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Target’s history begins when a church in Minnesota burned to the ground in 1985.

The church’s insurance didn’t cover the cost of a new building so they needed more money to rebuild.

To finance the new building, they asked one of their parishioners to buy a small piece of the church’s land.

Dayton, the eventual founder of Target, bought the church’s land to help out as a good parishioner. No one else wanted it because the real estate market was so poor at the time.

Being a faithful Presbyterian parishioner, Dayton purchased the land and his church was able to rebuild.

Later he ended up building a 6 story building on the property, and then he started to look for renters to fill the space.

Instead, in 1902 he ended up making it a dry goods store, which eventually filled the whole 6 story building.

Hence, the history of Target began.

So, the next time someone tells you they don’t like religion, just tell them religion is the only reason Target exists.

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I have trouble visualizing a building built to hold tenants as an apartment building easily being converted into a department store.

However, it seems this building was good at being both.

One of Dayton’s tenants, Goodfellow, actually turned their entire second floor into a department store as well. When he retired Dayton bought him out as part of his plan to turn the entire 6 floor building into the earliest version of the Target we know today.

By the early 1920s, the entire 6 floor building was a department store owned by the Daytons and worth multi-millions of dollars. It stayed afloat during WWII and this boosted revenue.

In 1956 the first fully enclosed Target opened. This was huge for shoppers since Minnesota has crazy cold and long winters with only 113 viable shopping days a year.

This was a huge step forward that let Minnesotans shop all year long in comfort.

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Finally they opened the first department store officially named Target in 1962 to try the concept of “upscale discount retail”.

The store’s publicity director Stewart K. Widdess came up with the name to make sure the new Target would not be associated with the older department store names.

Now, Target likes to get feedback from customers, and in exchange you could win a Target gift card. Keep reading to get the survey details.

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InformTarget Survey Prize

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Prize: Entry into Target Gift Card Sweepstakes

Target Survey Details

PrizeGift Card
Entry MethodOnline
Purchase Required?Yes
Receipt Valid For7 Days

How To Take The Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a Target store near you
  2. Make sure not to throw away your receipt
  3. Go online to the Target survey site
  4. Enter your survey ID and password to start the survey, both of which can be found at the bottom of your receipt
  5. Answer all survey questions, and congratulations, you are now entered into the InformTarget giftcard sweepstakes Survey Homepage

The cute InformTarget homepage features a black and white dog encouraging you to take the survey by saying “Not all shopping trips are alike” and is set on a simple white and red background that reflects Target’s branding very well. To start the survey you will need to enter the User ID and password found on your receipt, which the page clearly asks you to do:

Target Survey Eligibility

  • Must make a purchase to be eligible
  • Must keep receipt
  • Must take survey within 7 days of visit

Contact Target


Phone: 1 (800) 440-0680

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  1. I file out the information from the ticket to register for gift card. I have another sales slip to enter, but it is not letting me. It leads to another survey which I do not want to fill out. There is no way to get out of that loop and I cannot enter the second sales slip.

  2. I go on, and go right to Target Insider sight. I already am one. getting tired of trying to take survey.

  3. Target all yours cloths ,women,men, boys , girls
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  4. I was reading through the history of Target and Dayton. I believe you have a date incorrect at the beginning of the story. It states the land was purchased in 1985. I believe it should be 1895 or 1885. because the next date listed is 1902.

  5. I am sad target is só pôorly . Managed. If you are a manager at this Company that i used to love ! Mark Dayton i shopped at tour First store in roseville in 1962. Now is Mark going to know his company is benigno lotes every store like the one in South mpls. If you keep the truth from Mark dayton. You are like the looters in mpls.

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