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Take The DQFanFeedback Survey To Get A Dilly Bar Coupon

Dairy Queen is the place to go when you want great fast food and tasty soft serve. It was founded in Illinois, and has grown at a rapid pace ever since its inception in 1940.

If you plan on visiting the famous chain, you might as well save your receipt and take the feedback survey so you can get a free Dilly Bar coupon. I mean, why not? Prize

When you finish the feedback survey, you’ll get a nice little coupon. See details below.

  • Coupon for a free Dilly Bar

Take The DQFanFeedback Suvey

  1. Eat at a Dairy Queen and hold on to your receipt
  2. Visit
  3. [UPDATE/ EDIT] If the previous website doesn’t work, try your receipt code on this site site
  4. Complete the feedback survey
  5. At the end of the DQFanfeedback survey keep the code to use for your Dilly Bar at your next visit Homepage

You’ll land on a fluffy blue and white cloud-like homepage to take the beautiful DQ survey:

DQFanSurvey Homepage

Secret: Take It Unlimited Times

You may not know this, but the secret hack is you can take the Fan survey as many times as you want and use the promo code for a free Dilly bar as many times as you want.

Terms & Conditions

  • Purchase Required
  • Receipt Required

How To Contact DQ

Phone: 1 866 793-7582

Online Form online contact form

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  1. The DQ was very clean and very well managed. Barb the manager was very nice and running the D Q very efficient. The bathrooms are very clean. I believe she should be training managers for you. We will be back to her DQ

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