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Bealls was founded in 1915 by young 22 year old Robert Beall near his home in Florida.

He was only 22 when he started the company, so he didn’t have much money saved.

The founder is now an older man, not a 22 year old spring chicken anymore.

He poured his entire life savings into the initial startup investment, and then he had to use empty wooden packing crates for the initial display tables.


I think his display table innovation was artsy and creative, and it showed he had a flair for being able to get by with less, which he relied on as his store tried to weather through WWII and the Great Depression for the few years after it started.

His innovation extended to pricing and naming as well. His store sold everything for under a dollar, so Bealls was first called “The Dollar Limit”.

the dollar limit bealls

After WWII and inflation, Beall was still selling the same types of dry goods, but he had to rename his store “The Five Dollar Limit”, as prices had to increase that much after all the inflation from the war.

During the depression, his store was hit hard and he lost it, having to sell to the bank.

They let him stay on working there as a manager.

Then, tenaciously he saved up and in 1944 he rebought it and was able to keep the brand going, much of the reason it still is what it is today.

Despite a few road bumps, the store is today still in the hands of the original founding family.

I think it’s cool they have been able to keep the store in the family all these years.

bealls in family

The Bealls are still part of the store ownership today.

This includes Matt Beall of the current day, who is a member of the newer Beall generation and owns part of the current Beall company.

Bealls Florida is US department store company with online and physical locations.

It was created in 1915 in Florida, as the name itself suggests.

Interestingly, there is a store called Bealls Texas, and in the geographic locations Bealls Texas and Florida overlap, Bealls Florida is run as Burkes Outlet.

Bealls Florida is a store that wants to keep improving and keep its customers happy with its service and products.

Due to this, they offer a survey where customers are able to provide feedback. survey

In exchange, the customers who take this survey will be entered into the Bealls sweepstakes to win a $500 store gift card.

Bealls Florida Coupons

The department store upholds its tradition of being a low cost option for families and anyone looking for good deals, and it has a continual supply of great coupons to offer its customers.

Here are some current coupons:

  • If you shop in-store you can get $10 Bealls bucks for every $50 you spend
  • Free gift wrap for all purchases everyday when you shop in store
  • Coast2Coast rewards – earn 200 points, equivalent to a $5 reward when you sign up
  • Online free shipping May 13, 2018 to May 19, 2018 online only
  • May 18, 2018-May 19, 2018 get 20% off using the promo code STARFISH when shopping online

See full list of coupons and recent deals here

The survey is a great way to give the store your own input and a way to enter a sweepstakes with a chance to win a $500 gift card.

To take the survey, you’ll need to make a purchase at a Bealls Florida location and save your receipt.

Then you can go online to the website and complete all of the questions for automatic entry into the survey. Homepage:

The survey homepage looks like this, so only take the survey if you are presented with this page to ensure it is the legitimate survey:

bealls florida survey homepage

Bealls Florida Survey Rules

Must be a US resident

Must be 18 or older

For the full official rules read here

Bealls Florida Social Media

Bealls is very active on social media, and you can follow them on the platforms below:

Twitter: @BeallsFlorida

Facebook:Bealls Florida

Instagram: @BeallsFlorida

Contact Bealls Flordia

Phone:1 (941) 747-2355

Contact Online

Mailing Address:

Bealls Stores
Attention: Customer Care
P.O. Box 25207
Bradenton, FL 34206-5207

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  2. 6/27/2018 Taco Bell Servey Code: 8776-6023-1077-1025
    I’m computr illiterate. Couldn’t find where you enter at on the lnternet, so l hope the forgoing will be accepted.
    Well, l got to go back to work and feed my race horse.( he likes Taco’s at Taco Bell).

  3. Trying to fill in survey, can’t find it. Love my Bealls shop at our store #18 ,everyone there is so friendly and we all know each other including the manger.

  4. I shop an awful lot at Bealls. Store#35. Everyone is so helpful especially Phyllis. Monday 24th of Sept. I was in the store trying to buy shoes and was confused with the price. She was so helpful she took me to the shoe dept and showed me the ones that were in the ad. Never once was she upset with me. I know she had me on her nerves but it never showed. She us definitely a wonderful employee

  5. I am very grateful to bealls in florida, get super deals and quality is extremely good, my downfall lately is that the clearance that have 10- 80% off they don’t use the price in the sticker anymore????, but otherwise happy for the stores!!

  6. I shop at bealls everytime I’m in Florida. the last time Carline was extremely helpful in getting me the best buys for my money. She was extremely helpful and friendly.

  7. I love Bealls.You have wonderful merchandise,great coupons,and the employees are always courteous and helpful.Keep up the good work.

  8. Arvin helped me with checking out and kept a smile on his face when I had to run back in the store to exchange shoes that I was buying . He took my coupons and offered different ways to save money. A very pleasant person and I appreciate the kindness. I was a cashier for 18 years and I know the public can be very demanding.

  9. Just tried to do the survey after just shopping at Bealls… said Sorry this survey has reached its maximum number of submissions ……plus there are soooo many options to chose for the same survey. Do you really want us to take this survey and yet make it so difficult ???? I’m sure I will never hear from anyone at Bealls Corp .

  10. Beall’s is my favorite store to shop. I have three stores within a 15 mile radius and I shop all of them. I love the merchandise and especially the coupons and discounts. You keep us coming back.
    I do have a problem trying to register my receipts on the internet. Sometimes the survey will not come up and tonight I had several receipts to register but it would only let me do one. I usually wait until the end of the month and then I will go in to register but it’s frustrating when you can’t get them done.

  11. Sales floor associate are pleasant! why cannot all store be like that. want to work there one day and spread the kindness that was given to me to other customers. showing good customers is there specialty

  12. Louise went out of her way to help us with our coupons on our phone and even told my friend she could save if she got a Bealls credit card.
    She was a pleasure to do business with

  13. Bealls is my main Go-To store for the whole family. Employees are always helpful. Coupons are always an added bonus. Can’t get survey to come up.

  14. Bealls is my main Go-To store for the whole family. Employees are always helpful. Coupons are always an added bonus. Can’t get survey to come up.

    Is this a substitute for the survey???????????????

  15. I normally shop at Bealls outlet store I decided to go to there department store and enjoyed it very much I will certainly go again more often.

  16. On 03/02/19 at 06:33PM, my husband and I were shopping at the Rockledge Store. The store was clean and orderly as always. The staff was pleasant and helpful. Chris checked me out. She was very kind. I had coupons, Bealls Bucks and bought many items that had different % discount. She did a great job keeping the receipt accurate. She constantly checked the receipt to make sure all was correct. You do have great employees, Chris being one of them. My customer # 10000002128726 for this transaction. thanks, Jackie

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