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KFC Feedback

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Would you ever want to open your own KFC?

It costs $700,000 to open a single Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise, so even those who want to may be detered by the high cost.

There are enough people who want to open a KFC in Russia that there are now hundreds of Russian KFC outlets.

Even though the first KFC opened in the US in 1952, there are now 18,875 KFC restaurants in 118 countries and territories throughout the entire world.

It’s safe to say the Kentucky Fried Chicken is a Universal taste enjoyed by people all over the world and not just the original KFC location country, the United States.

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If you want to help KFC continue to grow, and expand its tasty chicken into as many more countries and cities and possible, then you can take the KFC Feedback survey relevant to your country.

Take the KFC Feedback survey online by selecting your country’s website.

Taking the survey will help KFC learn how to better serve you for the future.

You will also not leave empty handed. You will get to redeem the coupon or sweepstakes entry offer printed on your receipt after you take the survey.

Keep reading to figure out how you can take the KFC Feedback survey on your own.

KFC Feedback Prizes

Prize: Offer printed on your receipt

You may take the survey specific to your country, then you will be able to redeem the offer printed on your receipt at your next KFC visit.

**Prize varies by country, location, and date
***See your receipt for your current prize offer

How To Take The KFC Feedback Survey

  1. All KFC Feedback surveys require a purchase in order to take them
  2. The survey websites, and the survey prizes, vary by location
  3. If you’re in the US, go to the US KFC Feedback website to take the survey:
  4. If you’re outside the US, find your country’s website in the list below
  5. Once you have taken the survey, take your receipt and survey validation code to a KFC near you to redeem your offer on your next KFC visit

Take The KFC Feedback Survey in Other Countries

If you’re in Russia, visit to take the kfcfeedback.rus Russian KFC survey.

Other KFC Feedback Country Sites

Bangledesh – KFC Feedback Survey

Indonesia – KFC Feedback Survey

KFC Feedback Homepage

The homepage for the Russian KFC survey looks similarly to the other KFC country surveys. It is plain red and white, and asks you to click ‘continue’ to begin the survey and agree to its privacy/cookie policy:

KFC Feedback Survey Rules

  • Purchase required
  • Receipt & survey time limits – see your receipt for details
  • Also see your receipt for more KFC feedback survey terms and conditions

Contact Kentucky Fried Chicken

Contact KFC Online

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