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The founder of the Honey Baked Ham Co., Harry J. Hoenselaar, first invented the spiral ham slicer.

Once he had that invention under his belt, he knew he had what it took to create a ham store that would be able to slice up the most amazing ham anyone had ever tasted.

Honey Baked Ham Co. was created in 1957 based on Harry the founder’s vision to create the highest quality ham possible.

He started with the highest quality ham then used a unique curing and cooking method designed to bring out the most desirable taste and flavors.

Even today the company has a commitment to quality and taste, still making each ham one at a time as Harry did.

Perhaps their commitment to quality is unwavering since the company is still owned by the original Hoenselaar family.

Give them a boost and show your support by taking the myhoneybakedfeedback survey online at

honey baked survey

In exchange for your time, you’ll get a free coupon for a buy one get one free sandwich on your next visit. Prize

Prize: Buy one get one free sandwich coupon

MyHoneyBakedFeedback Details

Survey PrizeBuy one get one free sandwich coupon
Entry MethodOnline
Purchase Required?Yes
Coupon LimitationNot accepted by all Honey Ham locations
Entry LimitUnlimited

Take The MyHoneyBakedFeedback Survey

  1. Buy anything at a Honey Baked Ham Co. location near you
  2. Keep your receipt until you’re able to get online to the survey site here
  3. Complete the survey, and at the end you will see a screen containing your survey validation code
  4. Write the validation code in the appropriate space on your receipt
  5. You can bring your receipt into your next Honey Ham Co. visit to redeem your coupon.

**NOTE: Not all Honey Ham Co. stores participate in the coupon, so make sure you go to one that does. Homepage

The myhoneybakedfeedback homepage is set on a red background and asks you to input the date, time and survey code from your receipt to start the survey:

MyHoneyBakedFeedback Rules

  • A Honey Ham Co. purchase is required
  • Saving your receipt is required
  • Taking the online survey is required
  • Not all Honey Ham locations accept the survey coupons, so you must find one that does in order to redeem your coupon

Contact Honey Baked Ham Co.

Phone: 1 (866) 492-4267

Contact Online

20 thoughts on “myhoneybakedfeedback – Take HoneyBaked® Survey

  1. I cannot figure out what to do to obtain my free sandwich while purchasing other items at The Honey Baked Ham Company in San Antonio TX at 10:04am on 12/14/2018. Also I do not live in San Antonio and made a special trip to San Antonio to purchase several items including the Orange Walnut Cranberry and much to my dismay find out that for Thanksgiving you were offering By One Get One Free and now have discontinued it. Please tell me someone in your company made a BIG mistake. This is one of my favorites and I understand many other customers are asking for it also. When do you plan on returning it to your stores. Thank You

  2. I’m trying to take the survey but nothing came up to take the survey …. I want to take it to receive my free sandwich…..

  3. The store was very clean and the staff very pleasant and helpful. I had the ham salad and it was excellent. This was my first time in the store and I did not know you could eat in.

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