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The first Australian KFC opened April 27, 1968, by franchisee Bob LaPointe.

The outlet started with a large number of employees, 25.

Only 2 years later, in 1970, there were already 38 Australian KFCs, with a new one opening just about every single week.

Have you ever seen the Australian KFC launch commercial?

If not, you may want to take a look by checking it out on Youtube – it’s pretty retro in all its black and white glory. It shows off dancing girls and happy young men and women biting into massive pieces of KFC chicken.

In 1991 KFC officially changed its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to simply “KFC” as we know it today.

I think their goal was to ditch the stigma around the word “fried” so people wouldn’t assume it was a completely unhealthy option.

The company has grown a lot in Australia since its humble 1968 beginnings, or not so humble when you consider the first store had 25 employees.

australia kfc

Even though it now has a large Australian presence, the company dreams of growing even bigger.

Lend a hand and take the survey so you can get your hands on a free Pepsi & chips coupon, and so KFC can get the feedback it needs to grow even bigger than it is today. Prize

Prize: Free Pepsi & Chips (with minimum $4.95 spend)

After you present your original receipt + your survey validation code and spend at least $4.95 on your next Australia KFC visit, you’ll receive your free chips and Pepsi drink.

**Sometimes, they will let you swap out the free chips and Pepsi for mash potatoes and gravy or another combo, so feel free to ask. It is up to them, however so don’t be disappointed if they say no.

NOTE: Prize may vary according to time, date and location, so check your receipt to see what the current prize or coupon offer is.

KFC Feedback Aus Details

Purchase Required?Yes
Coupon PrizeFree Chips & Pepsi
Coupon Required Minimum Spend$4.95
Survey TypeOnline

Take The KFC Feedback Aus Survey

  1. Buy anything at an Australian KFC
  2. Keep your receipt with you until you have internet access
  3. Go online to and complete the survey
  4. Write the survey validation code onto your receipt
  5. Bring your receipt with the validation code into an Australian KFC and spend at least $4.95 to redeem your coupon, which may be a free Pepsi and chips Homepage

The KFCfeedback Aus homepage actually redirects to the same survey as the KFC Russia page. For some reason, they now want the Australians to use the Russia survey…

It doesn’t make sense to me, but let me know if you’re in Australia taking this survey and still able to get your free coupon – let me know specifically in the comments below: au Rules

  • Purchase required to be eligible for survey
  • Taking survey required to be eligible for coupon
  • Must spend at least $4.95 on next visit in order to be able to redeem your coupon
  • Prize may vary according to time and location

See your receipt for full survey rules.

Contact KFC Feedback Aus

Contact KFC Aus Online

41 thoughts on “ | Take KFC® Aus Survey | Free Pepsi

  1. Gladstone qld 4680 kfc been there 5 times now no zinger burgers waiting line for half an hour no signs stating no zi nger burgers an also the ness behind the counter was health an safety i was sick looking at it ive neven been so pissed of in my life seriuoly something needs to be done its a joke 5 times now

    1. Food was disgusting chicken dry as made me kind of sick & chips were dry also.
      Don’t think I’ll be a return customer anymore.
      Farewell KFC get your act together

  2. I’m in Australia…living in Brisbane and frequent the KFC outlet in the food court in Fortitude Valley,before I catch my train….Really my interest in participating in the survey is to make a compliment about a staff member there.Her name is Rachana…I must tell you her customer service is practically excellent.She smiles,is efficient and timely…The other staff are okay,but in my opinion Rachana’s attitude and engaging smile is in part the reason I like to buy my snacks etc.from KFC.
    I think I have only met such a personable employee on rare occassions. Good service is so vitally important… Kind regards… Hilmar

  3. I purchased the ZINGER BOX every thing was fine but the 3 Wicked Wings were very cold
    Store 2285 11/11/2018 order no 4038

    thanks Matilde

  4. I think KFC concord make the best chicken in Sydney. The staff are always exceptional. I live in very close proximity to 2 KFC within walking distance but I’ll always drive a few kms to concord KFC. It’s not greasy & chips are always fresh aswell.

  5. Visited your Ferntree Gully Store at 2129 pm. The food was good so was the service.
    However the noise from the Staff chatting to each other was overbearing also I overheard a loud expletive being used by a male member. The behaviour of the staff there overall was totally unprofessional in my opinion.

  6. Went to register complaint for poor food but need docket.Like many people either through it out or did not get one so couldn,t register complaint. One way KFC keeps its complaints down

  7. very sad of not having a KFC at kovilpatti.. your branch was there at thirunelveli and thoothukudi but still you have not yet started a branch at kovilpatti. we the people from this city are expecting you soon here.

