Adwords New Expanded Text Ads

New Adwords Feature: Expanded Text Ads

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New Adwords Expanded Text Ads

The new Adwords feature called expanded text ads will be available to create and run alongside the old standard ads moving forward until October 26th. After the 26th, no old standard ads will be able to be created, so advertisers should be thinking about the switch now. Ideally, you would start running the expanded ads alongside your current ads to A/B test and see if they are more effective or not. Once you have statistically significant performance differences, you could pause the losing variation for optimal account performance.

What to Expect:

1. More Characters

This new expanded ad format essentially allows for 140 characters vs the old 95 total characters for text, giving advertisers 45 more characters to play with. Not to mention the two 15 character sections of the display URLs in addition to your domain name, compared with the old 35 character total length of display URLs.

2. Different Display URL Functionality

Unfortunately the new display URL format will hinder the creativity that the old ad format promoted including the adding subdomains or fiddling with display URLs to make them look exactly how you want. For example, if you domain was, you used to be able to choose to display it as, or, or, or anything that your heart desired, while now Google will choose your URL, probably displaying it as, and you can add 30 more characters after that as you desire.

3. Performance Differences

Some advertisers have had beta access to test the new ad format already, and are seeing as much as a 20% lift in CTR and even a lift in conversion rate correlating with the new ad format. As with all new advertising features and techniques, often a lift is seen at the beginning due to the novelty the feature presents to users, so we will have to wait and see if this is a lasting improvement.

4. Hypotheses

It is also important to keep in mind the beta testers were competing against the old ad format, so their longer ads could have stood out. When everyone starts using the expanded format, we could see a drop in their effectiveness as well. However I wouldn’t be surprised if conversion rates see a slight lift since advertisers will be able to clearly communicate their product or service to users with the expanded text, potentially making users who actually click on the ad more likely to be pre self-qualified and actually interested in buying.

One thought on “Adwords New Expanded Text Ads

  1. Here’s an useful AdWords script to easily track performance of Expanded Text Ads, for the key metrics like CTR, CPC, Conversion Rate, etc.

    This script will also generate a beautiful chart comparing performance of standard ads with expanded ads.


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