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McDonalds Survey

mcdonalds survey

Are you aware the original McDonald’s was a hot dog stand?

And that the second McDonald’s was a barbeque shop?

Read more about McDonald’s history as a hot dog stand and bbq shop on the page here.

However, the McDonald’s chain listened to customer feedback and realized everyone liked the burgers more than the hot dogs and barbeque.

McDonald’s is where it is today because it asks valued customers such as yourself for feedback.

It started as a tiny little hot dog stand in Cali on Route 66. Then it grew to a full restaurant as the McDonalds brothers took it over from their father.

They tried out barbecue but kept coming back to the hamburger concept as they realized it was what the people wanted and was their bestseller.

That just goes to show the power that listening to the customer has had in McDonald’s development and growth. Imagine if the two brothers had decided to stick with the barbecue concept even when they were selling out hamburgers left and right?

Would McDonald’s be where it is today? Likely not.

mcdonalds survey line

Listening to customers and incorporating the majority’s feedback is a strategy that has served the McDonald’s chain very well over the years.

This has helped them grow into a multi-billion dollar a year company in revenue and well over a billion in profit yearly.

They continue to gather feedback via the McDonald’s survey, which you can take online at

You will not leave the survey empty handed either, as they give everyone who completes the survey a free menu item as long as you buy at least one other matching menu item, minus a few small exclusions.

McDonalds Survey Prize

Prize: You’ll receive a BOGO item of your choice coupon. You can choose any item on the menu except value meals, happy meals 20 piece nuggets or 10 size chicken tender.

McDVoice Survey Details

McDonald's Survey PrizeBOGO Coupon
Receipt Valid For7 Days
Coupon Valid For30 Days
Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline at
Survey Limit5 Per Person Per Month

How To Take The McDonalds Survey

  1. Buy any food item at your nearest McDonalds
  2. Keep your receipt with you
  3. Visit
  4. You must make sure you visit the survey page within 7 days of getting your receipt, as that is when it expires
  5. Answer all McDonald’s survey questions
  6. After completing the survey write down the coupon code
  7. Within 30 days bring your receipt and coupon code to a McDonalds to get your buy one get one free menu item

McDonalds Survey Homepage

mcdonalds survey

McDonalds Survey Eligibility

  • United States and District of Columbia residents only
  • McDonalds customers only
  • Survey must be taken within 7 days of receipt of your receipt
  • Coupon must be redeemed within 30 days of survey being taken
  • Only 1 coupon may be used per customer per McDonald’s visit
  • Coupon is worth 1/20 of 1 cent in cash value if you wish to redeem it
  • No transfers or sales of your coupon
  • No combining your coupon with any other offer. Must be used alone
  • Max surveys you can take per month is 5

See your receipt and the screen at the end of the survey for more rules. Also read the entire list of rules and requirements please see the official rules sheet

Contact McDonald’s Survey

McDonald’s Support Phone: 1 (800) 244-6227

Reach out for support online

Give Feedback online

Feel like sending McDonald’s a letter? Send it to this address:
McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523
United States

5 thoughts on “McDonalds Survey | Take McDonald’s® Survey | Get Free Food

  1. I have tried to take your survey and I can’t find it! It’s everything but the survey! Plus all the advertising!!!
    I had a great experience in Anderson, CA and thought I’d try the survey but it failed!

  2. I am a loyal McDonalds customer that visits the McDonalds restaurant several times a week at several local locations. The one store in particular is becoming very sad and I wish the owner knew what goes on when he is not present. I have watched this McDonalds slowly start to fall apart. The floors and tables are filthy quite often and the napkin holders are actually sticky all over the outside of the dispensers. Several times our order was so messed up and I could not believe that it took 4 or 5 times to get just a few things corrected. I have had sandwiches served to me with the cheese not even on the sandwich-just sitting in the box next to the sandwich. I have had them actually lock the doors as we were walking up to the doors 20 minutes before closing, and also had them lock the doors while we were on the inside 20 mins before closing. AT times they had loud rap music playing which was totally inappropriate for the location and the reason why we go to that particular McDonalds more often than the other local ones. The location is in a more upscale part of the city and the McDonalds downtown in the heart of the city is cleaner and more together. I usually would not say anything but it is sad to watch this mans business going down like this and he might not be aware of it. They used to have a phone number customers to call for complaints or compliments but that has been taken off the wall.

  3. This is the 3rd and final time I will attempt to leave a comment. About 2 months ago me, my girlfriend and her daughter in law stopped and had lunch at mcdonalds on 5th Avenue south in fort dodge. At that visit our food was brought out to us and the fries were cold, there was no bacon on the quarter pound I ordered, and the chicken sandwich wasn’t as ordered. I ate the sandwich anyway, I scrapped the excess sauce off, but I told them about the fries, they did bring fresh ones out, but when the did, we were ready to leave. They apologized when we were on our way out the door, but I think maybe we should have been offered something to make up for this experience. I have commented about this twice before about this experience w no response received. I usually stop in at the other McDonalds across town on Ave A at least 2 times a week on my way to work and have never had any trouble at all there. Maybe you should answer some of the comments people leave, makes me wonder why you even have comments in the first place….

  4. I visit your carryout restaurant in Carrickfergus at Rogers Quay. On the mornings I visit I usually have a Bacon Bap and a Cappuccino the cost is £4.29. When I visit Greggs I can get the same meal for £2.75. Come on Mcdonalds surely you can do better for the customers. The Greggs I go to is on the M1 Applegreen service station heading west just before Lisburn. If you would like to check it out. Thank you and I look forward to you actions and reply

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