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How did a small rubber shoe company created in 1908 grow to the point where their shoes were worn by the majority of basketball players and celebrities by the mid 1900s?

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By the 1960s the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars were worn by 90% of all professional and college basketball players.

The majority of pro-basketball players wearing the shoes cemented the Converse name in the world of basketball and the American mind.

Celebrities began to catch onto the Converse trend as well, making the shoes even more popular in the American mind.

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Here is how the small rubber shoe company went from nothing to adorning the feet of professional ballers and celebrities everywhere.

Marquis Mills created the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1908 in Malden MA.

Yes, this means Converse has been around for over 100 years.

The company has achieved significant growth throughout this entire time, due to a high-quality product users love and come back for.

The company’s breakout point was the 1917 introduction of the Converse All-Star basketball tennis shoe.

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Their marketing genius came when Charles “Chuck” Taylor went on the road selling the shoes as he taught basketball clinics across the country.

Soon professional athletes were wearing the shoes, and they were even worn by soldiers in training and those in the Olympics, becoming the go-to athletic shoe.

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In 2003 Nike purchased Converse and the rest is history.

The Nike company continues the well-known Converse brand, and it continues to strive to improve its in-store service everyday.

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One way it does this is with the survey where you can go online and take a quick survey in exchange for a $5 Converse giftcard.

Converse’s owner, Nike, offers a similar survey for its own products. The funny part is, Nike offers a $10 gift card when you take its survey online at, and it only gives out a $5 gift card when you take the Converse survey.

Favoritism anyone? Either way, I’ll never turn down a free gift card. Keep reading to find out how to get your Converse gift card.

MyConverseVisit Prizes


  • $5 Converse Gift Card
  • converse sneakers Details

    Survey Prize$5 Giftcard
    Receipt Valid For7 Days
    Gift Card Valid For60 Days
    Offer Valid ForIn-Store Only
    Can Enter2 Times Per 7 Day Period

    How to Take The MyConverseVisit Survey

    Note: You can’t take more than 2 surveys within a 7 day period

    **Note: You will only have the option to take a survey when you make an in-store purchase. You can only redeem your gift card for an in-store purchase as well.

    1. You must make a purchase in store at a Converse location to be eligible to take the online survey and receive the gift card
    2. Save your receipt after making the purchase
    3. Go online to to take the survey within 7 days of making your in-store purchase
    4. Answer all survey questions and save the validation code at the end of the survey
    5. You must use your $5 gift card within 60 days of taking the survey before it expires

    The Converse survey is well branded with a black bar at the top and pictures of three of the iconic Converse sneakers. It also has the option to choose your language, either English, Spanish or Chinese:

    MyConverseVisit Survey Rules

    • You must make a purchase in person at a Converse store to be eligible for the survey and gift card coupon
    • You can only use the survey code on your receipt one time
    • The survey code expires 7 days after you get your receipt
    • You must redeem the gift card in person at a Converse store in the US
    • You can’t combine the gift card with any other offer, including the employee discount
    • You can’t redeem the gift card for cash or apply it retroactively to a past purchase
    • The gift card expires 60 days after you take the survey
    • You can only use the gift card one time
    • You can’t take over 2 surveys in a 7 day period
    • You can’t take the survey or use the gift card for or phone orders

    See the official terms and conditions of the Converse survey here

    Contact Converse

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    Phone: 1 (800) 806-6453


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