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Arby’s Survey

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You know that feeling when you are really craving something, but the only thing available is something different?


So did the brothers Leroy and Forrest Raffel. They both had a taste for roast beef, and they saw that hamburgers were pretty much the only fast food hot meat sandwich available.

So, in 1964 they opened the first Arby’s, to help out everyone who was craving a roast beef sandwich quickly and could only find burgers.

how to take the arbys survey

Do you love and crave your Arby’s roast beef sandwich in all its melted cheese, red onion, and toasted onion roll?

Do you lick the ground just thinking about it like the dog in the above photo?

Yeah, Me too.

However, these additions were only added super recently in 1978.

Before 1978 the chain had only been a plain roast beef sandwich, which of course there is nothing wrong with.

Adding the cheese and red onion just gives it that extra something special.


arbys feedback

Arby’s also started out trying to be more upscale than the current hamburger restaurants, but they soon figured out their audience liked fast and cheap more than upscale, so they pivoted to that.

They were also the first fast food restaurant to ban smoking in 1994.

Possibly due to the great feedback from its Arby’s survey? Who knows.

To contribute to its growth by giving some awesome feedback, feel free to take the Arby’s Survey, which the chain has named ‘ArbysWeMakeItRight’ online.

arbyswemakeitright survey

With more than 3,300 restaurants in the US, Arby’s is one of the largest US sandwich chains, and it continues to grow, thanks to your great feedback.

Keep reading to learn how to take the ArbysWeMakeItRight Feedback survey.

Arby’s Survey Prizes

Survey Prize: 10 Entries into the Arby’s Sweepstakes with a chance to win the following:

  • $1,000 Daily Prize Awarded Every Day
  • Prizes Valued at $1,500 Weekly Survey Details

Purchase Required?No
Entry MethodOnline, Mail
Daily Prize:$1,000
Weekly Prize:Prizes Valued at $1,500
Entry Limit1 Online or Mail-In Per Day + 1 Sponsor GoReccomend App Entry Per Day
Prize Limit1 Daily & 1 Weekly Prize Per Person Per 90 Days

How To Take The ArbysWeMakeItRight Survey

Enter Online With Purchase

  1. You’ll need to buy one or more food items at an Arby’s to be eligible for the survey
  2. Then you will need to go online to
  3. Once you’re online you can answer all survey questions
  4. After you complete your survey you will receive 10 entries into the Arby’s Daily and Weekly sweepstakes

Feel free to leave additional feedback here, it will be taken into account, however you won’t receive any additional sweepstakes entries.

Enter By Mail With No Purchase

  1. You will need to send separate postcards for both the daily and weekly sweepstakes.
  2. Handwrite “Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one (1) Daily Prize” on a piece of paper
  3. Then write your name, phone, address, email and name of participating client on the same piece of paper and mail it with enough postage to:

    [Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
    c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
    511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
    New York, NY


    [Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
    c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
    2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    L5N 2X4


    [Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
    c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
    One Victoria Square
    Birmingham, UK
    B1 1DB


***NO PO BOXES accepted for mail-in entries

Arby’s Survey Homepage

The ArbysWeMakeItRight homepage is set in the classic white and red Arby’s colors and asks for the date of visit, time of visit, and the unit number in order to proceed with the survey, all of which can be found on your receipt.


ArbysWeMakeitRight Survey Rules

  • No purchase required
  • No employees or employee-affiliated persons eligible
  • Limit of 1 online survey or mail in entry and 1 entry through the Sponsor’s GoRecommend platform per day.
  • Limit of 1 weekly sweepstakes prize per person per 90 days
  • Any extra entries are void
  • No PO Boxes accepted for mail-in entries

See full terms and conditions here

See past winners list here

Contact Arbys

Phone: 1 (800) 599-2729

Contact Arby’s Survey Online

Email Survey Support:

32 thoughts on “Arby’s Survey ― Take Arby’s® Survey, Win $1K

  1. Today February, 14th, 2019 my wife and I ate at the Arby’s in Oak Ridge, Tn. The woman at the register who took our order was terse and unfriendly.I had the large Rueben.It was the worst Reuben I have ever eaten. Very small amount of meat and all of it was in the middle none on the edges. The staff was neither clean looking or efficient. I paid $9.89 for a sandwich that wasn’t worth half that price. The staff or restaurant wasn’t clean .

  2. I was at arbys in for wright Kentucky and there was this young lady Tasha who has taken my order. I was having a hard time on trying to figure out what I wanted and she was very patient with me. She even made me smile cuz I was already having a bad day to start off with. She made sure my order was correct and she brought it out to the dinning area to me. I was very greatful for the way she made me feel comfortable and the way she handle the other customers as made me smile. She said she wasn’t feeling good but she made everyone else happy and gave out everyone food while it was hot and fresh. I didn’t wait long for my food or no other customers waited on there food. She also help drive thru with there orders as well. And as for the rest of my day I just did what Tasha said I she try. She told me if I feel like everything is going wrong. I should just smile and say thank you because someone else day maybe worse then mines and it work. Please tell her that I miss Tasha Collins said thank you.

