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The 2018 Coast to Coast McDonald’s Monopoly game is open to Canadians, and you could have a chance to win or redeem a prize you have already run.

Keep reading to find out how to redeem your prize and to find out how to play the game.

Claim McDonalds Monopoly Game Prizes

If you think you have a winning stamp collection and are playing the Monopoly game in Canada,

You can go here to claim your prize: https://prizeredemption.com/

Redeem an IwonatMcD.ca Food Prize

You can bring your winning original Food Prize Game Stamp to any Canada participating McDonald’s counter, kiosk or Drive-thru to redeem your food prize.

  1. Make sure to inform the person taking your order, before you place your order, that you will be redeeming a food prize stamp.
  2. Then show them your original winning Food Prize Game Stamp
  3. Then, you will be able to redeem your free food prize

**NOTE: All prizes, including food prizes must be redeemed before or on December 2, 2018.

The deadline for claiming ALL PRIZES is no later than December 2, 2018.

Sandwich Prizes

Sandwich prizes are any of the following:

Big Mac®
Quarter Pounder with Cheese®
Double Cheeseburger
Junior Chicken

Redeem a $10 or $50 McDonald’s Reward Prize

  1. First you must obtain an “Instant Win” Game stamp that shows you won $10 or $50 prize
  2. Then you need to visit a Canada participating McDonald’s and ask for the manager who will give you a blank McDonald’s card.
  3. The blank card will have instructions that will show you what you need to do next to obtain your prize.
  4. You will need to go online to https://prizeredemption.com/ and use your email address and the blank McDonald’s card to redeem your $10 or $50 card prize.
  5. Before redeeming the prize you will need to enter the 20 digit number on your blank McDonald’s card
  6. Then you will need to answer the Skill-Testing Question, without using any assistance.
  7. If you answer the Skill Question incorrectly, your prize will be forfeited.
  8. Once you correctly answer the skill question, within 24 hours, your blank McDonald’s card will be activated with the $10 or $50 CDN prize amount you won, and you will be able to use that card at participating McDonald’s restaurants in Canada!

**NOTE: You must claim this prize by 11:59:59 p.m. Local Time on December 2, 2018

The deadline for claiming ALL PRIZES is no later than December 2, 2018.

How To Play the McDonald’s Monopoly Game

To play, no purchase is required. You can enter by mail without a purchase, details further below.

To play with a purchase, you can order the specific menu items that qualify for the Canadian game.

Food that qualifies for the Game

You’ll need to buy the specific menu items below to get game pieces.

Each Game Piece contains 2 Game Stamps to play the game with.

Buy these foods to receive 1 Game Piece:

Medium and large hot McCafé® beverages
Premium Roast Brewed Coffee
Americano and Deluxe Hot Chocolate)
Extra large McCafé® Premium Roast Coffee or Tea
Medium and large Fountain Drinks; medium and large Triple Thick Milkshake®
Big Mac® sandwich; Double Big Mac® sandwich
Quarter Pounder with Cheese® sandwich
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese® sandwich
Quarter Pounder® BLT sandwich; Double Quarter Pounder® BLT sandwich
Mighty Angus® Original sandwich
Bacon and Cheddar Angus sandwich
Creamy Black Pepper Angus sandwich
McChicken® sandwich; Seriously Chicken sandwich
10-piece Chicken McNuggets®
Large Fries Egg McMuffin® sandwich
Sausage ‘N Egg McMuffin® sandwich (excludes Sausage McMuffin® sandwich)
Bacon ‘N Egg McMuffin® sandwich
Hash Browns
Regular size McFlurry®.

Buy this food item to receive 2 Game Pieces:

20-piece Chicken McNuggets®.

Play McDonald’s Monopoly Without a Purchase

Play with no purchase – complete a mail-in entry.

