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Bob Evans started from a small family farm when the founder whose name was…GUESS….I’ll wait for it…. Bob Evans!

Yes, Bob Evans was the founder’s name and the name of the company.


He started making his own sausage to serve at his small 12 stool restaurant because he couldn’t find any decent quality or tasting sausage suppliers.

bob evans survey

Bob used his own farm’s pigs, harvesting only the best parts including the hams and tenderloins.

His sausage quickly developed a reputation for being incredibly tasty, and truckers would stop by then order a 10lb sausage order to take home because they loved it so much and recognized the quality!

bob evans inside

In 1948 Bob realized he should probably open a sausage business since his sausage was so out of this world amazing. He did, and the rest is history.

bob evans tables

By 1963, he was able to open the first restaurant, with sausage as the staple the business still hovered around.

bob evans sign

As Bob Evans continues to expand, it asks for your help in the form of filling out a quick online survey at

In exchange, you won’t leave empty handed as the chain gives you a $4 off $20 or more spend coupon to use at your next visit for taking the time to complete the survey.

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BobEvansListens Prize

Prize: $4 Off Coupon when you spend $20 or more at your next Bob Evan’s visit

Bob Evans Survey Details

Survey Prize$4 Off $20+ Spend Coupon
Entry LimitUnlimited
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Purchase Required?Yes
Receipt Required?Yes

Take The BobEvansListens Survey

  1. Visit a Bob Evan’s location and buy something
  2. Save your receipt
  3. You’ll need to go online to within 3 days of getting your receipt in order to be eligible to take the survey
  4. Complete all bobevanslistens survey questions
  5. At the end write down your survey validation code
  6. Bring your receipt and survey validation code to a Bob Evan’s location to redeem your $4 off $20 or more spend to redeem your coupon Homepage

The plain bobeveanslistens homepage has an off-white background and a red top margin. It asks you to enter the 20 digit survey code you can find on your receipt in order to continue with the survey:

bob evans survey

Bob Evans Survey Rules

  • A purchase is required for the bobevanslistens survey
  • You’ll need to refrain from throwing your receipt away until you take the online survey as well
  • You’ll need to take the survey within 3 days of getting your receipt

See your receipt and the last screen at the end of the online survey for additional terms and conditions.

Contact Bob Evans

Phone number: 1 (866) 616-6464

Contact Bob Evans Survey Online

contact bob evans

63 thoughts on “ — Official Bob Evans® Survey

    1. Just visited your Reststaurant on Glenway Ave. in Cincinnati Ohio and typed in “ to get $4 off $20 coupon and what a frustrating experience trying to get the questionnaire in order to get a validation code.
      Your page is “for the birds”. Needless to say it was a losing unsuccessful “battle”. Will think twice before coming back. Our bill was for over $40.00.

  1. The survey site will not take me to the site when I select open. I’ve tried numerous times and still will not open. it’s hard to participate in a survey when the site is not user friendly. I would have liked to receive the discount. Store # 268. My receipt code: 03200020019001068861. Thank You: Donald Skeens
    Donald Skeens

  2. I have tried to take the Bob Evans listens survey after two different visits to the restaurants and the survey is not working. I should have had a total of $4 x 2 off my next two visits. What wrong with your survey???

  3. No such Luck! It just wants to kick me to a grocery store survey for other prizes? just looking for the $4 off $20 coupon for filling out a customer satisfaction coupon for our waitress! And, after over after half an our and ugrade of my computer doing so, frankly, I give up! Lori Dickey. Store Number 274 Ref#113111011042 11/9/18

  4. This site will not let me take the survey.
    Store#371 Receipt code00300120017001074131 Date 11/7/2018
    Store#196 Receipt code19100170018001090614 Date11/8/2018

  5. I would like to comment on a waitress,I went toLavale, Maryland this week end her name is Tina M. Miller she was the best waitress I have ever had she was so sweet and very efficient check on us a party of 3. Brought us our drinks n refills asap. I watched her she was so attentive to all her customers not just our table. She should get an award for her excellent work ethics also.

  6. Food was great. Service was great. HOWEVER, my bill was 17 1/2 inches long. The customer doesn’t want or need a 17 1/2 inch bill. In an effort to cram marketing down the throats of satisfied customers, you create dissatisfied customers. I had this problem with Denny’s and didn’t return there for over six weeks. They changed. will you?
    Bob Evans Aberdeen, MD 11/05/2018 # 10028 Survey # 090 001 100 152 000 681 22

  7. I have used Bob Evans’ survey piles of times. Always works, but you CAN’T GET TO IT HERE. Enter “bobevanslistens” into your browser.

  8. took the survey and did not get my $4 off $20 coupon. it would not take my receipt code but did let me take the survey. what is wrong?

  9. We enjoyed our time at Bob Evans on #24W Ft. Wayne, on 12/09/18.
    The food was just right
    We had a very nice server.
    It is too bad that I cannot take a servey. It is not working.

