at any Del Taco you go to Homepage

Two tacos and green lettering encompass the theme of the survey homepage. Here’s what to expect:

Del Taco Survey

Del Taco Survey Rules

  • You’ll need to make a purchase to participate in this survey
  • You’ll also need to keep your receipt to enter the survey using the code on the receipt to take the survey online
  • Unlimited entries
  • No expiration on your survey validation code coupon

Contact Del Taco

1 (800) 852-7204

Contact Online

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47 thoughts on “ ― Take Del Taco® Survey ― Get $1 Off

  1. Went to deltaco and thought I’d try something different. Ordered the 8 layer veggie barrito . The picture in the window looked great.
    They should take it off of the menu. Took about 3 bites of that thing and threw it in the trash,, very gross combination . I usually get the carnita barrito but the NEVER put any of the signiture green sauce on them even when I’ve asked for extra. So that is why I thought I would try something different. That Deltaco I will never set foot in again. I know I’m just one little guy,. but you’ve lost my business,, Taco Bell is closer to me and I’ve enjoyed there food for years.

  2. Great Service Great food makes for a great satisfying experience every visit. Special thanks to venica Mallow and her superb customer Service!

  3. Ordered two bean & cheese red sauce burritos, got green sauce, and two shredded beef burritos, and got no sherdded beff, not happy with the service, a list of money.

  4. The server could not answer my question about breakfast burritos and took over 4 minutes to take my order. Because she does not speak english. She should not be working taking orders, I will not visit this store again.

  5. I’ve been going to the Del Taco at 1720 Superior Avenue in Costa Mesa, CA 92627 and this is at least the third time that I was not given a receipt in order to complete a survey. What is going on there. Even without the survey, I keep my receipts to check against my bank statements.

  6. I’ve gone to the Del Taco regularly at 1720 Superior Avenue in Costa Mesa, CA 92627 but this is at least the 3rd time they haven’t given my receipt so I can’t participate in the survey. Even without the discount, I generally save my receipts to check against my bank statements. If you don’t want to do the survey, then don’t. I’ve limited my visits the past few months and each time, I have not been given a receipt so it can’t be a coincidence at this point.

  7. I was trying to get to the survey page but couldn’t find it. So, here goes… Tuesday night, code: 629 931 100 023 224 . Drive thru. Ordered a bean burrito, a bean & cheese cup, 2 mini tacos, 1 mini shake. The crew member ( a guy, not Laura as stated on the receipt) suggested getting the special 3 mini tacos for the $1.49 since it was Tues.nite. I agreed to. When I paid, he didn’t give me a receipt. I asked for it and immediately noticed that he charged me the reg.price for the mini tacos. Why did he suggest the discount price, short me, and not give me a receipt? That is my question. He put the money back on my card after I pointed this out to him. Hmmmm.

  8. Went through drive threw, ordered the spicy burrito, did’nt find nothing spicy about it, then they shorted me of my jumbo fries, and i returned to get them and no salt on them, I was very disappointed with the service, and at least my mom enjoyed her taco’s.

  9. Peggy, at the Calimesa location, she works the night shift is absolutely the most kind and sweet lady, she is ALWAYS PLEASANT AND HAS A SMILE HAS NEVER GOTTEN MY ORDER WRONG!! I WISH THERE WERE MORE EMPLOYEES LIKE HER!!!

  10. Rob At The Las Vegas/Sahara Location #0324 Was Simply Wonderful Pleasant & Super Kind. I Had A Really Exhausting Day & Stopped To Get Dinner & Rob’s Smile & Greeting Just Took My Edge Away. His Delightful Personality Just Had Me Laughing & Relaxed The Rest Of The Evening.

  11. I went to Del Taco #1018 in Federal Way, WA today. I loved Del Taco when I lived in San Bernardino, CA; however, this Del Taco was bad. Even though they were busy, I waited too long for my food. After I obtained my food, the mild Salsa sauce bowl was empty. After eating as I left I attempted to use the restroom. There was a sign on the door that said you needed a key because of vandalism. I asked for a key and was told, someone already had the key. I said, give me the key to the ladies room (I am a guy.). I was told they only had one key.

  12. Store #0333 Loma Linda. I ordered 1/2 lb Green Burrito which was 1/4lb with VERY little cheese. $1.29 chips, had to ask for proper portion. Took almost 15min. for order. Del Taco needs to change 1/2 lb to 1/4lb or start serving a fair portion.

  13. Prescott valley AZ. Location, I eat here on a regular basis, and I have to say it’s a nice place, clean friendly atmosphere, the food is always good, except the frys, and those you have to pay close attention to whilst you are ordering, and if they look like they have been there awhile request fresh ones, but sometimes it doesn’t matter because it has simply been to long sense the oil was changed in the fryer.
    But overall a good place to eat!

  14. Gabby new just how to make the fries when I ask for well done everyone else makes fries all white and still limp instead of brown and not limp, why is there no training there is a difference and she is special to do that without the attitude !!!!

  15. Stopped at Del Taco, 2-3 blocks from work, to get breakfast for 2 of us. Waited on line 20 minutes with only 3 cars in front of us. Couldn’t pull out in that there were several cars behind us. Finally got food and the fries were cold, breakfast burritos were sloppily put together causing leakage, etc.

    1. Also, there was only one person handling the drive up window and the walk in area, and it appeared that there was only one person preparing food.

  16. Lucina is the most amazing person I have ever met. She always would greet with a warm and bright smile. She I knew exactly what we wanted. She also came an brought our food to the table. Lucina is amazing, funny, and kind. She is always so nice and caring to us. I recommend coming here and showing her your love and care ❤.

  17. Was not able to complete survey, due to the fact that the form would not allow me to put in my 15 digit survey code on the form no matter how I tried. This has happened to me several times. The food and service was quick and friendly as always. Sorry i couldn’t complete the survey.

  18. Billy has great customer service, also you when I had pulled up to the window he has a smile & that’s great to feel when pulling up to the window knowing they have that positive energy while with a customer!!

  19. Awesome team work, service was prompt less then a min. Was very pleased an will stop again when in area. An invite others to try the freshness in the food served thank you del taco firestone I’ll be back.

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