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Genius Marketing Campaign

Every 60 seconds was a genius marketing promo done by the Mountain Dew, Doritos and XBox companies who teamed up to promote their products and brand awareness.

Fun Sweepstakes

Prizes were awarded every 60 seconds during the promotional period, which encouraged people to enter since they felt they had a chance to win.

How Every 60 Seconds Worked

What they did was have specially marked Doritos and Mountain Dew products that had codes in them when purchased.

People would be able to enter those codes online to receive entries to be eligible to win the free XBox One console or games that were drawn every 60 seconds during the promo period.

Why it was so awesome

In my opinion this was a genius marketing campaign that made everyone feel llike they had a chance to win, awarded a lot of customers creating brand loyalty, and increased purchases by making purchases an entry requirement for the contest. Good job Mountain Dew, Doritos and XBox!

Unfortunately prizes were only drawn Oct 23- Dec 15th 2017, so the promotion has since ended.

If you try to visit every60seconds.com you’ll see it redirects to the Mountain Dew homepage

I hope they do this campaign again in the near future as I would like to enter myself!

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