  3. We had out of state company and were anxious to have good ole Arby’s
    Supper. We bought 3 roast beef classics and one double roast beef, then four medium curly fries, total bill 25.46. The meat was in a pile in middle of the bun, and dry, with little flavor. The fries were so hard and overcooked, or had lain under a heat lamp for too long. Most of the fries were tossed out, because they were so hard and certainly were not good. Even the good flavor was not there. That Arby meal was total disappointment all way around. Bad investment.

  4. I eat at this Arby’s quite often, not always ordering the same items, so i have had good experiences on a multi-level. But my last visit left me dissapointed with my Reuben sandwich. the employee who waited on me was efficient as on other occassions. but upon arriving home with my carry out purchase. the onion rings were very good, but the sandwich was not a complete suscess. there was very little meat (maybe half of the usual), and quite a bit of saurkraut, and dressing, and there was something different about the bread, maybe the brand was changed. I usually love Arbys, but not this time.

  5. in the last yr(at least 20 times) i have gone to arbys and gotten the beef and cheddar sandwiches i have asked for extra western ranch ( red sauce) on them and EVERY TIME they have not put in on? I get it to go in the drive thru so i am not turning around to complain. Happened to me again in the Kalkaska,Mi store. They even repeated it back to me on the intercom AND showed it on my receipt. Hope who ever is in charge tells the Traverse City stores and surrounding cities to start making sure they LISTEN and DO cause its getting old!

  6. My wife had gone shopping and on her way home she stopped at Arbys and purchhased me three Gyros .I enjoyed them very much.I had a brain bleed back in april. I still have some problems from it.and my wife has to do a lot of things for me.

  7. I ordered the curly fries and they were bad. Only 2 curly ones the rest were pieces and most were hard nothing in them. Not a good experience. The store was in El Cajon California on second street.

  8. The survey site is hard to use. Said that the survey time had closed, funny as we were just in and Martin (our VERY friendly server) asked us to take it so corporate would know what a valuable employee they have.

  9. I love Arby’s,Turlock Ca. Is growing so fast and bringing alot of fast food places Is there any way could bring a Arby’s to Turlock Ca ,I live about 25 miles to the closest Arby’s. I thing Arby’s would go good here there isn’t any thing like it here.

  10. visited new Arby’s store #8688 on 2385 Len Peterson rd, Fort Mill, S C 29708 on 3/30/2020. Tried my receipt, but could not get survey up on my screen, My wife an I usually eat at Arby’s at least twice a week . Been going to store on Cherry rd. Rock Hill. New one is closer to our home. Just to let you know, we love Arby’s food and glad they built near our home. Will keep eating there.

  11. Your person at 6329 Oshkosh, WI. in charged on 4-1-2020 at 4:24:38 took my order. When leaving the drive thru, she stated I’ve your sauces you requested in your bag. You are all set to go. When getting home I noticed two items were missing. I called and person that answered stated I had 3 bags coming. Well I would have just two only. But the girl that gave me my order didn’t mention I had another bag coming. So I was told they would send me out a coupon for the two items missing. But would have no control if I received them or not. What really makes me mad was I gave her a $3.95 tip.


  13. I went to Arby’s a few days ago and couldn’t hear from the drive thru and said it a few times and then the window person yelled at me WHAT DO YOU WANT! I said, Nothing from you and drove off. on 4/24/20, after forgetting the fiasco I went through Arby’s drive through again. Same thing, same window person. I couldn’t hear her but went ahead and put in my order. At that point I remembered her and I’m sure she remembered me. At the window, it said they preferred to take credit cards….I wish that would have been on the menu somewhere. I said I didn’t have a credit card and gave cash…meal was 13+, I gave 15 and told her to keep the change. She said ok. OK??? That wasn’t worth a thank you? She had to be the worst window person ever!

  14. I use Arby’s all the time. Burgers are just fine once in awhile but there is so much grease no matter how they are cooked. I find the Beef at Arby’s good and I’m sure better for me. Keep up the good work.

  15. thanks for the fathersday free sndwich! as good as any reuben i have ever purchased. excellent job by Jo, a new employe. thanks agian

  16. There is an Arby’s two blocks from my house in Peachtree City, GA. Been eating there occasionally for a number of years. Always had great service, food and prices. Today was an exception at the take out window. I had a coupon for a $5.00 Signature Meal. I ordered a Brisket, Italian, a Reuben and a Kid’s meal. This puzzled me, while my order was sitting at the window someone came up, took a sandwich out, threw it in the garbage and put another sandwich in the bag. I though nothing of it. My wife enjoyed her Italian and my son enjoyed his Reuben. My Brisket was a total disaster. Half the meat was fat and the other half was about 90% raw. I’ve never had such at any Arby’s and surely it was an exception. I did not submit the receipt survey because I’m not looking to win $1,000, I’m just looking for my money’s worth when I receive my order.

  17. I fell in love with the fish sandwiches in a visits between Christmas and Easter. For the life in me I can’t understand why that some other fish that is available during the rest of the year can’t be used so us fish lovers can stop by Arby’s more often. Because Arby’s really does it right.
    This survey excluded because I can’t even see how to fill it out.

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