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Colonel Sanders is a marketing genius.

His superior branding and marketing abilities is part of the reason KFC was able to expand to over 18,000 locations in countries all over the world so quickly.

In 1976, the Colonel was voted as the world’s second most recognized celebrity.

colonel sanders

People feel safe and comfortable when they view a KFC logo, knowing they will be able to get quality food anywhere in the world, and that they will be satisfied when they finish eating.

kfc logo

This comfort is largely due to the Colonel’s genius omnipresent marketing tactic, and it is due to the consistency of quality and type of KFC food produced globally.

Basically, you know what you’re going to get before you buy it, so you feel safe and comfortable purchasing the food anywhere in the world.

canada kfc inside

The KFC Canada about page explains how they fuel the positive worldwide perception of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It has to do with a special ingredient that isn’t even food or anything in a soft drink. The ingredient is integrity, and it is integral to all KFC operations run worldwide.

kfc soda machine

The next time you step into a KFC, remember the value integrity, and see if you can figure out how it is represented in that specific KFC, and how it is fueling the chain’s incredible growth.

KFC Canada also gives all customers a chance to take its KFCListens survey online at

This is your chance to give KFC the feedback it desires so it can continue to provide top-tier service and food items for you to enjoy.

In return, you’ll get the chance to redeem the free coupon offer printed on your receipt. Keep reading to find out how you can take the survey to get your free coupon.

KFCListens Prize

You can choose to redeem your coupon for a free popcorn chicken OR Strawberry cheesecake as long as you also buy a soda on your next KFC outing.

Prize: Free popcorn chicken OR Strawberry cheesecake along with a fountain drink purchase on your next KFC Canada visit

**You MUST PURCHASE a fountain drink in order to be able to redeem your freebie coupon!

KFC Canada Coupons

For additional free KFC Canada coupons, go here: Details

Purchase Required To Take Survey?Yes
Receipt Valid For7 Days
Coupon Valid For14 Days
Purchase Required To Redeem Coupon?Yes
Coupon LimitationSoft Drink Purchase Required To Redeem

Take The Survey

  1. First, you must make a purchase and save your receipt at a Canadian KFC location
  2. Then, within 7 days of your purchase, you can go online to the website here to take the survey
  3. If you prefer to take the survey in French, you can go online to the French KFC Listens survey here
  4. When you complete the survey, write the survey validation code on your receipt
  5. Within 14 days of your original purchase, go to a Canada KFC location to redeem your coupon
  6. You must also purchase a fountain drink in order to be able to redeem the free offer printed on your receipt Homepage

The homepage has a Canadian flag in the upper left corner. It asks you for the store number, date and time of your visit in order for you to begin the survey: Terms & Conditions

  • Purchase required to take survey
  • Fountain drink purchase required to redeem coupon
  • Must take survey within 7 days of getting your receipt
  • Must use your coupon within 14 days of your original purchase
  • Must save your original receipt to be able to take survey & redeem your coupon
  • Must write your survey validation code on your original receipt in order to redeem your coupon prize

See your receipt for full rules and your current offer.

Contact KFC Canada

Canada KFC Phone: 1-866-364-0862

Contact Canada KFC Online

30 thoughts on “ ― KFCListens® Survey ― Free Chicken

  1. My last 3 pc dinner was very disappointing, I got 2 legs and a wing.
    I was travelling through Stratford on my way home, (I don’t live in town)
    Stopped to grab a dinner to take home for supper, I was not happy about the contents.
    If I didn’t live so far away from the store I would have brought it back.
    Now I always check my order before I leave the store.

  2. Kfc doesn’t taste the same anymore ,smaller portions .inferior product from years gone by.sorry to no more finger licking good for me

  3. Hello I went to your store east end Belleville on the highway. I like my KFC a little more crispy 4 piece or bucket they always cook it in the fryer more me every place from Vancouver 2 Montreal no problem. But not at this location ??? Went to front street Bellivelle no problem got it cooked a little more I was there 9:30pm last night should I go talk to the manager. I live close to this location.

  4. my last visit to store 1307 was very terrible from terrible service to a pile of greasy chicken with no taste i really dont think ill ever be there again or possibly any kfc

  5. Store #1840 Scott Rd Surrey … did a 9 piece takeout, the pieces were the size of a small pigeon, and VERY overcooked. Had to go to BK to get another dinner ! We only cook what they send us, is not a sufficient excuse for poor quality. If KFC is serving this size now, GOOD BYE !

  6. We ate at your restaurant (1887) in Kamloops four times this week. Each time we were served by Mark. He was informative with the menu, friendly and patient, and made us feel at home. You have yourselves a great employee that deserves a recommendation for representing your restaurant in a good and polite manner. We have many restaurants to choose from but we return because of Marks affability with customers. Way to go Mark. You’re doing a great job.

  7. I am sorry to say…the frys were too salty, the chicken was too greasy and the popcorn chicken was too greasy. The white macaroni tasted awful..did not eat it , threw it out.

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