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MyBKExperience Survey Free Whopper

MyBKexperience Survey Free Whopper

Founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1953, the first Burger King restaurant went by the name Insta-Burger King.

Keith Kramer and his wife’s uncle, Matthew Burns were inspired by the original McDonald’s restaurant in California, which gave them the idea to launch the competitor Burger King.


The two chains still compete fiercely today, and although McDonald’s seems to still be winning the competition, Burger King has taken a nice slice of the pie.

burger king whopper

The “Insta-Burger King” name may have been inspired by the “Insta-Broilers” the company used to cook its burgers, and which they required every franchise to have in-house.

burger king menu

In 1959, the company wasn’t doing very well, and two of its franchisees decided to purchase the entire operation. They restructured the company, and one of those changes was renaming it to “Burger King”.

burger king booth

They successfully ran BK for 8 years, growing it to 250 US locations, and then sold it in 1967 to the Pillsbury company.

Pillsbury tried to continue to improve performance, even ironically hiring a McDonald’s executive, Donald N. Smith, to help pick the company out of its slump.

His initial changes were positive, however they soon fell back to old methods, and even after another repurchase, Burger King was not doing too well.

burger king

To try to improve, Burger King does offer a feedback survey, the mybkexperience survey free whopper, where you can get a free sandwich just for taking the time to fill out the survey online. Keep reading to find out more.

MyBKExperience Survey Prize

  • Prize: Your choice of a free Whopper sandwich or Chicken sandwich

MyBKExperience Survey Free Whopper Homepage

The homepage is framed by a large orange bar, and asks you to enter the restaurant number found on the front of your receipt in order to begin:

MyBKexperience Survey Free Whopper

The first question after you enter your restaurant number asks you to provide specific details about the date and time of your visit, all which can be found on your receipt:

mybkexperience survey question 1

Take The Burger King Survey

  1. You’ll need to buy an item at a Burger King store and keep your receipt on hand for easy access when you take the survey online later
  2. Next, you’ll need to take survey online by going to

  3. First you’ll enter the restaurant-specific code of the store you ate at, which you can find on your receipt
  4. Then you will answer all survey questions
  5. Save the coupon code you get at the end of the survey, and bring in with your old receipt in order to redeem your free sandwich prize the next time you visit a Burger King

Burger King Survey Rules

  • You must make a purchase at a Burger King location to be eligible for the survey and free sandwich
  • You must save your receipt in order to take the survey
  • You must save the validation code at the end of the survey in order to redeem your free Burger King Whopper on your next visit

mybkexperience free whopper receipt

How To Contact Burger King

  • Phone: 1-866-394-2493
  • Mailing Address:

    Burger King Headquarters 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami, FL 33126

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70 thoughts on “MyBKexperience Survey Free Whopper | BK® Survey

    1. M.Responsable de burger king. hier j’été dans burger king et je vu votre invitation a répondre a votre sondage. MAIS DOMAGE QUE VOUS M’A FAITE PERDRE MON TEMP. en disent qu’il faut que lhe face dans les prochaines 14 jours une outre SONDAGE. Mais je respécté DEMANDE ET INVITATION MAIS VOUS N’AVEZ PAS RESPÉCTÉ LA VOTRE. POEQOI????????

  1. Good service, eat there three or so a week. Tried the Chicken Tenders today. They were dry over cooked and by far the poorest value ever. It cost us $4.49, to know that although we enjoy BQ, we won’t ever do Chicken Tenders again.
    Just as when we bought some Chicken Fries, and found them dry, dry, dry also. (Another poor value)

  2. Love the Whopper 2/$6 deal and have it 2 – 3 times a week when I’m watching a ball game. I used to eat Whoppers in the 80’s when they were sold at $1 each. Not quite that cheap now but taste GREAT!!

    1. Same problem it comes up we have completed our survey for this period?????????????? Just what does that mean I made my purchase on the 11th and its only the 17th 6 days????

    2. I took the survey and it went to where they ask about if you want to say something about a team member, then stopped. It never did give me a code for my free food. I tried it two more times and it wont even let me take the survey now. Such a shame, as I was giving a good review until that happened. Food is great, survey is crap.

    3. Your date in the survey doesn’t allow us to put the correct date!!! There is already 19 for the first two numbers…should be 20 and then we choose the next two numbers to add! Very confusing! I tried last night and again this morning with the same reaction!

  3. #10699 order 29 on 16. October.2018
    Bad customer attention!
    I ordered Chicken Tender and mustard – but, when I was homei only had dry chicken pieces! No sauce!!

    Very dissatisfied and disappointed!!

  4. Tried to fill out survey for free Whopper. very complicated and confusing. Not sure what “inbox helper” involved, but sounded intrusive.

