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What do KFC and Pepsi have in common?

Both have been voted the top two favorite brands by United Arab Emirates teenagers.

The Pepsi win is likely due to the 20 year Coca-cola ban that was recently lifted in the UAE.

KFC even beat out top competitors Pizza Hut and McDonalds for the top spot.

According to the survey, Emirate teens tend to prefer international to local brands, giving American brands an advantage in the polling.


The survey also found that Arab teens are high spenders, with 1/5 equating price with quality of food and goods.

The teens drop around $140 (Dh514) every week buying consumer products, which is a huge amount when you compare this to the worldwide average of only $35 spent on consumer goods a week, and only $8 spent a week in nearby countries such as Egypt.

The Arab teens are also willing to spend more to support brands that contribute to social good, or at least 1 out of 3 of them are.

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If you’re one of the UAE residents who wants KFC to start supporting social causes, or you want to give the chain feedback on its services or food, you can take the MyKFC feedback survey online.

Take the MyKFC survey online at, and you will be able to redeem the prize on your receipt as a reward.

My KFC Survey Prizes

Prize: Offer printed on your receipt

The offer printed on your receipt is the prize, and it could be a KFC coupon or sweepstakes entry – See your receipt for details.

Prizes differ by location, time and other factors, so you’ll need to look at your receipt for prize details. Details

The survey is for those in the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, who are taking the survey in the Arabic language.

KFC has different survey websites for the different countries it is in, so you will need to make sure you go to the correct website for your country in order to be eligible for the survey prize.

The prizes also differ by country.

If you have any question or are wondering which site is for your country, check your KFC receipt because the details will be printed there.

Try logging into if you’re in the UK looking for the MyKFC site

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Take a look at the official MyKFC UAE coupon and deal page here

Take The MyKFC Survey

  1. You’ll need to buy an item or more at a KFC near you
  2. Then you’ll need to figure out what the KFC survey site is for your country
  3. If you’re in the United Arab Emirates, you can go to the MyKFC website here
  4. Finish the survey, then write your survey validation code on your receipt
  5. Bring your receipt and survey code to your next KFC visit to redeem the coupon or sweepstakes offer printed on your receipt Homepage

The survey homepage matches the theme of the majority of KFC homepages created for various countries. You’ll notice a plain white background with some splashes of red.

The page will ask you to understand you are accepting their rules, privacy and cookie policy conditions when you click ‘continue’ to start the survey on the next page: Rules

  • Purchase required to take survey
  • There are survey time limitations and coupon time limitations – see your receipt for details

See your receipt for full rules and current prize information

Contact MyKFC

Contact KFC UAE By Phone: 600522252

Contact KFC UAE Online

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  1. To whom it may concern my wife brought some KFC on 28-01-2019 O/N 6031 time 12-13 PM when she got home we found it lukewarm and very oily. This would be the worst KFC we have ever had
    Thank you Denis

  2. Today early morning i visit KFC at DFC Mall and i decide to order twister. i was 2nd customer and the twister was so yummy yummy.

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