You can request a Game Piece by:

  1. Write your return address that includes your first and last name, address, city/town, Province/territory, and zip code on a fully paid postage outer envelope
  2. Inside of the envelope put another envelope that is self-addressed, this is your “Request”, and contains enough return postage
  3. Outer envelope and inner envelope entry must be legible and printed by hand
  4. Mail envelope to:

    2018 MONOPOLY® “Coast To Coast” Game at McDonald’s® Game Piece Request
    P.O. Box 314
    Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, E2L 3Y2

*While supplies last, 1 Game Piece will be mailed to each request


**NOTE: Envelopes must be sent and postmarked no later than November 12, 2018, and must be received by November 19, 2018.

IwonatMCD.ca Homepage


The McDonald’s Monopoly homepage prize claim page for Canada asks you to click to continue to claim your prize if you believe either:

A) You peeled an “Instant Win” non food prize game stamp in the 2018 coast to coast Monopoly Canada game


B) You collected all of the “collect and win” game stamps in the same color grouping


C) You collected all four of the airport “collect and win” game stamps


D) You collected both of the highway “collect and win” game stamps

If you think you are on track to be a potential winner of an “instant win” $10 or $50 McDonald’s prize, then you need to first ask a McDonald’s restaurant manager (in Canada) for a blank Card then come back to the website to claim your prize along with your winning game stamp.

McDonald’s Monopoly Canada Dates

Start: October 10, 2018

End: November 11, 2018 OR when prizes run out

How to get MORE free entries

  1. Enter codes in the Property Tracker!
  2. When you enter 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 Codes, you will receive a “Reward Code” which is a discount you can claim

**Must be 13 or older to be eligible to use the property tracker app

IwonatMCD Rules

  • Must be a Canadian resident
  • No purchase required
  • No gameboard required to play or win
  • Canadian game has no age limit
  • The app game requires a minimum age of 13 years
  • Anyone affiliated with a McDonalds or the contest may not enter
  • You must be age of majority in your province or older in order to claim a non-food prize
  • No age requirement to claim a food prize
  • The Age of Majority for these provinces is 18: Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Quebec.
  • The Age of Majority for following is 19: British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Yukon Territory.

View the FAQS page here

View the full official McDonald’s Coast to Coast Monopoly rules here

See the official McDonald’s site terms and conditions here

Contact IwonatMCD.ca

Have questions about the Canada McDonald’s Monopoly game or if you’ve won?

Feel free to reach out and contact the Canadian IwonatMCD.ca team here

111 thoughts on “IwonatMCD.ca | Claim McDonald’s® Monopoly Prizes | Start

  1. Is this for real I went to canvas pop site and there’s no place to redeem my prize, there must be an easier way to get a prize or as usual I’m playing for nothing

      1. From other people’s comments, looks like redeeming their canvas pop $25 prize is difficult to do. I have one as well, and have no idea how to redeem it. Help 🙂

    1. You have to redeem here first and then when I went on canvas pop a little screen popped up and said enter code. You enter the code you got off this site.
      I didn’t find it to complicated. Just make sure you get your code off this site first.

      1. Ive won 2 of them. I just went to the main online code entry page, (where u enter ur codes from the property pcs) and entered it there 1st. Then it recognized that it was an “instant win code” so it gave me the link to go enter it at their “prize claim page”. Once u enter the code in, along with ur info, email, etc., they will send u an email with ANOTHER-DIFFERENT CODE, that u can then use on the CanvasPop website….(This is how Ive done it both times Ive the $25 CanvasPop giftcard. I hope this helps u!)

  2. You guys are pieces of shit i got a math question wrong and it says i cannot clame my prize go fuck yourselfs idiots

    1. What the hell is a CANVASPOP $25 GIFT CARD anyway? Funny how nobody seems to know what that is or where to redeem it.. I got one of those as well and have no clue on what it is for..

    2. Get a blank card from your McDonalds, Stick your winning ticket on it go to the website listed on the card and follow the instructions (enter codes address etc….. ). You’ll get instructions to claim by return e-mail

  3. I won 25 dollars and the place to spend it is a rip off, why couldn’t I choose where I wanted to use it… canvas pop isn’t my thing, I guess that’s a good way to keep your prizes… no one wants these !

