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The name Long John Silver’s comes from the 1883 novel Treasure Island written by Robert Stevenson.

The name is not the only fish themed thing in the store, either.

It’s meant to serve fast-food fish, and offer a compelling nautical atmosphere complete with the decorations.

All restaurants include a Captain’s Bell that sits at the front of the store to metaphorically bid customers hello and farewell.

Customers are encouraged to ring the bell near the front door on their way out if they enjoyed their meal.

A franchise, Jim Patterson, of the Jerrico Company was entrusted to start the first Long John Silver’s in 1969.

He helped the chain expand to more than 600 locations by 1976.

The restaurant is meant to be reminiscent of a Cape Cod house type theme with a steel stapled roof design.

The original restaurant in Lexington, KY, converted a restaurant called the Cape Codder into the first John Silver’s.

long john silvers survey

Unfortunately, that restaurant must have been placed in a low traffic area as it is now a hair salon.

To help the business grow, and help fewer stores be converted into hair salons, feel free to take the mylongjohnsilversexperience survey online.

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In return, you’ll get a free coupon to use on your next visit. Prize

Prize: Free 1 piece fish and fries with the purchase of a Large Drink

Survey PrizeFree 1 pc. Fish & Fries
Purchase Required?Yes
Receipt Valid For60 Days
Prize LimitationCod Not Included
Prize LimitationMust Purchase Large Drink
Can Combine With Other Offer?No

How To Enter mylongjohnsilverexperience

  1. First you’ll need to eat a meal at a Long John Silvers and take your receipt home
  2. Then, you’ll need to go onto the survey homepage
  3. You’ll need to fill out the entire survey
  4. Then, at the end of the survey a validation code will pop up on the screen. You will need to write the survey validation code onto your receipt.
  5. To redeem the free 1 piece fish and fries, you will need to go into a Long John Silvers, purchase a large drink, and show your receipt + validation code. Homepage

The white and blue Long John Silvers homepage asks you to enter your store number and ticket number, both of which can be found on your receipt, in order to proceed to the first survey question page:

mylongjohnsilversexperience Rules

  • Must make a purchase and save your receipt to be eligible for the survey
  • Must bring receipt and survey to a Long John Silver’s restaurant in order to redeem coupon
  • Purchase of a large drink required to redeem your code
  • Validated receipt good for 60 days from date of purchase on receipt
  • Not valid with any other offer
  • Does not include Cod
  • Offer not available to employees or its affiliates

See your receipt for full rules.

Contact Long John Silver’s

Phone: (502) 815-6100

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33 thoughts on “mylongjohnsilversexperience | Take Survey, Free Fish

    1. My Long John’s on 28th Street in Grand Rapids, MI. I give a 5 star. Food is always fresh & hot. The french fries could be a little hotter. This location is clean & staff very friendly.

    2. a few times the floor was slippery. i go to long johns 2 to 3 times a month. I like the fish, I like it all.

  1. This LJS is the BEST!
    Food is always fresh and good
    Service always friendly
    Oil and batter kept up to
    standards. Hats off to the Moundsville WV LJS…. I always look forward to eating here when in town

    I have been in others where service and product quality is at a minimum
    Oil and batter are kept in poor quality (Bridgeport WV) and you can tell the ownership does not seem to care about the reasons for the sales losses

  2. Bad experience, girl that took order was rude, acted aggravated to be there, food was wrong, had to wait 5 more minutes for 1 piece of fish while food was getting cold, I had to pull forward for food but car in front of me took longer and they didnt heve to pull forward just for my 1 piece of fish

  3. My experience with Long John’s Silver’s on Garner Road, Spartanburg, SC was superb. The food and customer service was excellent!
    Rosie J was very informative in helping me to decide my meal choice and during the course of eating our meals in the dining room. Made sure that our needs were satisfied. Her personality and customer service traitsare rare these days in the restaurant business. I was much appreciative.

  4. We Love LJS in Midland MI #70185. They are clean, friendly, helpful, always smiling. The food is as ordered. I wasn’t sure what I could eat after have surgery but they help me with the baked fish dinner and now I always have it. I am giving this store 5 stars and hope they get a store of the month award, because they deserve it

  5. i got to hurry, because i’ll get timed out bad service at this location. $1.49 taco tuesday, ssecond time they didn’t take the coupon and they ran out of knifes to cut up my fish.

  6. The fish quality is very consistent and I get the onion rings instead of the fries. I enjoy ringing the bell.

  7. the manager there was hateful to her employees the cashier was new but friendly she was apologizing for her Manager being rude for her being new. The store was actually clean

  8. I love my long John silvers.. who the small lady is working , it’s always very clean and the food is always good, Theresa

  9. We went through the drive thru. The people who waited on us were very polite and the food was great tasting.

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