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Did you know the founders of the original Burger King were actually inspired to open their restaurant chain after seeing the original McDonald’s store in San Bernardino Caliornia?

burger king vs mcdonalds

The two chains are still fierce competitors today, although McDonald’s is the more successful chain, and the largest fast-food restaurant chain in the entire world.

Keith J. Kramer and his wife’s uncle Matthew Burns founded the first Burger King in 1953 in Jacksonville Florida.

insta burger king ad

They called it “Insta-Burger King” based on the “Insta-broilers” the store used to heat its hamburger meat.

In 1959 the company hit a rough spot and was purchased by some of its franchisees located in Miami Florida, James McLamore and David R. Edgerton. The two restructured the company including renaming it to the now-famous name “Burger King”.

the first burger king

The two ran the company together for the next 7 years and sold it to Pillsbury in 1967. Pillsbury managed the chain from the 70s to 80s, and even brought in a McDonald’s exec, Donald N. Smith, to help restructure and make more changes.

The company improved for a while but slipped back substantially. In 1989 it was purchased by Grand Metropolitan and its successor Diageo. Under this leadership the company completely slipped due to neglect.

It was put up for sale in 2000 and bought by TPG Capital for $1.5 billion (USD) in 2002. It didn’t fare much better the past few years but the value did increase and it was finally sold for $3.26 billion USD to 3G Capital of Brazil.

Today Burger King is a fast food chain with more than 15,000 stores all over the world.

It serves hamburgers, french fries, soda and many more items that come out in just a few minutes after ordering.Keep reading to find out how you can be a part of the experience to give the chain feedback and help it improve, while also snagging a free sandwich for yourself.

As a kid, on special occasions that weren’t “too special”, my dad would often take my sister and I to the fast-food chain McDonald’s. I never had much experience with Burger King, until this Survey came around. Now I’m able to get a free Whopper Sandwich or Chicken Sandwich every single time I eat at Burger King, which makes it more tempting in my own eyes than even McDonalds.

With the new MyBKExperience survey, you are able to use a code on your receipt to take an online survey and in return get a code that you can use at any Burger King location within 48 hours after taking the survey to receive a free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich of your choice.

mybkexperience free whopper

Burger King Survey Prize

  • Free whopper or chicken sandwich, your choice Survey Details

PrizeFree Whopper or Chicken Sandwich
LanguageEnglish or French
How To EnterOnline at
Can EnterUnlimited Times

Secret Burger King Survey Hack For Unlimited Free Sandwiches

Best part is, you can do this as many times as you like, it is unlimited, as long as you have a valid receipt to take the survey! Survey Homepage

What to expect when you get to the MyBKExperience survey homepage:


How To Enter The MyBkExperience Survey

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the restaurant number code at the top of your recent receipt into the survey blank on the first page of the website
  3. Choose the language, English or French, you would like to proceed in
  4. On the next page enter the 20 digit survey code also on your receipt
  5. Click ‘Start’ to start the official survey
  6. Answer the rest of the survey questions, giving Burger King your honest feedback about your experience so they can use that to improve future experiences
  7. At the end of the survey you will be given a validation code you can bring in to your next Burger King visit to receive your choice of a free Whopper or Chicken sandwich Survey Eligibility

  • To enter the Burger King survey you must have a valid receipt from your recent meal at a Burger King location
  • You’ll need to save your receipt to enter the code on the receipt into the online survey
  • You’ll need a computer and internet access to access the survey
  • You’ll also need to speak either English or French, as those are the two languages the survey is offered in
  • Contact Burger King

    • Phone Number: 1-866-394-2493
    • Address: Burger King Headquarters 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami, FL 33126

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    35 thoughts on “MyBKExperience – Take Burger King® Survey – Get a Free Whopper

    1. I had the crossiant and egg. You changed the manufacturer of the crossiant and the flavor profile isn’t as good as it was. This taste more like dough and not a flaky crossiant which is what it should taste like

    2. I had an unfortunate situation at the Burger King, located at 2199 White Street, York Pa 17404-4942. My son and I used the drive-through at this location. I tried to enter the information on your survey information from the receipt but It wouldn’t accept my information. It was Easter Sunday, April 1 this year. We both order onion rings. I had a large & he ordered a small in addition to the CMLG Bacon King. I ordered ala carte. When we got home we had more burnt onion rings (almost incinerated) than good ones. We really don’t live close enough to turn around and drive back. I do not know what kind of service others received that day but ours was awful. I understand that there will be a burger king moving into the Dover, PA area. This is a lot closer to us. I am hoping for some good onion rings from that location.

      1. i did the same thing. Could not enter. BK better get there act together. I tried the new fried chicken, the crust was so hard we had to pitch the entire order, this is sad when I go to Walmart and i get the chicken strips, they are never hard never over cooked and always taste great, why can’t Bk do this?

    3. survey sucks store number then survey code 3 times, still no further along. makes a person think what kind of stuff is this I’m sure I will get no reply and no free sandwich

    4. This website fails to tell you .. you have to order a drink and side to get the whopper. I read this and had a Burger King receipting my car from the morning. So I immediately Completed it and went off to Burger King because I had no money for dinner. Boy did I look stupid lol

    5. I have no survey code on my receipt, I just spent $11.50 for breakfast and could not substitute 2 coffee for 1 coke (that’s not right). And I want to suggest that you sell breakfast all day, It’s working for Mc Ds and you have much better breakfast food then Mc D’s.

