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KFC Survey

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When you think of Colonel Sanders, what comes to mind? For many, a kindly face with white hair that is associated with the red and white classic KFC logo.

kfc logo

This is all true, but he was actually also a 6th grade dropout!

As well as an army mule-tender, a train fireman, an insurance salesperson, and he even ran for political office. Safe to say there is more to Colonel Sanders than may initially meet the eye.

He only became the face and founder of the infamous Kentucky Fried Chicken after he reached retirement age. This means he really did live a full life before officially founding his successful company.

colonel sanders

Sanders founded the chain in 1930, and by 1936 he was made an honorary colonel to celebrate his contribution to the food industry. Now KFC is the second largest fast food restaurant in the entire world.


Want to name your kid “Colonel Sanders”? No?

How about do you want $11,000? Yes?

Then maybe rethink the first question.

If you name your kid Colonel Sanders and he is born on the Colonel’s birthday as the first baby to do so, you’ll get an $11K check the company is hoping you’ll use toward the baby’s future education.

kfc mural

That’s what I call a great marketing ploy.

To get free chicken in the meantime, make sure you take the KFC survey and after you’ll get a free chicken go cup as long as you also purchase a drink.

KFC Survey Details

Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline
Prize Free Chicken Go Cup
Receipt Valid For7 Days
Coupon Valid For30 Days
Limit1 Per Guest/Visit

KFC Survey Prize

  • Free chicken go cup coupon as long as you also buy a drink on your next visit

**To get this free go cup you must purchase a drink at your next visit

How To Take The Survey

  1. Buy anything at a Kentucky Fried Chicken
  2. Don’t throw away your receipt
  3. Visit the KFC survey website website and answer all questions
  4. For those located in the Philippines, go to here instead

Great, you have your free chicken go cup coupon now Homepage

The KFC Survey homepage is simple, white and red:

kfc survey homepage

KFC Survey Terms & Conditions

  • Must buy an item or more at a KFC
  • Must use your receipt to be eligible for the online survey
  • Must take the survey within 7 days of visiting the KFC or it will expire
  • Must use your coupon within 30 days of taking the survey or it will no longer be valid
  • Limit of 1 coupon used per guest per visit
  • You need to purchase a drink at your next visit in order to be able to use your chicken go cup freebie coupon

See your receipt for more details on the rules.

Get In Touch With KFC

KFC Phone Number: 1 (800) 225-5532

Contact KFC ONline

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