  10. manager has a tatoo on arms. i do not appreciate it..asked him to roll sleeve down but it was not done. suggest get a new manager tatoo free.

  11. Visit Bob Evans on Sunday, January 6th in Camden, DE and our server Crystal is always a pleasure. She greets us with a smile and lets us know if there is anything new. Enjoy $2.00 off your next purchase of $10.00 or more. Sorry we could not take the Survey because it would not let us in.

  12. I was unable to take survey system would not take It South Euclid location was very slow it took almost an hour to get my take out order when I was told only 20 min. Manager did come out to apologize and to work there his shirt was very dirty the restaurant it self was not to busy receipt #80114 server Erin was very nice.date1-06-19. Survey code165 001 800 060 010 741 71

  13. Wanted to tell you about Tina a great waitress at Bob Evans, Linkway Way, Aurora IN. This would not accept my survey. Said there was a problem, try later or retry.

  14. I just visited during my lunch break from work and frequent the Uniontown, PA Bob Evans often. There was a large party there and I did witness server Tina trying to help out. But before she did that she was texting on her phone (germ infested) three times, drank out of a to go coffee cup by the food window, and then picked her ear with a napkins and when she couldn’t clean it with the napkin used her little finger then used the napkin to wipe her hands. Needless to say after any one of these things she did not wash her hands. She then picked up a tray of food and went to deliver it to customers. It really grossed me out and I probably will not return there ever again. Do you ever have any training on how many germs are present on these items and if they touch them they should wash their hands.

  15. My friend and I eat at Bob Evans often and the food is delicious and the staff is always friendly. A good place to come back to.

  16. That can never get my order right. Not happy with them I only got because of family. I will only order coffee .
    Survey never works so they can save there $2.00 off

  17. Food is good and the employees are nice but their survey does not work. I have tried twice to do their survey and it won’t even let me put my survey code.

  18. Went to Elyria Ohio Bob Evans this morning the service was terrible wait 30 minutes before anybody come around if your offer coffee the same thing happened two days ago this place is really really bad

  19. Derrick and Diana Cason visited Bob Evans today and must tell you that the Service and Hospitality was great Jeff,Don, Areil (Server) made it a very good experience. I will tell all my friends and family about the service and good food.

  20. We Adore Rebecca at Woodville Rd NorthWood Ohio location! Very Sweet and makes you feel like she has known you for years! I Look for her car and if she’s not working I don’t bother!! OH Your Survey Doesn’t WORK!! So much for Senior Deals!

  21. This Bob Evans in Chillicothe Ohio is real different then our in Wilmington Ohio. Ours does not give us a hot pot of coffee u are lucky if the bring coffee to u with out u asking for it when u get ur Server’s attention

  22. I have never been so baffled in my life with this Resturant chain! You people terminate an employee because a customer who was beyond self entitled and rude and demanding on every level along with letting their child throw food at the server, get terminated because corporate said it was a violation on the servers part!! You need to learn how to treat your employees!! I currently work at the Branson location and I observed what happened that day when you terminated an associate a month later after what happened to her! And of all the times to let someone go, if you don’t realize how Branson works then maybe you should take your chain somewhere else that guarantees year round employment. I’m so sick of corporates making it all about how the customer is always right! The customer IS NOT ALWAYS RITE! You guys should get off your high horses and realize what your employees have to deal with at times, and actually listen to them instead of a self entitled customer who decided that since they couldn’t get free items, they turned around and left a table trashed that had to get mopped and deep cleaned along with a server who had to basically take a bath after they left because they let their children throw food at her, she didn’t complain to them but yet still did her job and brushed things off to the side! Yet you people in corporate think it’s appropriate to just hear what the customer has to say wether it’s true or not and then let an employee go because she did nothing but her job and got nothing in return!! Like I said I worked with her that day and for you corporate high horses to release someone who put up with more than you probably could because you just sit behind a desk to make your calls and go by some made up story from a customer shows me a lot about this company and what kind of true joke it is! Maybe you should worry about how trashed and disgusting your entire kitchen area and looks and smells and maybe fix machines that leak all over the place and cause water to pour out leaving a nasty stench not only for YOUR “valued” employees but your your obvious valued customers. I’m not going to release my name because lord knows I’ll get let go because of some kind of discrimination that you clearly have towards your employees. Your corporate is a complete joke!

  23. Went to Bob Evans this evening,(5:03pm on 02/02/2020). I had the ham dinner and my husband had the turkey dinner. This was the worst dinner I have ever had there! Our dinners were cold, because the waitress was to busy talking to a lady at the counter. My husband watched the waitress keep looking at our dinners but she didn’t bring them.. After 10 minutes or more the other waitress brought us our food. As I send it was cold. Then I had to go up to the counter and ask for coffee, because she was still talking. My husband also didn’t get his dinner roll. We were at the Myrtle Beach #407, 175 Brookton Circle. This is the one we always go to because we live here.

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