  5. 40 yrs in America….& was my 1st Job. 5 yrs ago I bought my house here in Pachogue NY……a Foreclosure house….. while working in my new house…… @ lunch time…. passed by B K & walked in…ordered…..& realized didn’t carry any $$ w/me. The Manager told me…no worry…. told me to finish eating & whenever I can….. to bring the $$. Thnks so much to him. And I did. Burger K. always my favorite…….but today I tried the new Philly Steak Sandwich….. didn’t like it to much. Taste it like a burger with onions… Fake Philly Stk sandwich. Still…. that wont stop me from coming back to Burger King…..’cause ” Whopper is my favorite “………………………….Thnks

  6. This is J your hamburger doesn’t taste like meat. They taste like the meat is not real. I don’t know what going on but the burgers are nasty.

  7. bought 89 cent pancakes and was charged $3.00 extra for sausage could have bought pancakes and sausage biscuit for $2.00 got me once but I will never be back.

  8. Was a burger king yesterday trying to fill out your survey it’s impossible to get to the right page please let me know how.It seems like it’s done so complicated a person gives up , is that your goal????

  9. Worst place I’ve ever bn service was shitty!!!! All I ordered was a whopper and it took 45 minutes to get it !!!!!!!! Then they tried to say I didn’t order anything with a receipt in my hand!!!! After all that the whopper was sloppy so much mayo it was dripping off burger bun was soggy to!!!!!!!

    1. Each location has own in-house manager. Some managers are not as good as others. Some employees are not as good as others. My area has three locations within ten miles of my house. I have never had a bad experience in 50 years. I am 73. Find another location to try.

  10. Don’t like the idea we have to wait 14 days per survey in order to get free whopper. Gues i can only go eat at BQ every 14 days ir more. Like Whataburger better for surveyd. BQ. Whopper burger is lot better than Whataburger but due to surveu every 14 days i will wait…

  11. Worst company ever!!!! Took 15 mins to get two ten piece nuggets n actually watched the cashier put my money i to her jacket pocket!! Instead of the cash register!! Right in front of the manager a blonde girlwho was too busy yelli g at other employees to pay any attention. Cheryl was my cashier and amanda was the supposed manager.farmington on east main. At least when i had to go back inside formy bbq sauce cashier judy was really nice n sincere in appologizing for the innapropriate behavior of other staff.

  12. Wow pulled up to order in drive thru n 3 employees including management all smoking pot out the back door.had to repeat my order three times because theywere coughing to hard to understand me. Finally just drove off without any food. Disgusting. Called to complain but must have been too stoned to hear the phone. East main farmington site is aweful guys skip if possible trust me

  13. You haven’t filled your data/quota and I cannot take the survey for a free whopper???? I have never heard of this before and am not happy about it! So, how long do I have to wait?

  14. I ordered a whopper, a crispy chicken sandwich, a large onion ring, and two orders of chicken nuggets. When I received my order I checked it for the sandwiches and found the chicken sandwich missing. I went back to the window and he had missed putting it in. When I reached home I was surprised to find no dipping sauce that I had asked for. We shouldn’t have to check the order it should be correct.

  15. We had an awesome time , and the food was not only prepared the exact way we ordered it, and Im very picky, but was quick and hot!

  16. I don’t think it is fair that we are only allowed to take you survey every 14 days. In that case we will only eat at BK once every 14 days or 1 to 2 times a month. All the other fast food restaurants: Whataburger, DQ, Mc Donald do not have a limit or restrictions. Even though you have the best delicious burgers, we will not be eating there regularly.

  17. Poor service. The gal seemed to hate her job. Poor portions of french fries, not even a full cup. My first bad experience at this Burger King. I have purchased many whoppers there. Will still keep coming back

  18. fish sandwich was very good , service great and my order was brought to my table since I walk with a cane .wish I could had used my coupon but they had expired last week

  19. i stopped at burger king at ramsuer n c. i really the manager. he came over a talked to us while we ate. his name was STACEY HOOPER. i told him that i had noticed how much the place had changed. he said that he had worked at bk in asheboro n c then he came over her to manage this bk.i told him that he had made a big difference. 4-12-19

  20. I took the survey over a month ago. And it’s telling me I have to wait 14 days. HELLO it’s over 14 days. What a scam. They just give you one free whopper and can’t take survey again. Cheap Butt Holes.

  21. Well I went to one of the store I once work on Kings Rd in Jacksonville for breakfast. As a former manager and the way I know the owner love for his business to go, just say I was not pleased with my service this morning especially when I got to the window and it was a manager who was taking orders and was not friendly. I asked for strawberry jam I got grape jam along with my strawberry jam the order on the screen was wrong had to repeat the order more than once and the order was not repeated at the window. This service I know the owner don’t like don’t think I’ll be back to this location again.

  22. The survey website is awful, so one day I went to my local BK with a receipt but no validation code. The employees don’t care if I took the survey and still give me the free whopper. At least that’s been my experience.

  23. Love BK My husband and I are great fans. We eat a Whopper with cheese meal every Friday service is great

  24. I think my time with Burger king was very wonderful! The food
    at this Burger King is always hot and tasty. I always enjoy this Burger King!!!

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