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Did you know that you can get unlimited free chips and salsa at every single Moe’s location with every single meal you eat there?

moes bowl

It’s true.

It’s also an offer you’ll want to take them up on, since they make their salsas (and their guacamoles, not included in the freebie however) by scratch daily at each Moe’s location.

moe's salsa

Guess what Moe’s stands for?

It’s not an actual guy’s name.

Don’t worry if you thought it was, that’s what I used to think too.

Moe’s actually stands for Musicians, Outlaws and Entertainers.

Outlaws and Entertainers is the theme of the whole restaurant. The stores even play music from a select group of musicians that represent this idea.

They also put music related artwork on the walls, a point entirely lost on me when I last went there.

moes booths

Many menu items are also pop culture references, so you can stay hip and cultured by going to a Moe’s on a regular basis.

moes salad

Moe’s Southwest Grill is known by most as simply Moe’s.

It was started in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 2000 by the company Raving Brands. Shortly thereafter in 2007, it was bought out by Focus Brands.

It has less than half the number of locations as Chipotle, another famous chain in the fast-food Mexican space.

moes food

Moe’s has grown to over 600 physical locations and continues to expand today.

Support your local Moe’s and get a great deal when you take their survey and get a free $2 off coupon you can use on your next visit, which we all know will be very soon. Survey Prizes

The MoeGottaKnow survey has a great prize that entices you to come back again and again, a $2 off coupon you can use on your next visit. Can you say, ole!

  • $2 coupon off your next visit to Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe Survey Details

Prize$2 Off Coupon
Receipt Valid For5 Days
Can EnterUnlimited Times

How To Take The MoeGottaKnow Survey

  1. Eat at a Moe’s Southwest Grill
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to and take the survey using the code on your receipt to start
  4. Save the validation code they give you at the end of the survey to use on your next visit to Moe’s to get $2 off your bill

Moe’s Survey Homepage

When you land on the survey homepage, you’ll see a bright red festive webpage enticing you to take the online survey in exchange for the $2 off coupon. Just make sure you saved your receipt! Survey Rules

  • You must make a purchase at a Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant
  • You must the code on your receipt in order to take the survey
  • You must take the survey within 5 days of the date on your receipt

Contact Moe’s Southwest Grill

contact moes

Contact online

5620 Glenridge Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30342


44 thoughts on “MoeGottaKnow — Take Moe’s® Survey, Get $2

  1. Love eating at moes glad yall came to oxford al. love the help and managment. Lauren is great help been great with the customers. very pleased . I’ve been coming in since the first day yall opened and much improvement has been made. Keep it up.

  2. Service was GREAT! I had a Free birthday burrito on my phone and couldn’t pull it up on my phone to use. The gal checked to see if she could give it to me and the reply was YES! That was a Great way to keep a new customer. Burrito was excellent. I will return

  3. we have purchased two times this week guacamole and cueso. Each time I have tried to leave a customer feedback and both time I have reached a page stating that it is no longer available. How can I take the survey and get $2.00 off our next order. I also wanted to mention that the guacamole, while delicious, had a big portion of the pit in it. My daughter bit into it and jammed her tooth into it causing her discomfort. Both purchases were at store #294 in Knoxville Tennessee

  4. We usually get take out from Moe’s every Friday an Tuesday.Im vegan so this has all i need an Mexican is my favorite.Dablo’s is closer but,The Employees @663 in Augusta are THE BEST LATOYA paid for my B-Day in July.Really touched me.Daniel Just lost his mom an i took him a card an a small gift He wept,I wept,Several employee’s had tears
    Such compassion for their co-worker…Amber is sweet an Antwain?You just don’t find good service like this They good to my granddaughter an that is the icing on the cake.I will pass Diablo’s anyday for this service.It’s The old fashion kind that is like finding a True Gem.Food is great too. .I feel” Welcome To Moe’s”!!!

  5. Ate at Moes this afternoon, in Norfolk, VA. After paying and eating our meal. I had leftovers and went to the counter to ask for a bag. For a long time no one was working by the register. So I placed my food and chips in a bag that was on the counter and walked away. Alexis ( I assume) the afternoon manager approached me, tapped me on the shoulder and said I needed to pay for the food. Obviously accusing me of stealing a meal, in front of other customers. Left a very bad taste in my mouth and heart. I’d like to leave some feedback, but computer says site not available. I would also appreciate an apology from Moes. I noticed there was no phone posted on the restaurant walls or windows for the manager. So here are my thoughts.

  6. Ate at moe’s today. Food was great but I had a coupon for free quaso and a drink. Did not realize Till I got home I was charged for the Free drink
    Cannot get on to the site for your $2 coupon Boooooooo
    So now you owe me two coupons. Store 2684

  7. I just started going to Moe’s and I always have great service at Moe’s. Micha and Katie are so great and make you feel welcome when you come in the you are all the jalapenos luv

  8. I’m so tired of having trouble getting the coupon! We go EVERY week, from 4 to 8 of us! You either want feedback or not! You either offer a coupon or not! There are way better ways to offer coupons. Our same group meets on Mondays at Perkins and their coupons make way more sense and are way less FRUSTRATING!

