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BK Feedback


Which do you prefer? Burger King or McDonald’s?

If you’re like 59% of people, you’ll say you prefer McDonald’s over the Burger King or Wendy’s chains.

Burger King first set up shop in the UK in 1976, just 2 years after its competitor McDonald’s entered the UK market.

Burger King was created when the founder saw and was inspired by the McDonald’s chain, essentially making it a copycat.

And here it was again, copying its favorite McDonald’s by expanding into the UK.

inside burger king

However who could blame Burger King?

McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world with over 6 billion in revenue this year alone.

Why not try to grab a piece of the pie, or should I say burger, especially if your name is Burger King.

burger king booth

One way Burger King tried to cut into the UK market when they knew they were already following in McDonald’s footsteps was by the marketing team proclaiming they were higher quality than the McDonald’s chain.

Here is an example where Burger King basically slams McDonalds, saying they use better preparation methods and pay more attention to customer needs.

Take a look by searching on Youtube “Burger King vs Mcdonalds Commercial Rivarly”

Even with its “tear-down” marketing tactics, Burger King has never done as well as McDonald’s.

By 1987 there were only 3 Burger Kings in the UK and it still wasn’t doing too well profit-wise.

In 1989, the Grand Metropolitan bought the UK Burger King chain and expanded it immediately to 180 locations, turning 150 ‘Wimpy’ brand outlets into the new ‘Burger King’ brand.

burger king outside

1996 it expanded again when the company Granada changed a lot of their ‘Little Chef’ brands into ‘Burger Kings’ until there were 465 Burger Kings in the UK.

The chain continues to expand and improve in the UK today.

BK Feedback UK

The UK Burger King has a special survey for it’s European residents that differs from its US and other country surveys.

They do this so they can get region specific feedback, which makes it easier to improve individual restaurants for those who may have different life experiences and preferences due to growing up in different areas of the world.

It’s BK’s way of adhering to laws in different countries and to personalize the Burger King experience for those living in different areas.

They offer a great prize of a free sandwich, one of three choices.

One is even a vegetarian option.

Keep reading to find out what the exact UK Burger King survey prizes are, and how you can enter.

BK Feedback Survey Prizes

Prize: Your choice of a free Whopper, Veggie Bean Burger or Chicken Royale

How To Take The BKFeedback Survey

  1. You’ll need to buy something at a UK Burger King
  2. Keep your receipt handy
  3. Go to the website
  4. Answer all BK feedback survey questions
  5. Save the validation code presented at the end of the survey and bring with your old receipt to your next Burger King visit to redeem your prize

BK Feedback UK Survey Homepage

bk feedback uk

Burger King Feedback Survey Rules

  • Purchase is required to participate
  • You must save your receipt
  • You must take the survey online
  • You must make your purchase at a UK Burger King location to be eligible for the UK burger king prize and to be eligible to take the bk feedback survey

Contact Burger King UK

Contact Online

Mailing Address

Burger King Guest Relations
PO Box 1975
L69 3HH

Phone: 03332074208

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  1. I think it’s great that you now have a wide range of soft drinks even caffeine free Coke but theirs no decaffeinated hot drinks for those of us who like hot drinks

  2. MacDonalds drinks are a dollar for any size. BK app is cumbersome and difficult to use. Deals are better at MD. Best burger and fries is at Wendy’s.

  3. 5 .00 combo with drink at 08/06/10 a2.32 bk on Markham about 8400 west Markham. Little Rock ar 72205. The drink I got was a tea with a lid had zero ice I mad 95 degree now poor training

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