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Old Navy is a fun place to shop with tons of clothing options for men, women, and children. It has over 1,000 locations worldwide and is owned by Gap, another clothing store that also carries family friendly clothing.

Many people do not know that Target actually owns, and created, Old Navy.

The Old Navy brand originated in the early 1990s when Target Corporation was looking to offer a cheaper alternative to its existing Gap outlets.

Target opened the first Gap Warehouse in 1993 to accomplish this goal.

old navy

However, Gap Warehouse’s name was too closely related to the original parent company name, Gap.

To fix this, Gap Warehouses was quickly rebranded as “Old Navy” only a year after its creation, in 1994, to further distance the brand from its more expensive parent company, Gap.

Shortly after after the rebrand, Target built the first physical new Old Navy store in 1994.

You’re likely used to the name Old Navy representing a clothing store, however surprisingly, the name for “Old Navy” was inspired by the name of a bar in Paris.

old navy survey

The new old Navy stores distinguished themselves from the older Gap Warehouses in more than just name.

They were built way bigger, as 15,000 sq ft monster warehouses, while the older and smaller Gap Warehouses were only 10,000.

The stores were also designed with sneaky psychology principals in mind. The Old Navy buildings were intentionally made to be similar to grocery stores with elements making it comfortable and easy to shop and buy more.

old navy display

Old Navy stores are still designed to include today that encourage you to buy more subconsciously. These include long flowing aisles, shopping carts, and impulse-buy products near the checkout areas.

old navy interior

The Old Navy stores’ have a warehouse feel with cement flooring and metal shelves. This clean, open feel is paired with their colorful clothing displays and an abundance of helpful employees which sets Old Navy apart from the average neighborhood discount store competition that is understaffed with less clean and less colorful storefronts.

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Old Navy’s growth has been quite explosive.

42 new Old Navy stores were opened in 1994 alone.

The chain continues to grow quickly. Old Navy even set a record as the first retailer to pass the billion dollar mark in its first four years of business.

By 2000 there were 500 Old Navy outlets and it continues to expand today.

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In an effort to improve the shopping experience for you and all of its customers, Old Navy has started a survey program where anyone who has a receipt from shopping at their store has the opportunity to take a survey online at

After taking the online survey, the Old Navy shopper will receive a 10% coupon to use on their future Old Navy purchase, either in-store or online, as well as a free shipping coupon if they choose to shop online with their coupon. Survey Prizes

  • 10% off coupon + free shipping for online orders

Feedback4OldNavy Survey Details

Prizes10% Off + Free S/H
LanguageEnglish, French or Spanish
Offer Per Valid Receipt1
Coupon Valid For14 Days Homepage

Here’s what to expect when you take the survey, and what the simple blue and white Old Navy homepage will look like: survey Eligibility

  • You’ll be able to take the survey if you shopped at an Old Navy store in the US, Canada or Mexico
  • You’ll need to have saved your receipt
  • You’ll need a computer and internet access to take the survey
  • You’ll need to be able to speak either English, French or Spanish in order to complete the survey. You will have an option of which language to choose when you land on the survey homepage
  • One offer per receipt
  • Must be over 18 to participate

10% off coupon is valid for 14 days after taking the survey. Must use within 14 days or the coupon expires

How To Take The Survey

  1. Save the receipt after shopping at an Old Navy store near you
  2. Go online to and choose your language
  3. Enter the date, time and the transaction of your visit, all located on your store receipt, in the Old Navy online survey portal
  4. Click next to continue with the survey
  5. Honestly answer the questions to help Old Navy improve its in-store experience for yourself and future customers
  6. After completing the survey, Old Navy will give you a 10% off coupon you can use for your next in store or online purchase plus free shipping if you choose to use your code online. Remember you must use your code within 14 days of completing the survey or it will expire.

Have fun with your new Old Navy apparel and discount! Let me know how your survey experience goes.

old navy sale

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