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Free Chipotle

free chipotle

What is the only thing better than Chipotle?

That’s right, free Chipotle! And extra guac, of course.

How To Get Delicious Chipotle, For Free, Of Course!

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We all love the thought of fresh chicken or steak, mixed with black beans, flavorful white cilantro rice, mixed with sour cream, cheese, straight off the vine tomato salsa with a hint of spice and of course mixed in with that tasty guac.

But, we also know, that yes, that guac does cost $2.25 extra! And as much as the thought of a tasty Chipotle taco or burrito bowl makes us start salivating, we can’t afford to eat one for every single meal, as much as we’d like to.

That’s about to change, however.

Take a look at these tips to supercharge your Chipotle game and start getting some free meals. That’s what I call the best of both worlds. Now excuse me while I go stuff my mouth with more Chipotle, ole!

Download the Chipotle app for occasional free offers

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The Chipotle app is great because in addition to letting you order your food online and store your past orders, it has a special offers tab where it keeps all your freebies.

The app will occasionally send you a freebie or BOGO freebie and send you a notification to let you know.

Then it will save the freebie in your offers tab for you to use when you want

Keep an eye out for special “Free Chipotle Days”

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  1. If you’re part of a school or school team, just ask for a free Chipotle day.

    Whether your team is athletic or academic, Chipotle will often be receptive to sponsoring one or two events a year for free for you and your team. This means they will give you a huge tin of free burritos to feed your entire team for an event or two!

    I used to be part of a swim team and synchronized swim team in Minnesota, and our local Chipotle used to sponsor a free Chipotle event every year for our teams when we asked. It was one of my favorite days of the year and I recommend it highly.

  2. Keep an eye out for free days

    They have a bunch of special days each year, for example May 8th, 2018 was “teacher free chipotle day”

    Halloween is a “free day” as long as you dress up as a burrito

    Download the app and stay tuned for the free days to maximize your free burritos

Order strategically to get more food for less money

  1. First strategy is to order a burrito bowl and ask for your tortillas on the side. This maximizes the food quantity and you still get your tortillas.
  2. Second strategy is order both kinds of rice, both kinds of beans and 2 salsas. Did you know that was an option? You’ll usually get more when you do this because they’re used to scooping out single portions at a time.
  3. Conversely, if you’re not as hungry, did you know you can order just 1 taco? Or just 2 tacos? The other day I ordered just 1 taco as I wasn’t very hungry and it only cost me $2.75 but they stuffed it super full with meat, rice and beans.

Enter the Chipotle Feedback survey

Chipotle also has a feedback survey, where you can make a purchase, save your receipt, then go online to take their short survey which will enter you into a drawing for free Chipotle.

Here are the official survey rules

Every month they award 5 winners with $520 burrito bucks each. That’s enough to keep you full (and quite happy) for a long long time.

Hope you enjoyed these tips for free burritos and Chipotle. Let me know how your experience goes in the comments below!

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