    1. Well this is a scheme for sure. I’ve got the 25.00 and cannot claim it. They won’t give me my blank card to use its details. Saying I have to get it sent from somewhere. I need the card from the manager and then redeem it. Don’t I, am I wrong. It’s not as if I can’t read so perfectly and precisely. I guess they can easily get sued. Because I’m big time.

    2. There is one way to get even…stop going to McDo…they might realize next year that we are not the suckers they think we are…!!!

    1. Iwon a 25 dollar gift card ,went online set it all up put in the code#went thru everything it said your finished.took it to mc donalds and it wouldn’t work.went back on line three times since and the same thing at the store not registered.and the worst part is I just won another one of these worthless cards yesterday.

    2. I put all my information in to claim the 25$ canvas pop redemption name,address, postal code
      When it shows all informatin too confirm the postal code does not show up.What is with that, I
      did pick up a card at a McDonalds store from a manager. It doesnot allow me to pelput the card number anywhere that I can see. Help!!!

    3. Go to iwonatmcd website then click “IwonatMCD.ca Homepage” then click “McDonald’s Monopoly homepage prize claim page” then click “Click here to begin the Prize claim process now” then fill up the required informations.

      1. Go to the canvas pop site, it will ask you for a code right at the beginning of the site, and your win will be credited to your purchase. It’s just like 25.00 off or whatever, but you’ll have to spend 29.00, cheapest price to have a photo put on canvas…….

  4. I agree with all the above comments! This is a joke! I can’t find a place to redeem my $25 gift card and have been on many sights! Keep your $25 and I will support another establishment!!!!!!

  5. I am trying to find out how to win my $25.00. canvastop. what the hell I that?
    it sounds like a scam. I wish I had have won a coffee, at least I could have received that.

  6. Like seriously…. feeling like every other winner… cannot claim our prize.. won $25 Canvas Gift Card… totally false advertisement… What A Go McDonald’s….

  7. What a ripe off. I can’t believe McDonald agree to partnership with CanvasPop. To be able to claim your $25 you have to spend $29. This is unreal. Do they really think that people are that stupid…. Unreally!!! Stupid and total waste of my time trying to figure this all out before I got to this Canvas Pop crap. I feel like quitting drinking coffee!!!! LOL

  8. Pas fort votre prix canvapop !! Rien ne fonctionne! Je ne viens pas souvent chez Mcdo parce que j’ai un image de votre groupe de cheap qui ne semble se confirmer!

  9. I won a $25 e-gift card from canvaspop.I have to pay more for a canvas print or to get a photo book. This does not sound right. For the next monopoly game please select sponsors who will not misled us. It is a shock that McDonald fail to vet the sponsors carefully..

  10. Bonjour, tout comme plusieurs j’ai gagné une carte cadeau POP CANVAS de 25$ et je ne suis pas en mesure de réclamer le prix.

  11. I got a $25 canvas pop prize…no instructions on how or where to redeem it. Asked at McDonald’s and they said I had to go online to fill out the information on line before I could claim the prize… looking on line… there is NO place to redeem it… What a load of BS… shame on you for such poor customer service.. If you are going to have a contest it we should at least have the options to claim the supposed prizes

  12. We tried to redeem the $25 canvaspop gift card. Entered the code and nothing happened. Now it says the code has been redeemed. Can you help?

  13. terrible prize…too hard to claim and I don’t think I won anything if I have to spend a fortune to $25.00….bad idea McDonalds! stick to real prizes and food items…BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  14. I have a CANVASPOP $25 gift card Monopoly game stamp, followed the instructions to redeem at http://www.iwonatmcd.ca, but there is no place to enter the code. Given the number of other similar comments posted on this site I’m not alone in this. Please fix your website so we can all redeem our coupons.

