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The first Australian KFC opened April 27, 1968, by franchisee Bob LaPointe.

The outlet started with a large number of employees, 25.

Only 2 years later, in 1970, there were already 38 Australian KFCs, with a new one opening just about every single week.

Have you ever seen the Australian KFC launch commercial?

If not, you may want to take a look below – it’s pretty retro in all its black and white glory. It shows off dancing girls and happy young men and women biting into massive pieces of KFC chicken.

In 1991 KFC officially changed its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to simply “KFC” as we know it today.

I think their goal was to ditch the stigma around the word “fried” so people wouldn’t assume it was a completely unhealthy option.

The company has grown a lot in Australia since its humble 1968 beginnings, or not so humble when you consider the first store had 25 employees.

kfc australia boxed meals

Even though it now has a large Australian presence, the company dreams of growing even bigger.

Lend a hand and take the survey so you can get your hands on a free Pepsi & chips coupon, and so KFC can get the feedback it needs to grow even bigger than it is today. Prize

Prize: Free Pepsi & Chips (with minimum $4.95 spend)

After you present your original receipt + your survey validation code and spend at least $4.95 on your next Australia KFC visit, you’ll receive your free chips and Pepsi drink.

**Sometimes, they will let you swap out the free chips and Pepsi for mash potatoes and gravy or another combo, so feel free to ask. It is up to them, however so don’t be disappointed if they say no.

NOTE: Prize may vary according to time, date and location, so check your receipt to see what the current prize or coupon offer is.

KFC Feedback Aus Details

Purchase Required?Yes
Coupon PrizeFree Chips & Pepsi
Coupon Required Minimum Spend$4.95
Survey TypeOnline

Take The KFC Feedback Aus Survey

  1. Buy anything at an Australian KFC
  2. Keep your receipt with you until you have internet access
  3. Go online to and complete the survey
  4. Write the survey validation code onto your receipt
  5. Bring your receipt with the validation code into an Australian KFC and spend at least $4.95 to redeem your coupon, which may be a free Pepsi and chips Homepage

The KFCfeedback Aus homepage actually redirects to the same survey as the KFC Russia page. For some reason, they now want the Australians to use the Russia survey…

It doesn’t make sense to me, but let me know if you’re in Australia taking this survey and still able to get your free coupon – let me know specifically in the comments below: au Rules

  • Purchase required to be eligible for survey
  • Taking survey required to be eligible for coupon
  • Must spend at least $4.95 on next visit in order to be able to redeem your coupon
  • Prize may vary according to time and location

See your receipt for full survey rules: receipt

Contact KFC Feedback Aus

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