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Albertsons dates back to 1939 where Joe Albertson opened the first store in Boise, Idaho.

His vision and goal were that it already be the best food store in Idaho.

To make the experience unforgettable for customers, he would supply hot roasted nuts, warm delicious popcorn, homemade ice-cream, and a bakery that cooked everything from scratch.

albertsons survey

Joe left school when the Great Depression hit to work at a grocery store because he figured that even in bad times, everyone needed food, so why not work at a grocery store that caters to everyone’s needs.

He worked at Safeway for 10 years and then used his own $5,000 savings and $7,500 from an aunt to open the first Albertsons in 1939.

albertsons dog with grocery cart

His vision has grown from its humble beginnings, and now there are over 1,000 Albertsons stores in the US.

As the company strives to continue to improve, it gives customers and non-customers a like the option to take a short survey in exchange for entry into its sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

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Keep reading to learn how to enter on your own.

Here are some of the survey details:

Purchase necessary to enter?No
Entry methodsIn-store, Online, Mail
Minimum age18
Eligible locationsArkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington or Wyoming
Prize$100 gift card Survey Prizes

Each month during the contest period, 10 winners will be randomly chosen and will each receive a $100 Albertsons gift card.

  • $100 Albertsons gift card

How To Take The Albertsons Survey

There are 3 ways to enter the survey, and only 1 requires a purchase.

Enter With a Purchase

  1. Make a purchase at an Albertsons store
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to
  4. Click the receipt that matches your own to start the survey
  5. Answer all questions

Congrats, you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win!

Enter With No Purchase

Enter by Mail

To enter by mail:

  1. Write your full name, full address including city state zip code, phone number, email on a 3″X5″ card.

Note: You are limited to 1 entry per envelope

Enter by Store Visit

You can enter the survey just by visiting an Albertsons store without making a purchase. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Visit an Albertsons store
  2. Either be asked by a manager to take the survey as a non-purchase visitor, or ask a manager if you can take the survey as one of the ‘non-purchase’ visitors. It may help to show them the survey rules in this PDF if they are confused when you ask them.
  3. Fill out the customer visit survey

Great job, now you’re entered in the sweepstakes! Survey Homepage

When you land on the landing page, you’ll see a white background with blue text where you can click the blue link in the middle of the page to start the survey:

When you click the ‘take online survey’ blue link, you’ll be taken to this page where you’ll need to pick the receipt that matches your own to start the official survey: Survey Rules

  • No purchase necessary to win
  • A purchase won’t increase your chance of winning
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must be a US resident of one of the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington or Wyoming
  • 10 winners will be selected each monthly drawing, each will receive a $100 Albertsons gift card
  • Winners will be notified within 6 to 8 weeks after drawing date
  • Winners are responsible for federal and state taxes where applicable

See Albertson’s Survey official rules and conditions here

To request an official copy of the rules, mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope before Feb 24, 2018 to the following address: ALBERTSONS “Survey
Sweepstakes” Rules Request, c/o StellaService, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10004

To request a copy of the winner’s list, mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope by August 10, 2018 to: ALBERTSONS “Survey Sweepstakes” Sweepstakes
Winners List Request, c/o StellaService, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10004

Contact Albertsons

Contact Online:

Customer Support Phone: 1-877-848-6483

Phone for Corporate Contacts Only: 208-395-4722

Mailing Address:

Store Support Center
United Supermarkets, LLC
7830 Orlando Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79423

45 thoughts on “Albertsons Survey ― Take Albertsons® Survey

  1. On the survey page but will no let me take, no surprise it would never let me get just for u . This whole page is worthles

    1. I agree. Very disappointing Albertsons has resorted to being a part of this advertising. I won’t be as loyal to them as before.

    1. Excelente servicio y apoyo con gusto regreso y recomiendo , como Angie y su espíritu de servicio espero existan muchos empleados mil gracias

  2. My experience with my check out professional, was eloquent. Her name is Nicole in Pocatello, Idaho. You need to reward her by giving her management job. It’s apparent to me, If we would have had a professional like that in our Urology Office in Marion, Va……the embezzlement would not have occurred. Nicole is a CLASS ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Promote Her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My experience with Jennifer, The Service Operating Manager at the Lake Forest Muirlands Store is wonderful. She handles all the technical tasks that I need. She is a pleasure to do bussiness with and never messes up on the technical stuff. I purposely come to this store to get my needs handled with zero hassle and appreciate the great service.

