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Only 100 years after the US became independent from Britain, in 1883, a man named Bernard Kroger withdrew his entire life savings of $372, (worth about $9,800 in 2018 US dollars).

He then used the entire life savings withdrawal to open a grocery store in Cincinnati, Ohio, on 66 Pearl Street.

This small grocery store would be the first in the now well-known and successful Kroger Grocery store chain.

kroger grocery

His small success in that first year foreshadowed great things to come, including the current KrogerFeedback survey, and his ability to open his second store in 1884.

kroger items

Kroger’s dad, a merchant, taught him an important lesson he used to guide what items he stocked his store with,

“Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.”

Personally, I think this is great advice, since people tend to be horrible at guessing at others behavior, but you always know for sure what you yourself want.

So chances are, if you want something, so do many other people.

Kroger started as a very hands-off shopping model, where you would ask a clerk behind the counter to grab you whatever you needed.

In 1916, they revolutionized their business by discarding the hands-off shopping model entirely.

Instead they now allowed customers to self-service and shop for whatever they wanted without having to ask for a particular product in order to get it.

Turns out, Kroger’s conviction to sell “only things he would want himself” proved very prudent, as the stores’ business were booming.

In the 1950s, Kroger started to purchase and take over grocery store chains left and right including Henke & Pilot, Krambo Food Stores Inc., Big Chain Stores Inc., and Market Basket.

That’s part of the reason Kroger does the survey today, as they want to sell things the customer wants.

What is the best way to do that? Simply ask them, which is what Kroger does with their feedback survey.

give kroger your feedback

In the 1970s, the chain showed its openness to embrace change and innovation, being one of the first grocery stores to test electronic scanners and consumer research.

In the 90’s its growth propelled it to continue acquiring other grocery chains including Payless Food Markets, Owens Market, JayC Food Stores and Hilander Foods.

In 2015, the chain finally started a store in Hawaii.

Kroger’s success is incredible, especially when you look back to where it started, from a man’s dedication and small $372 investment.

In 2017, its revenue was $122.7 billion and it continues to grow today.

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In order to stay at the top of its game, and continue to generate such amazing revenue numbers, Kroger runs a survey where they collect customer feedback and then use it to improve future customer experience.

In return for purchasing a product and taking their survey customers are entered into their monthly sweepstakes to win either one of one $5,000 Grand Prize or one of one hundred $100 First Prizes if randomly chosen as a winner.

You can enter the KrogerFeedback sweepstakes with or without a purchase. To enter online you do need a purchase.

kroger survey

You can enter via mail with no purchase. Keep reading to find out more details and how you can enter to win.

KrogerFeedback Details

Purchase Required?No
Entry MethodMail, Online
Prize$5,000 or $100 Gift Card
All Participants Receive50 Bonus Fuel Points
Receipt Valid For7 Days
Entry Limit For Fuel Point Bonus1 Per 7 Days

KrogerFeedback Sweepstake Prizes

  1. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive $5,000 in Kroger gift cards
  2. 100 First Prize winners will receive $100 in Kroger gift cards
  3. Winners will be told they have won by email, mail, and/or phone call
  4. 50 point fuel bonus for taking survey – max 1 per 7 days Survey Homepage

The homepage is set on a white background populated with bright logos of many of the companies Kroger owns. It allows you to enter the date, time and your entry ID, which can be found on your receipt, to start the survey:

Krogerfeedback survey homepage

How To Enter the Kroger Survey Online

Enter Online

  1. Make a purchase at a participating Kroger grocery store and save your receipt
  2. Go to the KrogerFeedback website
  3. Enter the date, time and entry number on your receipt then click next to begin the survey
  4. Answer all survey questions
  5. Congratulations, you are now entered into the sweepstakes

You may enter an unlimited amount of times online each month. Online entries are only limited by the number of receipts as you need one receipt per entry.

Secret Survey Hack How To Enter KrogerFeedback Without Purchase

How To Enter By Mail

  • Print your name, address and phone number on a postcard
  • Address and mail the postcard to:
    Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes
    PMI Station PO Box 3547
    Southbury CT 064883547

  • You may enter the Kroger Survey an unlimited number of times by mail. Each separate mail-in entry must be mailed on a separate post card.

    KrogerFeedback Rules & Eligibility

    • 1 random drawing is conducted each month, on or around the 10th of the month after the contest period ends to select both a grand prize winner and 100 first prize winners
    • 1 prize per person
    • Must enter within 7 days of getting receipt
    • Limit of 50 fuel point bonus per 7 days
    • Must be over 18 to enter
    • Must be US or District of Columbia resident, excluding Florida, New York and Rhode Island
    • No Kroger employees or affiliated persons may enter

    See the official rules for more detail

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    1. The strore is all way a clean place to shop,every time I am there.Everyone is very friendly and willing to help.Your sales on idiots helped a lot.Thank You.

    2. Good place to shop always clean they have sushi now love that and they have crab salad I love that too love the new products keep it up

    3. My name is Donald Ashmore and I done this survey a while back and I never heard anything back from it. On top of that the Kroger products come at a great price with good quality food. Thrifty without the lack of quality, it’s no wonder why this company has stayed standing so long. I love the story about how Bernard Kroger dedicated his life to making a business that has survived over 100 years.

    4. Excellent way a good company can help us reduce the cost of gasoline at a time when prices are rising. Second, your commitment to good relations at the pump is matched by excellent relations with personnel in the store.

      1. We my husband and I purchase gasoline on a weekly basis. The savings are tremendous and beneficial to us. We greatly appreciate all savings.
        Thank you.

    5. Kroger has a variety of items not just food, and I love it. I can come in and purchase cook ware items for the kitchen, summer items for your porch,a grill to cook the best meat you will ever taste. If there are lines when you are ready to checkout they open more registers . Thank all of the cashiers!

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