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Don’t worry, that very cute dog was not abandoned in front of Jack in the Box.

His name is Cooper and he is standing outside Jack in the Box on purpose, he just happens to look a little sad in that photo.

Jack in the Box may not let dogs inside its stores, and maybe that is why Cooper looks so sad. However it does let them walk, or in Cooper’s case, mope around outside, but in the cute mopey way as Cooper is demonstrating.

A fun fact about Jack in the Box that many people don’t know is that the first store had a blow-up clown on the roof to “watch” helpfully over its customers as they ordered through a small intercom system.

The customers would then drove through the tiny drive through window, where hamburgers were available for sale for only 18 cents.

dog yawning outside jack in the box

Imagine being able to buy a hamburger for only 18 cents today.

Man, those were the days I guess!

You can see in the above picture Cooper is agreeing that he would like a hamburger for only 18 cents, with his mouth open wide waiting to receive it.

outside jack in the box

Cooper is still outside Jack in the Box, this time looking content, because he must have eaten his 18 cent hamburger already.

Cute Cooper loves to learn, so we taught him another fun fact, which is that no, someone named “Jack” did not start “Jack in the Box”.

The founder’s name was actually “Robert Peterson”.

Many people, including Cooper, are confused and still think someone named Jack founded the company.

The confusion is largely due to Jack in the Box’s 1995 fictional marketing campaign where they portrayed “Jack”, a fictional clown reminiscent of the old blow up clown on the original store’s roof, as the company’s founder.

dog outside jack in the box

Cooper is thoughtfully pondering this point as we explain how the marketing campaign confused a lot of people about the Jack in the Box “Jack” name origin.

If you were one of the many confused by that Jack in the Box marketing campaign, feel free to let them know in the JackListens survey.

Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one who was confused, so was I and so was cute Cooper doggie.

In return for taking the JackListens survey online, you’ll get 2 lovely tacos for free on your next visit. Learn more below.

jacklistens survey


jack in the box survey

Cooper is modeling in front of a Jack in the Box sign based in Austin Texas, however that is not where the chain was founded.

Still a US-based hamburger chain, Jack in The Box was founded by Robert Peterson in 1951 in San Diego.

By 1960 the Jack in The Box chain had seen enough success where it was able to expand, opening its first stores out of state, starting with Arizona and then moving on to Texas.

jack in the box menu

Peterson was doing well enough where he was able to open other restaurants in addition to his Jack in the Box chain, and a parent company originally called San Diego Commissary Co. that he changed to be called “Foodmaker Co.” in 1960.

jack in the box inside

In 1968 Ralston Purina Co. purchased the majority controlling interest in Foodmaker Co. and started expanding the chain like crazy, growing it to over 1,000 restaurants by 1979.

It saw more potential in the Southwestern and Western markets, opening many more stores in those areas while simultaneously closing many of its Eastern and Midwestern locations.

jack in the box wall

An investment group bought out Ralston in 1985, and it went public in 1987. Shortly after it was purchased by another investment group in 1988, again going public in 1992 selling 17.2 million shares at $15/share.

It has grown and now operates in 22 states. Jack in The Box serves classic fast food hamburgers, fries and other delectable snack or dinner foods.


As a courtesy to their customers, the chain offers a special survey that customers can take in exchange for two free tacos on their next visit.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading to find a location close to you, and learn how you can take the survey and get yourself a 2 free taco coupon.

Find a Jack In The Box Location Near You

Find a restaurant location near you using the official restaurant locator. Survey Prizes

In exchange for taking the survey, you will receive a code you can redeem for two free tacos at any Jack In The Box location

  • Two free tacos Survey Details

PrizeTwo Free Tacos
Receipt Valid For3 days
Coupon Valid For7 days
Can EnterUnlimited Times
Purchase Required?Yes
LanguageEnglish or Spanish
Survey Code Digits14

Take The JackListens Survey

  1. Go to a Jack In The Box restaurant location, make a purchase and save your receipt
  2. Visit to begin the survey
  3. Choose your language either English or Spanish to complete the survey in
  4. Enter your 14-digit receipt code into the survey when prompted
  5. Complete all survey questions
  6. Write down the code at the end of the
    survey to redeem your reward of two free Jack In The Box tacos at your next restaurant visit Survey Homepage

The black and white homepage is in theme with the Jack in The Box brand. The clown mascot playfully points to the center of the page where they politely ask you to choose your language, either English or Spanish, in order to begin the survey:

jacklistens survey homepage Secret Survey Hack

The secret survey hack many do not know, is that you can take the JackListens survey every single time you eat at a Jack In The Box.

This means you are eligible to receive two free tacos EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you eat there.

Good luck, happy tacos, and let me know how it goes for you! Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • You must make a purchase to be eligible for this survey
  • You must save your receipt in order to take the survey
  • You must take the survey within 3 days of receiving your receipt
  • Must use the coupon within 7 days of taking the survey
  • One coupon per guest per visit
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Non-transferable
  • Employees or employee-affiliates not eligible

See the receipt for additional rules and conditions.

Contact Jack In The Box

contact jack in the box

Online Contact Form:

Mailing Address:
Attn: Guest Relations
9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA

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