  4. My experience with Marie is always wonderful. She always welcomes me and my kids with a smile. Marie makes conversation with makes the shopping experience a pleasure.

  5. Tried to take survey. Site is impossible to navigate. My cashier was Sandie. She’s been there many years. She is ALWAYS OUTSTANDING. She’s why I go to Albertsons instead of vons, staters. my code #:59403/0915:568/33

  6. Susi v at the Laguna Niguel ca. Albertsons is the most professional employee in the whole store please promote her!………. she is the smartest kindest employee give her a big raise as well……

  7. Elean has the worst custemer service ! @ store 3177 and i spent over $300.00 there . And she was so busy with her attitude with me she didnt even give me my monoply tickets. Im writing this not for $100 gift card ,so if i win please spend it on more custemer service trainning for elean at store 3177 ! She needs it .

  8. Store 23 Gilbert, Az is the best store to shop, from produce, dairy, service desk, liquor, butcher, check out and most of all baggers. Lindy, Sheila, Danna, Chris, Jason, Gordon, Daniela, All are very polite, helpful. They all Rock. It’s a pleasure to shop there plus they are very patient.

  9. I shopped at Albertsons in Irvine Ca . Every department including pharmacy and the cashier / manager Tony is first rate customer service and focus. All 5 ratings . George

  10. Would not let me take the survey and the app is so inconsistent. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Very frustrating.

  11. Your survey page does not work. Entered the receipt numbers 4 times and pressed enter with no success. Just wanted to give Val in the meat department a compliment for going the extra mile to make my visit at store #567 on Washington in Palm Desert CA an excellent one. Wish I could say the same about your terrible website.

      1. Thanks Stacy . Used your link to make my survey participation so much easier. Have no put it in my notebook for future use. By the way when I say notebook I really mean a notebook with pencil and paper as I am an old timer whose computer know-how is very limited. Having your quick step makes my digital life bearable. Thanks so much. Best wishes Be Well

  12. Ginell was great,very friendly and seemed as if she loved her job, also Zach the bagger was great. Love the Broadway store.

  13. I was at Albertsons store number 825 in Irvine Ca. I needed help on beer for a gift. Your wonderful employee Maria O was a wonderful help. She explain the different beers and mention what beers were best sellers. I learn in this encounter what a good choice for my gift. I felt so good with Maria O helping me that I left feeling I ultimately made a good choice with her input. Her energy would me come back to Albertsons which is great customer service which is so lacking in today world.

  14. I have been a shopper at Albertsons for the past 3 years. and over the past 3 years I have watched as the store replaces NAME BRAND PRODUCTS with “SIGNATURE” brand products. HERE’S THE RESULT of all your switching.
    WE WILL PROBABLY STOP SHOPPING AT ALBERTSONS!!!! I don’t mind that SIGNATURE brands are on the shelves…but not when it’s the ONLY CHOICE!! The SIGNATURE brands are NOT AS GOOD!!! Now you are replacing Quaker brand cereals with SIGNATURE and frankly-SIGNATURE CEREAL SUCKS!!
    I live in a community that always shopped ALBERTSONS! and now, when I go to my local store…it’s empty in the morning when it used to be full! PLEASE STOP DOING THIS….or we too will shop elsewhere! Convenience is NOT enough to bring us to a store that DOES NOT HAVE NAMED BRAND PRODUCTS to choose from!! WE ARE ANGRY!!

