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Krystal Guest Survey

Did you know Elvis Presley liked to snack on Krystal hamburgers?

Just another testament to the chain’s tasty food, and a fun celebrity endorsement.

Krystal got its name when the founder and his wife were driving down a mountain road and saw a crystal ball on a lawn.

Legend has it the wife told her husband keeping a restaurant clean like a crystal should be one of the foundations of any food establishment.

The husband agreed, and the craftily clever couple decided to name their restaurant Krystal with a K, a twist on clean like a crystal with a C.

krystal survey prize

However, that is just company legend, who knows how true it is, as companies make up fake yet compelling backstories all the time.

One example of a fake backstory is the Hollister backstory where they pretend they were founded dozens of years earlier than they actually were. Hollister also pretends that their founder was a surfer when the company is actually just a cheaper offshoot of the Abercrombie brand.

You can take the Hollister survey and read more about the fake backstory at

Davenport and Sherrill founded the original Krystal in 1932 during the Great Depression.

They were inspired by White Castle to create a clean efficient restaurant that also served tiny tasty burgers.

Today Krystal is still improving and they like to get customer feedback.

When you take the Krystal Guest Survey, you’ll get a coupon you can use on your next visit.

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Krystal Guest Survey Prize

Prize: Three Free Burgers with the purchase of a medium fries and drink on your next visit

*Note: Prize may vary, so check your receipt for the exact current prize for your location Details

Survey Prize3 Free Burgers with Purchase of Medium Fries & Drink
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Coupon Valid For30 Days
Coupon Limit1 Per Visit
Purchase Required?Yes

How To Take The Krystal Guest Survey

  1. Buy any number of items at a Krystal restaurant location near you
  2. Keep your receipt until you’re able to go online to the survey site
  3. Fill out the entire survey, then write down the validation code you will receive at the end onto your Krystal receipt
  4. Bring your Krystal receipt with the Krystal Guest Survey validation code on it to your next Krystal visit to receive 3 free burgers when you buy a medium fries and drink

**Make sure you take the survey within 3 days of receiving your receipt, and make sure you use your coupon within 30 days of taking the survey for the coupon to be valid. Homepage

The is a stark black, white and red contrast. The page prompts you to enter your 12 digit survey code you can find on your receipt in order to start the survey:

Krystal Survey Rules

  • Must take online survey within 3 days of visit
  • Must redeem coupon within 30 days of visit
  • Can only use one coupon per visit
  • No cash value
  • Coupon can’t be combined with other offers
  • No refunds available

See full rules on your Krystal receipt.

Contact Krystal

Contact Online

Krystal Guest Survey Rating



16 thoughts on “Krystal Guest Survey ― Take Krystal® Survey ― Free Burgers

  1. Krystal has the most wonderful staff. The staff greet you with a smile every time I go in there. Ms. Vanessa is so nice, and polite. The cook (Ms. Clovis is the best at everything she does. Her meals should be on display. The presentation is so good. Ms. Catrice is fast at getting customer through the drive through window. Thank you Krystal’s for hiring those people in the afford mention narrative. … Dr. Leonard.

    1. 05/14/2019 6:07am My Sister and I eat your Scramble every morning. The Service is GREAT never had a problem with it. Employees are very nice.

  2. I use the location in Covington, TN. Always friendly service, fresh food, clean restaurant. The $3 square meal makes lunch affordable….

  3. I tried to take the survey, but my receipt does not look like your sample. The code is 20 characters long and it does not show the time.

  4. Last visit to Krystal manager was rude and very unprofessional about addressing my problem. Ask for item that was left out of my order. Had receipt.

  5. Would love to get the free food but I still would love to say that the Villa Rica Ga. location was delicious and the food was fresh day and night ate twice this week and it was soooo good! We are having it again tonight but he forgot the coupons but still feeding all of us anyway!!! Keep it fresh love it!!!

  6. i went into your store at preachtree corner on peachtree pkwy. the counter service was fine. it was around 2:30 pm and no one was in the dining room, two cars were at the drive up. I got my food to go. my fries were old and stale, but hot. I was giving very old fries that had been microwaved. very disappointed with the laziness of your cook

  7. store #BCF002. I visit store a lot. Whoever painted interior did a terrible job. Everytime in there ,trash on floor ,floor is sticky,black grout just does not make it.Behind counter very unkept. Where is your regional manager?

  8. We have a Krystal in Fort Oglethorpe,Ga. It is so nasty. The manager didn’t seem to care. Also the one in Ringgold Ga is the same way. We have stopped eating at Krystal because of that. They need cleaned up and new management.

    1. well the Krystal in mableton,ga. was really bad aprox.1year ago .Then they had new management it was great.I do not know what happened on the past month or sobut my expierience today went like this..Girl taking order acted as if i was bothering her when trying to order at the drive thru..Paid and was asked luke two or three other people to pull forward and wait ..after anout 15 min what seemed more like an eternity ayoung man came out wuth my two bags of food , harkes and spit looking right at me as if he would rather die than bring food out,,,was very confused took 1/2 the order back inside where i then also had to go inside ti help anyone in there help me explain both bags of food were mi ne.. That us not the wirse part, the worse part was the 4 krystal chics.Purchased a 15.oo family feast whick comes with three so i just added an additinal chik. They were so ,old ,overcooked,,drus up tough looking something and one of them did not have a bottom bun , how does that even happen..

  9. I really would like to use your coupon, however I do not wish to have all this attached to my e-mail or computer in any form or fashion. Your food is good enough to stand on its own without the help of some information stealing program attached to it.

  10. Krystal in lafollette has the worst food I’ve ever ate my dog would not eat the burgers the fries were hard and cold and it cost way too much.

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