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Truett Cathy opened a small restaurant called the “Dwarf Grill” in Atlanta in 1946, and this tiny restaurant was so popular and successful it has grown into the large chain of restaurants we know as “Chick-fil-A” today.

truett cathy chick fil a founder

Today, it is the largest fast-food chicken restaurant in the US. Based on Cathy’s southern Baptist religious origins, and his observation that working in a restaurant 7 days a week is draining and bad for employees, he closed the restaurant on Sundays, something unique to the Chick-fil-A brand that is still practiced to this day. It is also closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today it has grown into a fast food giant, competing with other behemoths including the largest chain in the world, McDonalds. It all started from Truett’s humble foundings of the original Dwarf Grill store, the sign of which is pictured below:

the dwarf house original chick fil a

In addition to promoting employee health and happiness with their Sunday day off of the week, the restaurant also cares about its customers and their happiness. To increase customer satisfaction and improve the overall experience for its patrons, Chick-fil-A offers a MyCFAVisit survey where customers who take it receive a free sandwich coupon to use on their next visit in return.

Learn how to take the survey and more specifics by reading below.

MyCFAVisit Survey Prizes

  • Free Chick-fil-A sandwich

How To Take The Survey

  1. Buy an item or more at a Chick-fil-A
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to and enter the code on your receipt to start the survey
  4. Answer all survey questions
  5. Your code for your free sandwich or other offer printed on your receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours of completing the survey

Survey Homepage

When you land on the Chick-fil-A survey homepage, you’ll be met with this lovely view:

Survey Rules

  • You must make a purchase at a Chick-fil-A to enter the survey
  • You must save your receipt so you can use the code on it to enter
  • Your coupon code will be emailed to you within 24 hours after completing the survey

Contact Chick-fil-A


1 866 232 2040
Mon – Sat
8 AM – Midnight US EST

Mailing Address:

Chick-fil-A CARES
P.O. Box 725489
Atlanta, GA 31139-9923

Contact Online

Looking for more?

To stay up to date on recent news and articles written by Chick-fil-A feel free to check out their blog “The Chicken Wire”

28 thoughts on “MyCFAVisit ― Take Official Chick-fil-A® Survey ― Get Free Sandwich

  1. This store is always BUSY, BUSY, BUSY and still gets my order right 100% on my lunch stop! Thanks Chick Fil A.
    Denise Haley

    1. I took the survey from my receipt, but no success with the coupn for the free sandwich! something is wrong with your site!

  2. I tried to take the survey and upon entering the serial number it gave me an error message twice. The third time it would not allow me to enter the serial number again.

  3. If you want me to do the survey at least give me enough time to complete it. After it timed out I could not re-enter any info.

  4. This is a joke – cannot get it to work and get code…Chic-Fil-A is great but not this site… Someone needs to work on it….and quick – not giving Chic-Fil-A a good rating…and they have always been A+ in all they do.

  5. I wanted to take the Survey, after three tries,could not recieve a reponse, all well I guess i will eat at Frishs their Survey is much easier and their CHICKEN BREAST IS ABOUT A THIRD larger for the same price, and you dont have to beg for silver ware1

  6. Was not able to do survey within 2 days , 3 days late , now it is no longer good . I spent my money there and I think I can still remember how it went if I try real hard . Survey is ment to improve experience with your company well you might as well put a roach on my sandwich , this left a bad taste in my mouth . Not smart !

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