  9. Had the pleasure of eating at Moe’s a while back, was a good experience. Returned with my husband and Friends, was disappointed with the attitude of the staff. Not very helpful with explanations of preparedness of menu items.
    Very sloppy with prep to the point where a second staff member had to jump in and help with making a Chicken Home wrecker. Which wasn’t any better. In stead of starting over she just scraped the content on to another shell. It was a bit unpleasant. Property was less than satisfactory for cleanliness. ie: Dirty floor, seats and tables, Yuck! Property was Wilkes-Barre PA.
    Couldn’t put this information in the survey request for the $2 coupon( That I won’t miss).
    Because it didn’t work either.
    If I have a choice next time for Mexican when I travel. (oh and I travel) I will probably look for a Chilies.

  10. Ate at Moe’s tonite & experienced FRESH delish salsas, FRIENDLY staff, & Christy, fill-in mgr, was ON TOP of things! Store runs like a top! VERY pleased with our dining!!

  11. Very unpleasant experience and store dining area was nasty.I found an object in my queso dip and returned it and wasn’t accommodated in no type of way by a manager or staff.I won’t ever return again store#118

  12. Ate at Moe’s Madison #2687 this evening and was not very happy with the quality of the food. Everyone hollered out when we walked in the door, which I find very annoying, but while we were ordering, the staff acted as if we were bothering them. There were at least six people working, so I know there had to be at least one manager there. The salad that I ordered filled about half of the bowl that it was served in.. got a lot of work to do to improve. Taco Bell even got you beat!

  13. My wife and I eat at MOE’S at least once a month, Store #1630, Enfield , Ct. We are both TEA drinkers, We don’t drink the SWEET southern mix and found out this week that it’s the only TEA available. The manager told us that she had too complain to management to get the sweet tea back. Your company has just lost Two customers. Please bring back the other 4 types of TEA ?

  14. “Bowser” who works at the Rock Hill, SC location is awesome. He is super helpful, courteous and friendly and actually remembers what I always order!!! I look forward to going to this location because he is so welcoming.

  15. Let me preface these comments by stating it was a “Moe Monday” at store #3556, Groton, CT. Store was very busy and I estimate they were at least 1 staff member short. We ended up sitting in the “cleanest” of the dirty booths. When I went to get my drink filled, there was NO tea of any kind. Settled for a fountain drink. The food was good, however I wish you would consider investing in some kind of mixing utensil ( the “Bob” from Panchero’s comes to mind) because your “mash-to-mix” method once again has come up short. I finally found the guacamole in the bottom 1/3 of my Homewrecker burrito.

  16. Been trying to get a hold of Moes for my app for a few weeks now. Can’t get a response at all. Did a survey, took the survey and instead of getting a code for $2 off next meal, it said they had too many surveys so I did not get a code. WOW. Yeah I love their food, but this is not the way you treat especially a loyal customer.

  17. Went to Moe’s last night and had a delicious Earmuff Bowl. Was happy to see I could take a survey for $2 off next visit BUT the site don’t work. Then I found these comments and realized it wasn’t just me…its a LOT of people that can’t take the survey. Bummer!!

  18. I love doing surveys to get $2.00 off at your next visit to Moe’s. There is a very huge problem here and they NEVER put the survey up in order to do the survey. They REALLY LOVED THE WORD OF “LIMIT”. And I having been trying for a few days. I’m thinking of not be doing this any more because of the difficulty!!!! And they will lose a very loyal customer also by doing this !!!

  19. I came into Moe’s at a time when the old people eat (3-3:30 PM). There were only two employees engaged in quiet conversation behind the counter. No other customers. I scared the employees by shouting, “Welcome to Moe’s!” From then on the conversation was among the three of us while they prepared my order exactly how I asked. It was an excellent meal.
    I have filled out the survey and recieved the code for $2.00 off and plan to return tomorrow to redeem.

  20. Had drive through take out during the Roma crises. I swear your food taste like it comes from a high class dinner place in Chicago. So good! Coming back real soon.

  21. I was not allowed to use my $2 off coupon today. They said I had to use it within 5 days and it had expired. I told them it said I had to take the survey within 5 days, which I had done and the coupon said I could use it on my next visit which this was. But they would not take it. Is the coupon good for only 5 days after my initial visit? This is the first time I’ve been told this. Other Moes have accepted the coupon well after 5 days. Please let me know the rule so I’ll know either way. It’s a bit frustrating that stores seem to have different rules for using these coupons. Thank you.

  22. I am trying to reach someone at the Moe Tamarac #169 store at 2400 West Commerical Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, but no one is answering the phone. Its been busy for almost an hour. I need to know if I left MY CELL PHONE THERE. Please have someone to contact me at (305) 696-8569. Ms. Vera

  23. At 8pm I ordered and spoke with Lindsey, and Justin who were excellent with customer service! The food was amazing, will be back for sure!

  24. This is the most convoluted survey. I have tried to log on at least 6 times, and never found the right place to answer. All I want is the $2 coupon.
    Oh, is the birthday burrito for my husband available on 10/20/20 in Webster, NY?
    I do like the fact that I can get salt-free chips.

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