  15. The Yuma Albertson’s on 32nd St has a great meat/butcher department. One Wednesday I requested a brisket. The butcher, Frank was very interested in my request. We discussed how to cook the meat and what type of brisket I wanted. He put in the order and within 2 days the brisket was in store and cut to the length I have requested. Frank also sated that if I needed any more he would happily have more in the back. 2 days later, I was in the process of getting the meat ready to put on the grill, but I needed butcher paper and had none and didn’t know where to purchase it. So, I return to Albertsons and asked Frank ,if by chance I could have 2 sheets of butcher paper , each 3 ft. long to wrap the brisket. He pulled off a sheet, showed it to me then asked if that was the type I was looking for. Oh yes it was. He promptly pulled off an additional sheet and smiled saying if I needed anything else, just come on back. I enjoy my visits to the meat department in Albertson’s. Everyone in Yuma, 32nd St. Albertson’s is helpful and goes out of their was to accommodate any requests I might bring up. Thank you Albertson’s.

  16. I’m a long time Albertson’s shopper and have now reached the stage of needing a scooter cart. For those of us that use the carts, please instruct your stores to keep the isles free. Lately my store has been putting displays in the isles. With other shoppers in the isle and the display, it’s just accidents waiting to happen.
    I was going to take your survey but I, like many of the comments before me, find it impossible to follow the directions you give. It will take a lot more than $100. to get me involved in such a stressful situation. Same with the Monopoly game. VERY time consuming. I can do very nicely without the distractions.

  17. My experience with the lady that checked me out in the Cody, Wy. Store , was ,totally awesome and she has always been awesome, her name, is Margi and she is a keeper! Unlike, some broad named Debbie who works in customer service, always standing around with her hands in her pockets she is very rude, and should be fired!

  18. In my experience at Albertsons the gentleman Bill at store 961 in Tucson Az is very helpful..little chit chats, easy to talk too , most of all has very good customer service skills. These days you find many people that just do not have that. Thank you Bill

  19. Your store is way over priced too expensive!! Workers are nice but only to the snooker stuck up think cuz they have $. Don’t stink, No Thank you don’t want one need to be around superficial assholes that only care about themself!!!!

    1. Albertsons has good customer service . Purchased a bowl of strawberry’s and they were not good . returned it . But one of the Clerks was very nice to me . Desirae . Store on State college and Lincoln in Anaheim. California

  20. Routinely visit Ontario store # 0131. I’ve had only positive interactions and customer service. On today’s date (11.10.2019) at approximately 1615-hours I went in again. One of my purchases was via “Mason” at your meat/fish Dept. Again, excellent customer service. From Mason I received an Orange piece of paper in order to complete an on-line survey for the potential of winning a $100 gift card. So, I hold no pre-conceived ideas or notions that I would or could win this gift card; however, I wanted to complete the survey specifically to give kudo’s to the Ontario, Oregon store and their employee, Mason. Now, I’m not a rocket scientist. But, I am an educated person; I was confounded, confused and finally completely frustrated trying to figure out “how” to just take your simple survey. I believe I could probably design, built and launch a space rocket in a language other than English FASTER and EASIER than it is to take your survey. Are you making it this hard simply because you don’t want to give away the $100? I read a number of other reviews on this site and it appears you have a problem that you are not addressing. Please consider re-vamping your access and ability for a person to take your survey or to provide some feedback to your company. What I ran into trying to take your survey was complete and total insanity. It’s just a simple survey and it’s just got to be easier that trying to navigate the crap you have in place. Once you fix it, maybe then I will apply to take the survey. In the mean time you made “Mason” look like a douche-bag because he told me it was “easy” and it was “on line”. This thing is a total train wreck. Please do not try to re-direct me where I can go to take the survey; I’m over it. Thanks-in-advance.

  21. Ive been shopping at albertsons for some time now and I have grown fond of a girl in bakery. Her name is Monique and I have come in to say hello to the nice girl, but she hasn’t been working. What did you do with her? I would like for her to come back to the bakery so I know I get proper service.

  22. I just had an awful experience in your Longview, Texas store. I will not be returning there. I’m going to delete my app and throw sale paper in the trash. I shopped there yesterday and I noticed my total was wrong after I got home. I went back this morning to try and get it cleared up, but the associate looked at my receipt and told me i had got the wrong brand of yogurt. I asked if I could bring it back, it had never been opened. She told me that the yogurt messed up my fab four and she was told to give no refunds.. I will no longer shopping at this store. The refund was only six dollars and change. I was going to shop and give it back to you, but now that’s a moot point.

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