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Brueggers has a rocky acquisition and sales history, even though it is a relatively new company founded in 1983.

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Founders Nordahl Brue and Mike Dressell sold the company to Quality Dining, one of their franchisees, in 1996 for $142 million in stock.

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The founders quickly saw the new owner was not doing a good job with strategy and growth, and so they filed a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lack of strategic direction, allowing them to add to their current 26% ownership and repurchase the entire company in 1997 for $45 million.

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They still talk about that original sale as one of their biggest mistakes.

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In 2003, they sold the company again, this time to James J. Greco and Sun Capital Partners.

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If you look at the about us section of the Brueggers website, you may notice the original founder names are no longer present.

That has me wondering if this second acquisition was as rocky as the first.

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Brueggers has come a long way since its opening in 1983, now with 260 stores in the US.

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All it asks for is your help telling it what to do better. In exchange for taking the brueggerssurvey, you get a nice coupon for 3 free bagels.

Everyone is happy.

BrueggersSurvey Prize

Prize: 3 Free Bagels

**Note: The coupon for the 3 free bagels does not include cream cheese. If you want cream cheese, you’ll have to pay extra.

Survey Prize3 Free Bagels
Prize Does Not IncludeCream Cheese
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Coupon Valid For14 Days
Entry LimitUnlimited

How To Take The BrueggersSurvey

  1. Eat at a Brueggers
  2. Take your receipt with you
  3. Go on the internet to the site
  4. Answer the BrueggersSurvey questions
  5. At the end of the survey, write your validation code onto your receipt
  6. Bring your receipt with the survey code on it to a Brueggers on your next visit and receive 3 free bagels as your reward. Homepage

The page is red, black and off-white.

It asks you to input your 13 digit survey code in order to start the survey.

You can find the survey code on your receipt.

BrueggersSurvey Rules

  • Receipt valid for 3 days, must take survey before then
  • Coupon valid for 14 days from original purchase date, coupon expires after 14 days
  • Not valid with other offers
  • Coupon does not include cream cheese

See your receipt for the current prize and full rules.

Contact Brueggers

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  1. Tried taking survey. It asks for the 16 digits. My receipt has only 14. Unable to take survey. Would like to take survey

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