  8. KFC Cessnock ,
    Staff cleaning dining room out of uniform, or is that customers cleaning before they eat?? A 47 minute wait in the drive through, order taker playing on his phone, and a manager saying “Good job girls almost there” loud enough you could hear it through the closed pick up window…. really??? And where’s the condiments for our meal? Every time, same outcome, dont have it or didn’t get put in the bag. I run a kitchen, next time someone whinges about a 40 minute wait for a steak in a restaurant, I’ll send them on through to you guys!!!

  9. Our family rarely gets kfc anymore. Extremely dissatisfied with the quality compared to the price. Our recent experience with store 9807 has not changed our views. Chicken tenders box consisted of 3 very small soggy chicken pieces barely covered in crumb, tiny box of chicken popcorn consisted mainly of crunchy bits of crumb with very little chicken content at all and a small white paper bag only half filled with chips thrown in the box with small whipped potato and gravy. We were given no aoili sauce at all. All of this for $11.45. Things have certainly changed – and not for the better. I don’t think so, you’ve lost us as customers!

  10. Your chips are a BIG turn-off, especially when they are covered in sooooo much salt. Doesn’t matter what store you go to the end result is the same, salt with chips. Like everything the sizes of everything is getting smaller and the purchase price increases slightly. If I have to buy Nuggets, i’ll buy KFC, go to McDonalds to buy the chips (much better and much less salt) A big plus would be for KFC to start having Hot brewed coffee, when we have take away, usually I have to go to both stores with a list, the short list is always KFC, you are not providing your competition with much opposition.

  11. Hi my name is Poppy I am 10 years old,
    Today I was waiting in line for 10 minutes for someone to take my order. It was very frustrating. I think they didn’t have enough staff on the job

  12. Feedback access is an absolute joke…… There is no way to put the correct year (2019) to start the survey…. The meal i got was NOT what i ordered, I ordered Hot and Spicy and recieved Original after I enquired as to the availability of Hot and Spicy. The “Clerk” entered my order incorrectly, surprise surprise as the ALL male staff behind the counter were more intent on the pretty young lady they served before me, all of a sudden there were 4 male staff members at the front counter to view the scenery instead of doing their job….. Either they do the job they’re employed to do or they gett on the end of the queue at Centrelink
    If someone at Collins Food Group would like to call me and discuss this matter i would be grateful…. Extremely unhappy won’t be visiting this Franchise any time soon

  13. Thank you for bringing out the Nugget offer again but myself and a few of my friends will not buy nuggets or popcorn chicken any more as the new Sweet n Sour sauce is not nice.
    Please bring back the original SnS sauce
    Thank you

  14. We purchased a Giant Feast tonight from the store in Eltham . I’m sure their oil hasn’t been changed for a long time. Instead of the chicken being a golden brown it was a dark dirty brown colour. Half the chicken was dried out. We threw out most of the chicken as it couldn’t be eaten. Very disappointed.

  15. I always choose to go to kfc on Cranbourne/Frankston Rd, Frankston! As they always get my order correct! And the food is always fresh n tasty. The service i recreive is polite and with a smile. Thanks guys.

  16. Kaylah at your Lismore store is very friendly and it looks like she really takes an interest in all the staff ensuring they are all fine to get home if asked to work a longer shift congratulations not all bosses care these days

  17. The staff should NOT automaticly put DIPS in your order unless request by customer.
    Receipts are very hard to understand with all the Plus and Minuses.
    I asked for a Tender Box with 5 pces of chicken it cost me $16.30. I think that’s over priced.

  18. HI I visited the Adelaide North East Road KFC, It was late and the staff were cleaning the outlet and my aunties , Uncle and I stopped to have a late dinner. I want to specifically mention a staff member (Claudia) who went above and beyond customer interaction. I must tell you her customer service was excellent. She smiles, inspite of being tired. She was efficient, timely and most importantly courteous. I would really appreciate it if she is made known of my feedback and have claudia commended. Its people like Claudia that make a difference to your organisation. Well done Claudia

  19. The Atherton KFC drive through is always so insanely slow. What are they doing in there and where’s the manager??? Good grief. Lucky we have a maccas.

  20. Ordered 3 Go Buckets tonight at Forster Store! One was a 2 piece Roasted Tender Bucket. Staff member said that there was only 1 chicken tender cooked and could she replace it with a an ordinary Tender!! Unfortunately this was cold, not heated at all!! Very disappointed.

  21. kfc in truganina(vic) store number 1164
    whenever i go for buying some food from there the kids they have serving customers there are so rude they never say thanks..have a good night or day nothing at all like that. its so disgusting

  22. Drive through at Campbelltown is always SLOW – but last night takes the biscuit. NO movement for many minutes, no apology, no explanation.
    Absolutely a disincentive to purchase.

  23. we bought six wickets wings on 15/02/20 at 845pm. inside the wicked wings not cooked properly and reddish color. we would like to have a replacement.

  24. 27082020,redbank9803 ,error with the amount taken from account .rang store , 10.95 taken twice from my bank !!!!!! not returned back !!!!! WHY. need reply Mrs C Downs 3814 7238 .

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