    6. Store at 2194 Lincoln way west Chambersburg Pa is a truly nasty experience. Service is extremely slow, staff is either indifferent or lazy and simply do not want to place the customer in any form of a positive nature. I should not have to ask for a receipt not point out that they do have an item on their menu. It’s sad that this was the manager as well. Facility needs a good cleaning as well. I will not be back to this facility. Gives BK a really bad name.

    7. BK in Winchester Ky is not a good place to go they are rude they just throw the food together my whopper was more mayonnaise than anything I couldn’t even eat it one of the mangers was taking food out to a car they made pull up and she was more interested in her phone then she was getting the order out to the car and this is what we pay for as customers this place has just gotten worse I will give my money to McDonald’s before I come here again.

    8. why won’t it do my survey for my free burger.It tells me that they have reached the max for the survey.

    9. To Burger King Human Resource Dep! I am gonna say this in the nicest most humane way possible ! When u r screening for employees u have to look for everything including hygiene. I went to ur location, commercial and 31st and the person who served me teeth was atrocious , very dirty yellow and she was taking orders over my food. Dnt get me wrong now, i knw u cant discriminate, however i believe some criteria needs to be met. I was unable to enjoy my food because of this, besides the temperature of the food was not met, she threw the cremer and sugar onto the hash Brown in one bag ,which seems to be quiet common, but i found very unhygienic because of how and where some of these items r being stored. Please address this issue at once. This is a food industry, presentation should be foremost.

    10. There is no store # on my receipt nor an order or customer # I was at the hampshire location. 6-23-18 9:11 pm. No Outside lites at drivethru. Thought i might get mugged. Went thru drive thru. Was asked to pull up out of way even there were no other cars. (To stop order clock,I imagine) waited 12 min. ( yes i watched the clock) then i finally got food and it was cold. This is actually the second time this happened. Dont bother sending a gc
      I wont be going back.

    11. Guess I won’t be getting a free Whopper, survey is way too much trouble. Plus who knows how many emails I’ll get after this survey is completed. No thanks. I’ll go spend my money at McD’s. Or Hardee’s. Sad because I used Togo to BK just because your Whopper is the best.

    12. Where is my validation code… 07/09/2018 I spent 20 minutes on that stupid survey and NO V_Code # showed up for a free whopper sandwich. please advise.. 07/09/2018

    13. I didn’t get a proper recite, my says drive thru expo printer store# 8980 but nosurvey code it was cut short ,order#206 but I spent almost 7: 00 dollars

    14. I think the workers at the window need to pay attention to detail. Many a time i get what i didn’t order. I received a coke instead of a Sprite. I received chicken fries and never got any sauce. Tomatoes in my whopper when i asked for none. I have just about had it with this kind of poor service. And that goes for all fast food restaurants.

    15. Victoria, Tx. had 2 stores before Hurricane Harvey in 2017, now there’s only one & its not convenient so its a great treat we go the distance to eat there.

    16. I didn’t have a real good experience, to be honest! I mean, I ordered a medium sized coffee with milk for one thing and the girl put cream in it instead: the coffee wasn’t that warm, either! I also order my 3 burgers without pickles nor ketchup and i got it all! Yuck! Well, the place was pretty busy with the Autumn Fest going on and all that but: This Burger King is on Social St. in Woonsocket, R.I. 02895. The people are polite there and, the toilets are clean! Thank you!

    17. I usually only complete a BK survey when I have something to say, either very good, or a real problem. Otherwise its not worth my time and I don’t care about getting the free burger becuz I never eat fries or fountain drinks (too greasy and too much sugar or chemicals.)
      When I do fill out survey, I like to write specific details (ex. Describe the employee) but then I time out or run out of space or both. OR my cell phone goes out of service and message vanishes. Then your message says Sorry, please start over. I NEVER DO! No time for that! My first effort just lost down the drain, very discouraging. (I like to be articulate. But it’s hard to write fast on a smartphone keyboard.)

    18. I just filled out a receipt survey hit enter it told me it timeout can’t believe it I took time to fill it out it told I had to do it again tried it wouldn’t let me not happy. I was shorted 2 fries on my order Burgers were warm and dry, not going to get any satisfaction or my free whopper thanks, Burger King or my fries, fries not very good anyway just wanted you to know thanks for nothing. fredericton NB Burger King 23282 oct 18 2018 at 2:43 pm

    19. I go to burger king quite often most time food is warm enough but many times I have to take it home and nuke it because it’s cold when I get it
      I do not want to be on your mailing list either

    20. I am very disappointed with the service I received from Burger King. Located 1953 South Horner Blvd, Sanford, NC.

      I went the for your 2 for $6 special. I ordered the Crispy Chicken and the 3 piece tenders. I received the 3 piece tenders and they were burnt and hard as a rock. I don’t know if they had them sitting in the warmer too long. Items like that should be cook to order. You advertise and make your items to look presentable to sale on TV. When you order it from the restaurant it’s nothing like what you see on TV. I will give your competitor Wendy’s credit. When I order their tenders, they are cook to order and nice and hot. Some people don’ t care about what they do. What they need to ask themselves, would I eat this?

    21. Berlin Burger King sucks there soda fountain sucks we tell them kindly that there pop is watered down not even any fizz never going back

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