  15. This is sad. I have a $25 GIFT CARD and havent figured out how to claim it. Why put people through this. It should be easy. A card for this amount shouldnt take anytime to claim on. Tell me what to do short of small claims court to make a point

  16. I also have a $5 card for Hudson Bay and I can’t find out how to redeem it either. The site is definitely not user friendly. What a waste of time

  17. More bullshit from McDonald…if they think that a 25$ card for Canvaspop is a bargain…then they can stick it up “where the sun doesnt shine”. I have been a regular customer of McDonald for years but this is non sense. I will look for alternative in the future. Goodbye.

  18. I have a CanvasPop card and your site to redeem it is not user friendly and is very confusing. The keep it simple is best for a public site. Perhaps this is the intended result so that MacDonald’s and associated sponsors do not have to redeem all of the winning tickets to keep actual prize costs down?
    Please advise me of the Readers’ Digest version for prize redemption.

  19. I am trying to redeem a winner $25$ McDonalds Gift Card, can you help me to get to the Enter code to see Rules and claim my prize offer?

  20. What the Hell, another Big Mac f*** up!
    The residential address you have provided does not match Canada Post address information. Below is the Canada Post address information we have found. If that address information is correct, click that address, or if you believe the original address that you entered is correct, click on that original address.
    You must select an address to continue
    Canada Post address information:
    Address you entered:
    248, 32691 Garibaldi Drive, Abbotsford, British Columbia. V2T5T7 (postal print by big Mac)
    Not worth the the time to collect. Just a scam? Copy BBB!

  21. Very Disappointing.
    I have won three separate $25 CANVASPOP Gift cards — and there is no clear way on this site on how to redeem…..

    1. Go to canvaspop site, it’ll ask you for a code right at the beginning. The 25.00 will be applied to your purchase at the checkout, which the cheapest is 29.00. Dumb prize really….

  22. J’ai moi aussi gagné une carte cadeau de 25 dollars et c’est de la bullshit,y a rien à faire sur ce site là , le site Canvaspop est une attrape mes amis,voilà tout…

  23. I won canvaspop 25$ Very difficult to claim to get on site ughhhhh I HAVE A 25$ CANVAS POP GIFT CARD AND CANNOT FIND OUT HOW TO REDEEM IT. PLEASE HELP

  24. I just entered the code on canvaspop and now it says that I have a credit for canvas prints, which is not what I want at all. This is sucks, guess I’m not entering the other codes.

  25. Can we all put a civil suit against McDonald’s this is out and out fraud….the next thing will be they will sell off the information we have just provided..

  26. just redeemed my code…its a discount on a printed picture on canvas…..not sure i want that…said my discount was applied and the price was 39.99 …i guess plus tax and shipping…hmmmm some prize….can get a 8×10 picture done at costco for 2.99 amd glue it to a piece of wood…lol…….at least i have until dec 31 to decide

  27. What a letdown. A hundred to zero in a second, just like where I got the two 25 dollar canvaspop. Can I redeem for cash. I have a new coffee place to go to now . thx not to mcdonalds. What a waist of time

  28. I can not get to claim my 2 game tickets both for Canvaspop $25.00 each, Nos. Z3DGRDRTHK93 and BVMNL1BQRM9K. What do I do?

  29. i’m happy to says i join the club everthing worked fine i was accepted but never received confirmation by mail and seems they don’t reply here so it was a a waste on time -energy

  30. I’m a bit unhappy with my Mcdonalds prize. a 25 dollar gift card for canvaspop, the problem is the cheapest product avalible is over 100 dollars. so basically useless to most people!

  31. I am trying to register a second Skull Candy $20.00 gift card and I can’t understand your instructions.
    You sent me an email saying I need to shop online what’s this all about? Is this for the first one I registered for.

  32. I have won a SkullCandy Gift Code $20.00. When I go in it says Invalid Code and the code you entered has already been used. Only got this last night Oct 31 ,2019. JKTQW46ZB9DX

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