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Cost-Effective Email Marketing

Want to do email marketing, but your list is too large to do it in a cost-effective way?

mybkexperience hamburger

I felt the same way recently while working with the Canadian coupon and freebie site

To send a promotional email out to its 79K email subscribers would cost $450/month with Mailchimp, and comparably high costs across the board, which was not in the budget for a deal or coupon site.

For example, did you know you can get a free Burger King burger every single time you eat at Burger King and that you can also get a 10% off coupon everytime you shop at Old Navy? Who knew?!

All you have to do is fill out the My BK Experience survey to get a code for a free burger on your next Burger King visit.

Likewise, all you have to do is fill out a short survey to get the free 10% off coupon to use on your next Old Navy visit.

If Dealsscoop wanted to let their list know they could get a free burger at their next Burger King visit, they would traditionally have to shell out $450/month just to get the word out across their 79K subscribers.

Or, if they wanted to let their customers know they could win $500 cash filling out the Taco Bell “Tell The Bell Survey” at, traditionally they would have to be paying the high $450/mo+ standard email fees.

With Amazon AWS SMTP email service, the costs are much cheaper to send out emails.

The cost is only $.10 for every 1000 emails sent via Amazon AWS, so sending the Burger King blast to 80K subscribers would only be $8. (80,000/1000)*.1 =8

Much more cost effective than $450. Even sending 4 or 8 coupon email blasts is affordable via Amazon AWS. To send emails in bulk via AWS you do have to integrate with a third party service provider to actually send the emails, or work with the API to do so.

GMass is an amazingly effective email sending service that costs $8.95/month for unlimited usage, so that is what we chose to integrate with.

In conclusion, a free burger costs more to tell people about than you might think, but less than if you use Mailchimp or a traditional email service.

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